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Sub-Ohm Tank by SMOK – The TFV4 is Mind Blowing!

by J.C. Martin, III

SMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit

“Sub-Ohm like never before… “

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Price: About $24

Price of Replacement Atomizer Heads: $10 to $30, Depending on Availability


SMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit Review, by J. C. Martin, III The SMOK TFV4 is a mind blower. The TFV3 atomizer head contains 3 dual coils. The tank is refillable from the top, and the resistance of the TFV3 atomizer head is only 0.2Ω. Does it perform in such a manner to complement its looks? Absolutely. Why else would it be known as the original “Cloud Machine?” The TFV4 is the first sub-ohm tank I have tried out that includes a tri-coil atomizer head, and it certainly impresses me with both flavor and amazing cloud production. This review covers the SMOK Single gift box, as well as atomizer heads that are compatible with the TFV4 tank. Not all atomizer heads covered in the review have been released for sale just yet.

TFV4 Single Kit Specifications

  • Available in Night Black or Stainless
  • TFV3 Tri-Coil Atomizer Head, Kanthal, 0.2 ohms Resistance
  • Made of Glass and Stainless Steel
  • E-Liquid Tube is Glass
  • Weighs 92g
  • 510 Thread Connection
  • 0 ml Tank Capacity
  • 70mm Tall, 24.5mm in Diameter
  • Innovative Top Fill Design for Filling with E-Liquid
  • 4 Adjustable Air Holes in Mouthpiece
  • Interchangeable Atomizer Head
  • Air Intake from 4 Bottom Adjustable Air Holes
  • 7mm Inner Mouthpiece Diameter
  • TFV3 Atty Head Rated for Use with 40 – 130 Watts
  • TFV3 Atty Head Uses Three Separate Chambers for its Coils
  • Drip Tip/Mouthpiece has Two Layers for Increased Air Flow
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Replacement Atomizer Heads (not included with the Single Kit)

Within the SMOK TFV4 Single Kit Box

  • TFV4 Tank
  • Silicone Ring (for Top-Fill Securing)
  • Tri-Coil Head
  • User Manual

Thoughts on the SMOK TFV4 Tank

The SMOK TFV4 is a very amazing Sub-Ohm tank. Of the sub-ohm tanks I have reviewed, this one hasSMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit Review, by J. C. Martin, III impressed me the most. Is it hard to outdo the draw of a Kanger Subtank? Yes, it is, and this tank does it. Absolutely amazing in flavor and cloud production, the SMOK TFV4 is definitely impressive. The TF-T3 atomizer head utilizes three large coils made of Kanthal and can handle from 40 watts up to 130 watts. I tried it out at 30, 40, 60, and 80 watts. The lower the watts, the longer it takes to produce vapor. At 80 watts the ‘ramp up’ time was immediate, however the cloud was a little warm for my tastes. I enjoyed the 60 watts setting the most, and it has worked wonderfully with the SMOK X Cube II 160W TC mod I installed it on for days, now.

Did I have any troubles filling the tank? Well, I did. When using a 30ml dropper bottle dropper, I decided to remove the top of the tank instead of refilling the tank by the normal instructions. Upon reassembling the tank, I screwed the top on crooked and had to drain the e-liquid to reassemble the tank properly. I then filled it from the top by instruction, and it worked fine without making a mess. Hence, even if you want to fill the TFV4 from the top with a 30ml bottle dropper, you can. The hole designed for filling can use drops from a larger dropper without too much of a problem, even though it looks like it will not. If you want a good dropper bottle and have 30ml e-liquid bottles, Totally Wicked has one on their website. Just be careful not to overfill the tank and let the e-liquid drop patiently through the top hole if you are not using a smaller dropper to fill the tank.

As far as the initial priming of this tank goes, I had no problems. When first priming and activating some tanks, it can be tricky and they may not work properly. For this one, I installed the tank with no e-liquid and activated the mod at 20 watts to check the ohms reading, which was 0.21 ohms. I dropped about three drops of e-liquid directly onto the coils, with the mouthpiece removed and activated the mod to see some tiny vapors. As the setup worked fine this way, I filled the tank 1/5 of the way up on the outside of the atomizer head and activated the mod again, and it worked. So, I finally reinstalled the top of the tank/mouthpiece and filled the tank as by normal instruction to try vaping at 30 watts. It worked great, so I preceded to vape at higher wattage levels and found that it was no surprise, the tank allowed for delicious flavor and massive cloud production.

I do recommend priming the atomizer head as by the statements above, as it worked well this way. One thing to remember is to be sure and watch the chimney threads as you re-install the top mouthpiece, so as not to strip the threads. It may sound complicated; however, it is really not too much trouble to prime the atomizer head in this fashion. This way, you will not have to wait for the cotton to soak up e-liquid before vaping with the TFV4 the first time. It is a very amazing tank, as I have mentioned; there are numerous choices for alternate atomizer heads for this tank currently, and a few on the way, too. We will discuss the exciting replacement atomizer heads, below.

TFV4 Replacement Atty Heads

The atomizer head that comes with the TFV4 is the TF-T3 atomizer head, which contains 3 Kanthal coils insulated with vaping cotton, chimney style. The TF-T3 atomizer head alone is so impressive, one would wonder if the other varieties of coils are even really worth mentioning. I will not be surprised if people choose the TF-T3 atomizer head over other atomizer head choices. Though the other atomizer heads may be highly similar, we must mention four of them now, as they just may produce a different or even more preferable vaping experience for those of us who love to vape. Two of these varieties are even RTAs, or rebuildables, and are already available.

The first four atomizer heads that are designed for the SMOK TFV4 sub-ohm tank we will mention are discussed within these two paragraphs. SMOK has plans to release new atomizer heads for the TFV4 sub-ohm tank; there are more than four choices covered in a section below. The four atomizer heads currently available are the TF-T3, the TF-T4, the TF-R1, and the TF-R2. The TF-T3 is discussed above. The TF-T4 is a quadruple coil atomizer head instead of a tri-coil. The TF-T4 is designed in a totally different manner than the TF-T3. The TF-T3 has three separately insulated coils, which is the reason I like it more than the TF-T4. The TF-T4 does use four coils, however it is constructed in such a manner as to have two insulated parallel coils stacked on top of each other to make one single ‘chimney hole,’ instead of three separate ones, like the TF-T3. Is the cloud production highly similar with both the TF-T4 and the TF-T3? Though it is, I think the TF-T3 produces slightly larger clouds and more vapor/flavor, even though they are both amazing and hard to surpass in satisfaction.

The TF-R1 and TF-R2 are the rebuildable atomizer heads for the SMOK TFV4 sub-ohm tank. The TF-R1 uses one coil, and the TF-R2 uses two. Though it may take some careful tinkering to install the coils properly, the cloud and flavor production will make their proper installation worth the effort. Air-flow comes from the bottom of the TFV4 and up through the atomizer head, through its chimney and out of the mouthpiece, with all mentioned atomizer heads. Because of this, the bottom airflow design allows for air to come from directly below the installed coils of the TF-R1 and TF-R2; this is a choice version of airflow, in my opinion, for rebuildable RTAs. Sub-ohm tank RTAs work in this manner and is an awesome way to produce vapor. The many other atomizer heads for the SMOK TFV4 tank are discussed below.

SMOK TFV4 Big Family Atomizer Replacement Heads

The SMOK TFV4 Big Family is a group of 12 atomizer heads for the TFV4 Sub-Ohm tank, separated into four series. The twelve atomizer heads are broken down into 4 groups of 3. The four groups are the Cloud Chasing Series, the Temperature Control Series, the Low Wattage and Clapton Series, and the RBA Series.

The Cloud Chasing Series includes the TF-T3, the TF-Q4, and the TF-F6. The TF-T3 is an atomizer head with a patented 3-coil high quality Kanthal atomizer made for cloud chasing. It is rated for 40 – 130 watts and has a 0.2-ohm resistance. The TF-Q4 is a quadruple coil atomizer head highly resembling a chimney coil within its inner design. The patented TF-Q4 was made in such a manner to better promote the saturation of its cotton in an efficient and satisfactory manner. It is suitable for 100% VG e-liquids, constructed with high quality Kanthal, and has a resistance of 0.15 ohms. The TF-Q4 is rated for use with 40 – 140 watts. The TF-F6 is a patented sextuple coil atomizer head, sure to produce large clouds and flavor. The TF-F6 has a resistance of 0.4 ohms and is rated for 30 – 100 watts.

The Temperature Control Series includes the TF-N2 Air, the TF-Ti, and the TF-STC2. Each replacement atomizer head utilizes one of the three most popular choices for temperature control vaping –Nickel 200, Titanium, or Stainless Steel. TC is preferred by some vapers for battery and e-liquid efficiency. The three TC atomizer heads in this series are designed to produce no ‘burnt taste’ and sense temperature. The patented TF-N2 Air is an atomizer head which uses Ni200 wire for TC. It also incorporates two coils. The TF-N2 Air has a resistance of 0.12 ohms, +/- 0.02 ohms, and is rated for maximum TC settings between 420°F and 600° F. It is designed for a smooth draw full of flavor. The TF-Ti is a patented dual coil TI atomizer head. Its resistance is 0.33 ohms, and it is rated for TC settings of 450°F to 600°F. The TF-STC2 is a patented atomizer head which uses two stainless steel coils. Its resistance is 0.25 ohms, and the TF-STC2 is rated for 350°F – 550°F TC settings. One thing to mention about these three atomizer heads, the SMOK X Cube II BEC software app has settings available for their specific wires, even the TF-STC2, via upgrade for about $2.

The Low Wattage and Clapton Series includes the TF-T2, the TF-T2 Air, and the TF-CLP2. All twelve TFV4 Big Family atomizers are patented. The atomizer heads included in the Low Wattage and Clapton Series are designed for cooler vapor and lower wattage level usage; the first two are not sub-ohm atomizer heads. The TF-T2 is a dual coil atomizer head with the resistance of 1.5 ohms and rated for 20 to 45 watts. The TF-T2 Air includes two extra air holes and is still rated for 20 to 45 watts and has the resistance of 1.5 ohms. The TF-CLP2 is a dual Clapton coil atomizer head designed for increased vapor and flavor. Its resistance is 0.35 ohms, and the TF-CLP2 is rated for 30 to 90 watts.

The RBA Series includes the TF-R1, the TF-R2, and the TF-RCA. The TF-R1 is a rebuildable atomizer head with a single coil pre-installed build and has a resistance of 0.85 ohms. It, as well as the TF-R2 has a large deck, as opposed to the smaller deck of the TF-RCA. The TF-R2 uses two pre-installed coils and has a resistance of 0.25 ohms. The TF-RCA is a 4-post single Clapton coil build and includes a small airflow tip for throat hit vaping.

TFV4 Replacement Atomizer Heads Price Listings

Pictures of all twelve of these atomizer heads as well as their specifications mentioned in this review are on the SMOK website. Some of the TFV4 replacement atomizer heads mentioned here are available on the web, however they are not always inexpensive. The TF-R2 was priced for $10 for some time on Vapor Beast, and lists for $14 and were out of stock last I checked. Some of the other replacement atomizer heads listed for about $25 on average. Vape Sourcing listed the TF-R1 for only $8. TFV4 replacement atomizer heads can be purchased from various vendors. As always, we recommend only vendors we know and trust, so look for replacements from Vapor Authority, MyVaporStore, or DirectVapor. You may be able to find better deals on other websites, such as those listed via Vaping Cheap. If you can only get one replacement atomizer head, I suggest the TF-T3, unless you already have that one. If so, choose wisely. Also, don’t be afraid to do some web surfing to find the best deal for a replacement atomizer head for the TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank.

Photos and Further Thoughts

Here are a few photos of the TFV4 Tank and the SMOK X Cube II TC. The first two photos are of the SMOK TFV4 Single Kit gift box and a picture of its contents.

SMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit Review, by J. C. Martin, III SMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit Review, by J. C. Martin, III

The next photo shows the TFV4 on top of the X Cube II.

SMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit Review, by J. C. Martin, III

These next two photos show the inside of two of the TFV4’s available atomizer heads. The photo on the left shows the TF-4, and the photo on the right shows the TF-T3 while still in the TFV4 with the top off, on top of the X Cube II.

SMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit Review, by J. C. Martin, III SMOK Taste Furious V4 Tank Single Kit Review, by J. C. Martin, III


As far as a warranty goes for the TFV4 Tank, you must contact the authorized dealer or register your new tank upon purchase for its warranty, if there is one, from the vendor. SMOK offers a 3-month warranty on regulated devices, however they offer no warranty on atomizers and other items of the same nature. This means there is no factory warranty for the TFV4 at this time. If the product is damaged upon receipt, they may replace it for you. Their extensive support help team and communication channels are available on the SMOK website, under the “Support” button.

About SMOK

SMOK continues to change the vaping market. Before its release, the TFV4 Tank was sure to outdo many sub-ohm tanks, with its top-fill design, bottom airflow utilization, innovative atomizer heads, and 5ml tank capacity. In my opinion, the TFV4 has outdone most sub-ohm tanks on the market. Information about SMOK is also available in other reviews here in Spinfuel.

SMOK, the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co. Ltd., is dedicated to creating new vaping experiences for customer satisfaction. They made available the SMOK X Cube II TC mod, a very profound, industry leading device. SMOK was founded in 2010, and, since then, has patented many appreciated products made available all over the world. View their latest products on their website. SMOK believes that success starts where it ends, with the customers, and is dedicated to research and development to provide vapers with the most innovative products able to be considered.


In conclusion, I found no reason to give the SMOK TFV4 anything other than 5 of 5 stars. The top fill design works out fine, and, with the TF-T3, its three coils are able to handle over 50 watts. The cloud and flavor production is really hard to surpass. It is not too difficult to change out an atomizer head with the SMOK TFV4, and the options for doing so are mentioned above. This review covers the SMOK TFV4 Single Kit, which lists for about $40, yet has been available for as low as $25 on the web. If you are deciding between the Single Kit or the Full Kit, the Full Kit may be a better option, as it lists for only $10 more and includes two more atomizer heads and spare parts.

For those who prefer Kanthal coil vaping over temperature control, the TFV4 with the TF-T3 on top of the SMOK X Cube II is the setup that I recommend for you. If you are into TC, there exist atomizer heads for you, as well, constructed with TI, Ni200, and even Steel coils, which can be identified via software upgrade with the SMOK X Cube II TC mod. The TFV4 is my current favorite sub-ohm clearomizer. You can build the TF-R1 and the TF-R2 with Ni200, TI, or Stainless Steel wire coils, however I recommend this for advanced coil builders, only, as very low resistance, TC coils can be a challenge to install and use properly. The TFV4 Tank’s vapor cloud and flavor production, as well as its 5ml capacity tank and well-designed air flow deck, are why I gave it 5 of 5 stars. Give the TFV4 a try; you will be satisfied with this product. Thank you for reading; vape on.

TFV4 Tank Rating: 5 of 5 Stars