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The SMOK ProColor 225W TC Box Mod has been called the SMOK Alien 2 by so many reviewers already that to repeat that now would be truly redundant. That said, in many ways the Alien 2 moniker fits too well to be ignored. At just about the same size, same features (save for 5 additional watts), and Fire Panel, perhaps SMOKTech would have been wise to go with a new Alien version instead of a non-starter name like “ProColor”. Oh well, regardless of the name, this box mod and TFV8 Big Baby Sub-Ohm Tank Kit is a first-rate vaping kit for any Vaper.


The SMOK ProColor is a visually striking mod, that also has a very customizable 12-Color LED backlight, along with a brand new full-color OLED display. The ProColor 225 has implemented SMOK’s most advanced chipset yet, with more wattage from dual 18650’s than any other mod on the market, plus a full Temperature Control Suite (not that the TC features actually see much action these days).

SMOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

My SMOK ProColor 225W

My first SMOK ProColor was the Black model, and I usually go for the black colored mods and tanks as my first choice. However, once I dug into the color customizations and set it up with Red lights and display elements, I decided to trade it back to for a Green one. Both the body and the tank are green, and by using the menu system I changed the Bezel light and the display screen elements to the same matching green color (the display now shows white numbers and letters with green accents and lines). I think it’s fair to say that this ProColor 225 is the most color coordinated mod and tank I own. Although a simple customization, others can create some wild light shows (flashing lights in the bezel, random colors, and so forth).


Like the SMOK Alien, the ProColor 225 has the same a soft contour chassis, though the main attraction is a shield trim at the center of the mod and an anti-slip squeeze-to-fire panel. Holding it, and vaping with it, you’ll definitely recognize the Alien mod influences.

Lights, Color, Action!

The main features of the SMOK ProColor are still integrated into the display section, like the Alien display screen, although it is updated with a full 1.3 Inch OLED screen and the customizable color management, as well as a more intuitive interface than the Alien. Getting around the menu system is easy, once you learn how, and the number of controls and settings that are within easy reach are more plentiful than the Alien ever was.


Lastly, the shield-shaped bezel has similar technology to that of the SMOK T-PRIV, with a total of 12-color adjustable LED backlights for a wide spectrum of brilliant and vibrant colors and settings. The SMOK ProColor 225W powerful 225W chipset, with its comprehensive temperature control suite and preset Memory Modes, gives you more control, and maybe even a better vape experience, than the Alien did. All in all, the ProColor 225 is such a marvelous box mod I can’t see any reason for SMOK to continue to manufacture the Alien.

The Wrap Up and Score

Vapor Authority, A Spinfuel Vape partner, sells the SMOK ProColor Kit for just $74.99. The Kit version gives you an extra TFV8 Big Baby Sub-Ohm Tank, 2 extra coils, and more, for just a few dollars more than purchasing the ProColor mod itself.

I’ve used both of my ProColor mods for more than a month and except for a rare misfire (most SMOK mods misfire on occasion) I’ve found the ProColor 225 to be nothing but a solid, enjoyable, and comfortable vaping device. For that reason, I score the ProColor Kit as an…

Score: A+

SMOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine