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Not to be outdone by their own hugely successful TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank (reviewed here), SMOK has managed to create an allegedly “better” Sub-Ohm with the upcoming SMOK Resa Prince. Will the new Resa cannibalize sales of the Prince (Spinfuel VAPE’s Product of the Year) Tank? My gut says yes, so let’s look into what’s going to land on vendor shelves after the Chinese Holiday, the Spring Festival.

SMOK Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tank

Rest Prince Sub-Ohm - Cobra Resin all the Way

SMOK Resa Prince Tank will undoubtedly be another powerful sub-ohm tank for a couple of reasons. First, it will use the same V12-Prince-XX coils, the Prince Q4, X6 and T10 (with a lit up red light), and second, it will have the capacity of 7.5mL (just .5mL less than the original Prince). For all intents and purposes, the Resa Prince is a reimagined Prince.


In addition, I’m hearing the Resa Prince will be compatible with most TFV8 coils as well, making this Sub-Ohm Tank more versatile than Prince, which is strictly compatible with its own proprietary coils.


When available it will launch in 9 colors, (see below) all with a totally Cobra Resin exterior, except for the bulb-shaped glass tank. If you love the Cobra Resin drip tips of the Prince, you’ll at least find the Resa Prince interesting. That said, an all Cobra Resin body might be too much of a good thing… or not. From the photos I’ve seen, I can’t wait to begin using them.


Like the TFV12 Prince, the Resa Prince will bring massive clouds and true flavor fidelity. The ornate Cobra Resin design on the Resa Prince gives a concave-convex texture, causing a chic and impressive look.


While possessing a wide bore drip tip (cobra resin of course), the Resa Prince is slightly shorter, and slightly wider than the Prince. Measuring 58mm tall and 30mm wide, potential buyers might want to note its extra width before committing.

A new T10 Coil - Let there be Light

The newly constructed Prince T10 features a Red Light to the coil that will emit a glowing red light when the user hits the Fire Panel/Button. Sure, it’s a sort of gimmicky type of thing, but first used with the TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition (reviewed here), the red light is in the coil, not the tank itself.

Resa Prince

What We Expect from the SMOK Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tank

Because of the Prince Coils we expect the Resa to be every bit as high performance as the SMOK TFV12 Prince. We expect to see some slight issues with user complaints about its width, 30mm is going to be too wide for many modern Mods. The Prince, at its base, is just 25mm wide. This also leads me to believe that an all-Cobra Resin Mod from SMOK is in the works.


Finally, we expect to see a slightly higher price tag initially, than the Prince, around $35 at launch. Vapor Authority will have one of the initial shipments of the Resa Prince. If your interest in this new, and somewhat exciting new Sub-Ohm Tank from SMOK, sign up for the Vapor Authority Newsletter, and Bookmark this Page.

A Word About Wicking – It should also be noted that as with all SMOK Coils, the wicking is made with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton, devoid of impurities like bleach, fungicides, pesticides, and colorants that can affect the flavor fidelity, using a top organic cotton wicking provides a clean, pure, and exceptional flavor experience regardless of the e-liquids the user might choose to vape. (MaxVG + Extreme Sweeteners can result in a Coil Killer situation regardless of the purity of the cotton)

You can expect a full Spinfuel VAPE Review a few days after its launch.


Nine Colors at Launch

  • Glossy Black

  • Honey Yellow

  • Deep Purple

  • Forest Green

  • Deep Blue

  • Luscious Red

  • True Pink

  • True White

  • 7-Color Rainbow

Specs of the SMOK Resa Prince

Capacity: 7.5ml
Size: 58mm (H) * 30mm (D)
Material: Resin & Stainless Steel
Thread: 510

Resa Prince Contents

1x Resa Prince Tank
1x V12 Prince-Q4 0.4Ω Quadruple Coils(Pre-installed)
1x V12 Prince-X16 0.15Ω Sextuple Coils
1x V12 Prince-T10 Red Light (0.12Ω Decuple Coils)
1x Replacement Glass Tube
1X User Manual
Spare Parts

Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Top Fill

Unlike SMOK TFV8 and TFV12 Sub-Ohm Tanks, that reveal it’s fill port by a swing away top cap (the SMOK Prince even uses a secure button to release the swing-away top cap) the new Resa Prince opts for the removal of the entire top cap in order to refill the tank. The Resa Prince may very well perform as well as the Prince, or other high-performance SMOK Sub-Ohms, but this method of top filling the the 7.5mL tank is very different, and very unexpected. Will it make a difference to fans of SMOK Tanks? We’ll see.

My personal opinion on this complete removal of the top cap will depend on ONE THING; the threading. If the threading of the top cap is silky smooth, then it won’t matter to me and I’ll stock up. However, if the threading is hinky, and the possibility of jumping a thread is real, then I seriously doubt I’ll spend more time with the Resa Prince once the review period ends. I have to believe that SMOK knows that moving to a new top fill method that includes unscrewing the entire top cap, requires precise threading. It would be a shame if this is where SMOK missteps.