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SMOK Nord Coils: Making Your Vaping Experience Electric & Beyond-Blissful

Smok consistently produces excellent designs. Most of the time, their items look extremely decent, albeit there have been a few lousy ones here and there. And the Smok Nord Coils are stylish and contemporary. The Nord is available in almost any color you like. There are six iterations of the solid color snakeskin pattern and seven variations of the resin design. And it has some weight to it, despite being little. It is heavier than you may anticipate. It’s not awful or anything like that because it’s not too hefty. The Nord really feels more robust and high-quality as a result.

Design and Aesthetics

The Nord is by far the greatest pod system and is used in terms of design and construction quality. Even though the Nord coil weighs 80g, you’ll be actually astonished by how sturdy and well-crafted it is.

The rectangular zinc alloy body has smooth plastic face panels on either side and softly rounded edges and corners. It’s a pretty sleek and fashionable small pod. Moreover, its availability in two coil configurations is one of our favorite features. The single mesh strip in the somewhat bigger 0.6 ohm coil enables it to produce the best taste and cloud creation while offering a little stronger hit than the 1.4 ohm version. However, mouth-to-lung vapers might prefer the common 1.4 ohm coil since it can deliver a more constrained hit without sacrificing too much taste.

No screws are required for either of the coils that are included in this kit; simply remove the pod from the device and insert the coil in before filling it with liquid, sealing it, and reattaching it. Because the coil won’t fit if you don’t do it right (a nice little failsafe on SMOK’s part), you’ll know you’ve done it correctly. For those who like a bit more variation, a 0.8 ohm mesh coil and a 1.4 ohm ceramic variant are also offered separately.

Smok Nord Pro Coils Performance

As of state, the pack has two coil heads: a 1.4 ohm MTL coil and a 0.6 ohm DTL coil. Let’s go down the performance you receive from each coil as it differs greatly.

1.4 ohm MTL

The 1.4 ohm coil has the perfect amount of airflow. neither too loose nor too tight. However, the Nord is definitely not the best choice if you like a cigarette-like, extremely tight MTL draw. There are no issues with coil life. Vapor production is exceptional and far better than you’d anticipate. The SMOK Nord Pro Coils easily outperformed the other pod systems in terms of vapor output. While acceptable, the flavor was less remarkable. The Nord 1.4ohm MTL coil was a bit quieter than the Caliburn.

SMOK Nord Coils: Making Your Vaping Experience Electric & Beyond-Blissful0.6 ohm DTL

The 0.6 ohm coil is great! The flavor and vapor production are insane and not at all what you’ll anticipate! It goes without saying that you won’t achieve the same level of performance at high wattages as an RTA. But the flavor and vapor production are far better from a pod system! As would be predicted, the coil life was less than that of the 1.4 ohm coil, but I was able to vape heavily for a whole week before the flavor started to wane.

Nord Coil Battery Performance

SMOK Nord Coils: Making Your Vaping Experience Electric & Beyond-BlissfulThe integrated 1100 mAh battery of the SMOK Nord can provide up to 15w of power. The Nord’s battery life is amazing given its enormous capacity.

The 1.4ohm MTL coil allows it to vape continuously all day long before needing to be recharged. And you’ll still get about 6 to 8 hours of vaping if you’re using the 0.6ohm DTL coil. By hitting the fire button twice, you may determine how much battery life is still left. Your remaining battery life will be indicated by a single flash of the LED light in the firing button’s center:

  • 70% or higher – Amber light
  • 30% or less – Red light
  • 30% to 70% – Green light

Since the SMOK Nord Coil includes pass-through functionality, you may vape as it charges. However, the USB cable that comes with the kit is so short that using this function is all but impossible! The Nord might also require up to 90 minutes to charge. I usually keep the battery charged all day long.

How To Fill The SMOK Nord Coil?

Filling the SMOK Nord pod is quick and simple regardless of the coil you’ve fitted. Simply pull on the pod part of the Nord to remove it; be sure to pull firmly as they are fastened rather tightly!

You’ll see a black rubber stopper on the side of the transparent plastic shell once the pod has been removed. Simply slide a fingernail under the tip of the plug and lift to release it. You may now fill the pod to the line marked “maximum” by inserting the tip of your e-juice bottle into the fill hole.

After you’ve done filling the pod, reinstall the rubber stopper. Re-insert the pod into the Nord’s body and firmly press it in to ensure that it is in place. Just keep in mind to let the wick take a few minutes to properly soak; the last thing you want is a dry hit!

The Takeaway!

Users enjoy Nord Coils because it offers a premium vaping experience with both freebase and nicotine salt juices. It also receives high marks for being simple to use, having a powerful battery, and being really attractive. The 1.4 ohm coil did not take as long to charge, however the flavor might be improved.

But the Nord continues to draw users in with fantastic vapor production, incredible battery life, and the choice of MTL or DTL vaping. But it’s easy to understand why the SMOK Nord Coils are so well-liked, and we certainly suggest it!

We really hope you enjoyed our SMOK Nord review; if so, please share your opinions in the section below.

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