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The 2019 Pod Mod Gold Rush hasn’t slowed down yet. This month SMOK, the company that just recently launched the most powerful sub-ohm tank to date, the TFV16 (reviewed here), brings a new ‘open’ pod device yet… the NOVO 2 POD SYSTEM.


NOVO 2 Specifics

The SMOK NOVO 2 Kit is an upgraded version of the original NOVO Pod Mod.  The NOVO 2 Pod Mod sees many advances to the original, including its draw-activated system.


It seems like every detail, inside and outside, has been optimized a bit to deliver better flavor, a bit more vapor, and longer life from its 800mAh internal battery.

The NOVO 2 continues the overall design style of the first NOVO pod mod.  A curved body that allows the user to grip the mod comfortably, with a proper grasp that should not cause discomfort. At least, that’s what the prelaunch literature we’ve seen so far.


What We Look Forward to Testing

The NOVO 2 has a whistle-shaped mouthpiece. Will it fit the lips of pod system users? We’ll know soon enough, but probably better than before.  As we mentioned above, NOVO 2 sports an 800mAH internal battery. Seeing as the NOVO 2 is so small yet can throw out up to 25W, we can’t wait to see how much vaping we can do between charges.


  • Size: 88.3*24.5*14.5mm
    Battery Capacity: 800mAh
    E-liquid capacity: 2ml
    Standby Current: <20uA(No-load) <50uA(Load)
    Resistance of Pre-installed Pod:1.0Ω
    Input voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
    Output wattage: 6W-25W
    Charging Current: Max:0.55A
    Charging Voltage: 5V
    Overcharge Voltage:4.3V
    Over-discharge Voltage:2.4V
    Overcharge Current:1A
    Output Voltage: 3.0V-4.0V


1 x NOVO 2 Device
1 x NOVO 2 Mesh 1.0Ω Pod (No e-liquid) (2ml)
1 x NOVO 2 DC 1.4Ω MTL Pod
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

NOVO 2 INCLUDES - SMOK NOVO 2 REVIEW BY Spinfuel VAPENew to the NOVO 2 Pod Mod System

Newly added air-intake grooves on both sides of mod is supposed to allow more air in than the original NOVO. If true, this could be a good indicator on the increase vapor production we read about.


New Pods for the NOVO 2


The SMOK NOVO 2 has newly designed pods that SMOK claims will deliver thick clouds (for a Pod Mod) as well as a truer taste from the e-liquid in the 2mL pods.


Lastly, the redesigned sensing element is said to deliver just the right amount of power in order for the user to enjoy each puff.


An improved LED indicator set that shows the user of the NOVO 2’s precise condition can definitely help to extend the life of the pod mod.


Lastly, this time out SMOK will offer the NOVO 2 Pod System in 9 colors and patterns to choose from.


The Over-Crowded Pod Mod Marketplace

DRAW ACTIVATED - SMOK NOVO 2 REVIEW BY Spinfuel VAPEIt’s quite easy to post a Preview of an upcoming vape mod. No need to vape with it for a couple of weeks, no judge to make a call or a recommendation. Just some specs, a little observation, and that’s it. However, it needs to be said that this writer hates Pod Mods. I’m a Hobbyist Vaper. I quit smoking years ago, and today my nicotine strength is 1.5mg, an insignificant jolt for added focus throughout the day, and tons of flavor and massive clouds of vapor.

I’ve seen the Pod Mods trickle out like a tiny leak in a damn, only to watch that leak get bigger and bigger until the world of vaping became flooded with these devices that can certainly help weed smokers off tobacco, but take most of the joy out of the act of vaping.

Why So Many Pod Mods?

There are too many open and closed pod mod systems in the marketplace. (An Open Pod System allows users to fill and refill pods with hundreds of different flavors and a Closed Pod System is offered only with pre-filled pods.) The Chinese Vape Industry jumped off the evolutionary road of the mid-to-high wattage vape mods and superb sub-ohm tanks in order to build hundreds of low power pod mod kits, leaving the Hobbyist Vaper will little choice and very little advancement. I’ve certainly used many different pod mods and have yet to find a single one that I’d actually consider owning. I keep asking myself if this flood of tiny mods will ever stop…

A Small Window of Hope?

In the last two months I’m beginning to see the Chinese Vape Industry dip their toes back into the Hobbyist ‘pool’ once again. The number of pod mod systems being produced outnumber the likes of the Valyrian II 2 Starter Kit or the SMOK Morph & TF Tank or the TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tank.


The Pod Mod Market Needs to Slow Down

SPEC SHEET - SMOK NOVO 2 REVIEW BY Spinfuel VAPEWe believe the Pod Mod is a viable and necessary part of the Vape Industry, but clearly the rush to market we’ve seen these past 2 years is generated by greed.


The cost to build a Pod Mod System, regardless of how well it’s built, allows each manufacturer to earn a higher percentage of profit, and perhaps the vendors that sell them also earn a higher profit from them.


The explosion of nicotine salt e-juice gives the Pod Mod the ammo it needs. The problem with nic-salts is the perception it gives to non-vapers looking for any excuse to criticize vaping. 30mL bottles containing 30mg to 59mg of nicotine-salt e-juice is not good for our industry.

2017 and Earlier

I keep thinking back to early 2017, before the Pod Mod Revolution, and how Vapers will be hitting reddit to talk about how lower nicotine strengths allowed them to vape lower resistance sub-ohm tanks, creating massive clouds of vapor and delicious vapor.


To my mind, and millions of others, Vaping is a sure-fire way to get the remaining smokers off cigarettes. But are 59mg nic-salt e-juices the way to go?


Back in the day a smoker would try the cig-a-like first, like Blu Cigs, then move on my old favorite, the X.Jet Clearomizer and a Vision eGo Battery. Back then, most hard-core smokers were successful with 18mg nicotine 50% PG 50% VG e-liquids.


The Vape World of 2019 and the NOVO 2


Plenty of people enjoy Pod Mods, and this upcoming SMOK NOVO 2 looks good while glancing the Specs. When we review the NOVO 2 you can bet that the one reviewer on staff that actually enjoys these Pod systems will be the one to review it.


So, if you are currently a smoker looking to drop the tobacco habit, try the Pod Mod and see if it works for you.

Lord knows there are certainly enough to choose from.