Last Updated on November 1, 2017 by Team Spinfuel

A Preview of the SMOK STICK M17 – (In Stock now at Vapor Authority) – SMOK continues its tear through the marketplace with yet another AIO vaping device, this time designed exclusively for MTL Vapers. MTL means “Mouth to Lung”, the way most people smoked tobacco cigarettes. The STICK M17 AIO is the thinnest, lightest, and least expensive pen style vaporizer from SMOK, apparently to offer a quality product for people just coming over to vaping from the cigarette world, or for veteran Vapers that continued their mouth to lung style as Vapers.


As you can see from the photos accompanying this Preview, the STICK M17 looks a lot like the other pen style “sticks” created by SMOK and a dozen other manufacturers. Its affordability is bit of a surprise, not that SMOK products are expensive, but there are many, many, pen style MTL vaporizers that are inferior to a SMOK pen style vaporizer.


Veteran Direct Lung Vapers Can Turn Away Now

There are many features and specs that will definitely turn off Vapers that own 225W SMOK Alien’s, or Majesty’s, or a million other high power vaporizers pushing low resistance sub-ohm tanks. If you’re vaping one of these high wattage low resistance setups right now, the only appeal of the STICK M17 is as a gift for a smoking friend, a secret Santa, or as something you might need for a stealth vape while at work, where vapor production isn’t going to black out the sun, but flavor will still make it through.


Some of the features high power users will not like include a 1300mAh battery. The M17 can get away with a small battery because the MTL-designed coils won’t require much power. We expect 2-3 hours between chargers.


Filling the STICK M17 is very much like other SMOK TFV8/TFV12 tanks. The top-fill hinge mechanism is a part of all SMOK tanks, including this one. While it may look like a SMOK sub-ohm tank, the “tank” portion is actually part of the entire body. The kit comes with an extra glass tube, so if the original tube breaks you can replace it, as a part of the whole vaporizer.


Keeping that in mind, the biggest benefit of having the tank built into the battery sort of makes the device “leak proof”. Maybe not 100% all the time, there is a removable glass tank remember, but leakage should be a very rare occurrence.


When the battery of the M17 needs a recharge, SMOK developed an intelligent battery life indicator for the Stick M17. Remember the following (it is in the manual as well):


When the battery has sufficient power, its LED light that surrounds the circular fire button will blink four times during use. Once the battery has depleted below 3.3V, the light will blink 15 times in rapid succession, telling you that a recharge is needed.

Preview Wrap Up

Let’s get real about this M17; if you google this device you’re going to read (or hear on YouTube) words like “superior vaping experience”, and “long battery life”, or other superfluous words that vendors use to market this device, and words Reviewers should keep to a minimum.


The very fact that the STICK 17 is a MTL designed device, and its battery capacity is just 1300mAh, it will never deliver “superior vapor”, nor will its battery life come close to what a triple 18650 mod will provide. At its best, the STICK M17 could be just the thing for new Vapers, but don’t expect the same performance as you would from a Lost Vape Paranormal with a Uwell Valyrian sub-ohm tank on top.


The SMOK Stick M17 Kit might be a good choice for any MTL vaper looking for a simple, straightforward, and compact vaporizer. It’s a single-button operation, and users can remove it from the box, fill it with e-juice, (allow the juice to saturate the coils for at least 5 full minutes) use it immediately, no skill required, but it is a good idea to read the manual anyway… The STICK M17 is said to be capable of delivering decent clouds and rich flavor.

Way back in 2013/14 I used a Vision battery and an X-Jet MTL Clearomizer, and honestly, I enjoyed the vapor production and flavor from this set up a lot. When it comes time to review this STICK M17, early next week, I’m going to compare it to that old experience. It should be at least as good, or better, then technology from 4 years ago. Right?