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SMOK X Cube II and Horizon Arctic Clearomizer Combination

by J. C. Martin, III

SMOK X Cube II: $100.90 + $2.99 TC download

Horizon Arctic Sub-Ohm Clearomizer: $28.95 (on sale, MyVaporStore)


Horizon Arctic Clearomizer:  4.5 of 5 Stars

SMOK Tech X Cube II VV/VW TC Mod:  4.8 of 5 Stars


Although the SMOK X Cube II was recently reviewed by John Manzione we decided that since he didn’t like the device as much as many others seem to, we should allow someone else on our staff to take a another look. After all, the more information you have the better informed your decisions will be. Below we present J.C. Martin III’s review of the X Cube II, along with his take on the Horizon Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank. We hope you enjoy this fresh take. – Dave


For some time, now I have wanted to review the Horizon Arctic Subtank, from Horizon Tech.  Why?  For one reason, the two large cotton holes seen when viewing its atomizer heads.  And what would I use to review this impressive clearomizer with?  The high-tech SMOK X Cube II 160W TC mod, which is the most intelligent device I have encountered, so far.  The combination works great, as the Arctic Clearomizer provides for more airflow than many clearomizers, keeps its organic cotton saturated longer, and allows for colossal flavor and cloud production.

Though temperature control, (TC), is not necessary for the Arctic tank when its normal atomizer heads are installed, as they are made with Kanthal wire, there was some consideration in regards to the X Cube II’s TC firmware upgrade sold for $9.99 to operate the TC.  SMOKtech now has the TC upgrade for $2.99, and the mod is $100.90, a great price for a TC VV/VW mod that can go up to 160W.  The mod has a firing bar, not a push button, and the bar lights up when activated.  You can easily program the color of the bar’s lighting, and it also flashes or fades in different colors while activated, if desired, with or without the app.

The Bluetooth feature of the SMOK X Cube II works fine.  You can download the Smart BEC App and install it with Android 4.3+ or for IOS 7+.  The Ti wire and Ni200 wire upgrades I got were only $.49 and $.99.  I never upgraded the temperature control, however it seemed to work without having to do so.  The app can be used to keep track of how many “puffs” you take a day, and it can also change the firing bars light color and allow you to choose the kind of wire you are using.

The app has other features and includes a forum-like panel for posting comments and asking questions about how to operate the device’s settings, ect.  How many solid color choices are there from the color wheel in the Smart BEC application?  Up to 16 million.  When in ‘jump mode,’ we as humans recognize about 9 different brilliant rainbow-like illuminations while the firing bar is pressed, and that alone is fun, indeed.

Features and Specifications

Horizon Tech Arctic Clearomizer:

  • 6ml, 32mm x 22mm Glass Tube Body
  • 403 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Mouthpiece Inner 6mm Lower/8mm Upper Diameter
  • Mouthpiece 11mm Inner Diameter on Top
  • 4 Adjustable 2mm x 7mm Base Air Holes
  • Base Air Hole Adjustment Ring Spins 360°
  • Two Kanthal Wire Atomizer Heads, 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm
  • 5 ohm Atty Head Functions with 10 – 80 watts
  • 2 ohm Atty Head Functions with 10 – 80 watts
  • Compatible for Ni200 TC Atomizer Heads
  • Compatible for Use with Dual/Single Bottom Turbine Coil (DBTC/BTC)
  • Compatible for gClapton Atom Vapes Atty Heads
  • Atomizer Heads Incorporate Two 3mm x 8mm Organic Cotton Saturation Holes
  • 510 Lower Thread Connection
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 66mm in Height with Mouthpiece

SMOKtech X Cube II VV/VW TC Mod:

  • 5 x 100 x 60 mm in Size
  • Weight: 238.6g
  • Large, Durable Inner Battery Springs
  • Output Power: 6W – 160W
  • Output Voltage: 0.35V – 8V
  • Standby Current: < 300uA (with fully charged batteries)
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 8.08V
  • Temp Mode Resistance Range: 0.06Ω – 3.0Ω
  • Watt Mode Resistance Range: 0.1Ω – 3.0Ω
  • Temperature Control Range: 200°F – 600°F / 100°C – 315°C
  • 21mm x 21mm OLED Display Screen
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel and Plastic
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • 16 Wattage Memory Modes
  • Soft, Normal, and Hard Draw Effects
  • Gift Box Includes Explanatory Manual, USB Cord, Felt Carry Bag
  • 3 Month Warranty with Registration
  • OLED Shows Output Wattage, Ω, Batt Life,Temp, ect.
  • Illuminating Firing Bar, RGB LED, Potential of 16 Million Colors
  • 12 Second Power-Hold Shut-Off
  • Short-Circuit/Low Resistance Protection Shut-Off
  • Shut-Off Function when Inside of Mod is +80°C
  • Low Battery Warning when Voltage < 6.4V
  • +/- Menu Buttons
  • Battery Door Uses Magnets
  • Requires 2 18650 Lithium IMR Batteries
  • USB Port for Firmware Upgrade, Not Charging
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology for Settings App
  • Compatible with Smart BEC App for Android 4.3+ and IOS 7+
  • Firing Bar Light Multiple Settings
  • TC for Ni200 Sub-Ohm Coils with Upgrade
  • Settings Menu
  • Smart BEC App Recognizes Ti, Ni200, Normal, and Steel Atty Coils
  • Programmable Puff Counter

SMOK X Cube II Notions

Some people may not prefer the zinc alloy feel of this dual 18650 battery regulated mod.  I think it is sleek and clean.  One thing not to forget about the SMOK X Cube II, other than its ability to go up to 160W with two high-amp 18650 batteries, is its Bluetooth technology, which I discussed above.  These features, among others, bring some solid value to this unique vaporizer.

In regards to the fun and multi-colored firing bar, some people may prefer a mod with a push button, instead.  I do not mind the bar.  It takes some practice to use it for settings preferences, some of which you have to let the mod stand alone for a few seconds in order for them to take place.  Three light presses of the bar get you into the six main display settings, and then you can hold the bar down to select a menu item.  Sound complicated?  It is at first, however it becomes pretty simple to change the settings to your preferences within about ten minutes of playing around with the activation bar.

In regards to the App, is it even worth the time to download?  It depends.  If you simply want to vape and go, the app may actually be a waste of your time.  If you want to keep track of how often you vape, the app is a near necessity.  If you think it is impressive to see what your mod’s readings are on your phone, definitely install the app.  If you are unsure, you might want to take the approximate 40 minutes it takes to install and learn to use the app and see if it makes you happy. In the grand scheme of things, 40 minutes isn’t all that much.

Thoughts on Horizon Arctic Clearomizer

The Horizon Arctic Tank does impress me.  I am used to vaping with KangerTech Subtanks, and wanted to know what the Arctic Clearomizer is like.  It does satisfy.  Does it produce larger clouds with even more flavor?  Yes.  And as the huge organic cotton e-juice intake holes look impressive, they do keep the atomizer head saturated longer than other atomizer heads that do not have such notable intake holes.

One may wonder, “With such large air holes in the base, and with the larger saturation holes on the atomizer head, will this tank risk leaking?”  It has not leaked on me, so far.  The OC around the atty head is dense enough to decrease the chances of the tank’s leaking.  Another notion that goes unmentioned in many of the Arctic Tank reviews in regards to its atomizer heads is the length of the vertical coils inside of them.  The inner coil is approximately 18mm x 5mm in size.

Vaping with a Ti Build for TC

Upon seeing the Titanium wire option for temperature control in the Smart BEC Bluetooth 4.0 App, I decided to try out a dual Ti coil build with the SMOK X Cube II Mod.  It actually worked.  I used my Mutation V4 XS Mini RDA for the build.  Which did I prefer in regards to the Arctic clearomizer or the RDA?  This time, I really liked the Arctic Tank’s performance more.  The inner coil of the Arctic atomizer heads can handle massive amounts of wattage sent to them, allowing the clearomizer to actually surpass my Ti wire TC dual coil build in both flavor and cloud production.  I wound the Ti coils to 3mm in diameter, and I had to re-drip them every 5 vape inhales.  With the Arctic tank, one huge vape inhale was able to outdo the RDA, and I was able to use the Arctic clearomizer a few times in a row without the atomizer head needing to put it aside for re-saturation.


Here are a few images of the items mentioned in this review.  

SMOK X Cube II and Horizon Arctic Clearomizer Combination Review Spinfuel SMOK X Cube II and Horizon Arctic Clearomizer Combination Review Spinfuel SMOK X Cube II and Horizon Arctic Clearomizer Combination Review Spinfuel SMOK X Cube II and Horizon Arctic Clearomizer Combination Review Spinfuel

About Horizon Tech

Horizon Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of e-cigarettes and products that has been in the business for years.  Based in Shenzhen China, as many leading e-cig product companies are, Horizon incorporates a positive research and development philosophy.  Aimed to satisfy their customers’ demands, they make vaping products available worldwide.  Horizon’s company vision is to “Be a respected industrial leader who provides their customers with healthy and high quality products.”

About SMOK Tech

SMOK is the leading brand of ShenZhen IVPS Technology Co. Ltd., and was founded in 2010.  Located in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen China, SMOK is an industry leader in the manufacture of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.  As the first company to introduce Bluetooth App technology for monitoring and operating VV/VW TC Mods, they are happy to now make available the SMOK BEC Pro, reviewed here in Spinfuel.  SMOK prides itself with excellent research and development, customer service, and innovative technologies, as they have patented a variety of worldwide accepted products.  At SMOK, they believe that, “Success starts where it ends:  with the customers.”


Horizon Arctic Clearomizer:  4.5 of 5 Stars

SMOK Tech X Cube II VV/VW TC Mod:  4.8 of 5 Stars

Both the Horizon Arctic Clearomizer and the SMOK X Cube II would have received 5 of 5 stars, except for one reason apiece.  The X Cube II has astounding features and is by far more advanced than most mods available today.  The Bluetooth technology takes time and can seem complicated, however the firmware upgrade combined with this complexity keeps me from giving the mod 5 of 5 stars.  I am of the mind that a device should be ready for use upon its sale.  End users should not find temperature control to be more difficult than programming a universal remote.  As for the Arctic Clearomizer, it could come with a Ni200 TC coil, and while I do not see this as a flaw in any way, it still could.

Bottom Line

If you are in search for the best of the best and think you have a reason for a very intelligent mod that can go up to 160 watts, the SMOK X Cube II can satisfy your expectations.  For a great clearomizer with ample air holes and a wonderful selection of additional atomizer head options, consider the Arctic Clearomizer from Horizon.  It costs less than a KangerTech Subtank and really does the job.  Together these two items provided for both enormous cloud production as well as specific flavor enjoyment.  Thanks for reading.  Vape on.

J.C. Martin III