Smokenjoey and John Manzione in the Vapor Zone Jet Video Review

Hi Folks, This is a complete review on a unique ecig by VaporZone called the Vapor Jet. It is a Triangular shaped 650mah eCig with battery indicator and puff counter. Join John Manzione, Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine, and myself while we review the Vapor Jet and Vaporzone eJuice. Dont forget to check out the bloopers at the end. Go to for more reviews, rankings and coupon codes for popular ecigs.

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About The Vapor Zone Jet (From Vapor Zone)

Your fantasies of high performance are about to come true with the Vapor Zone Jet Advanced Rechargeable Starter Kit. The Jet takes vaping to new extremes, and this vaporizer is all about power and high capacity. You get three atomizers, a couple of chargers, and the battery here is a blazing 650 mAh, designed with a digital screen, puff counter, battery meter, and loads of features that will please rather than tease!

What’s included with the Vapor Zone Jet
•    1 650 mAh Battery
•    1 Jet Cartomizer
•    2 Additional Atomizers
•    1 USB Charging Cable
•    1 Wall Charging Adapter
•    1 Mouthpiece Cap
•    1 User Manual

•    Tank Capacity 1.3ml
•    Battery Capacity 650mah
•    Atomizer Resistance 2.4+-0.2ohm
•    USB Charger Model HLT-USB Input: DC 5V Output DC 4.2V
•    USB Wall Charger Adaptor 100-240V Output 5V