The Smokeless Image Disposable Cig-A-Like


The Smokeless Image Disposable Volt – A one time use ecigarette. Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. While in Springfield MA for the VCCNE we were able to work in a few reviews among all the interviews and other activities. One of the reviews is right here, the Smokeless Iamge Disposable Volt. Just $6.95, this disposable does have some positive features, including plenty of vapor. Did John and I agree on this product? Watch the video and see. Remember, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my channel, do so now so you won’t miss out on new videos coming out very soon.

From Smokeless Image:

Try the VOLT experience with less cost. Same exact cartomizer and battery technology! Realistic ash cap. 2 LED lights! One time use for those looking to take thier first electronic puff or as extras for the seasoned vapor. They are available in our 2 most popular flavors and nicotine strenghts. Ice menthol and Country 18mg 1.8%. The Country glows red at the tip and by the cartomizer and the Ice Menthol glows Blue at the tip and at the cartomizer. Available in black.