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Intro and Specs for the SMOK NORD AIO 19

In the words of the well-known (and confusingly popular) DJ Khaled, “Another one, Another one.” Why the random pop culture reference?

It seems the venerable SMOK has added to its ever-growing vape pen lineup with the NORD AIO 19mm – an all-in-one 1,300mAh pen style vape aimed at entry-level and on-the-go vapers. Users of the SMOK NORD pod system will find the NORD AIO 19 a considerable upgrade from that pod mod, thanks to richer flavor and vapor. But it also represents a simple transition into the SMOK tank system.

SMOK NORD AIO 19 Mod Kit Review

Gold SMOK NORD AIO 19 Mod Kit ReviewSo, what separates this pen-style vape from just being “another pod/AIO system?” Well, not much, but SMOK seems to have cornered the market on this style and format. Let’s get to the particulars.


The SMOK NORD AIO 19 AIO Starter Kit presents a beautifully integrated all-in-one vape pen system with advanced chipset to create a modern balance between performance range and ergonomic designs while utilizing the mesh NORD Coil Technology. It comes in two editions with the following difference:


The NORD AIO 19 Kit implements a direct output voltage system in which power levels depends on the state of the battery capacity. It is operated by a single pentagon-shape firing button with Intelligent Battery Indicator featuring LED lights for intuitive use.

The internal tank features the same coil system introduced with the SMOK NORD Pod System, implementing a pair of 0.6ohm NORD Mesh Coil catering to the sub-ohm, cloud-focused segment while the 1.4ohm NORD Traditional Coil is suited for MTL-draw users.

Airflow enters the system through dual triple-slotted bottom airflow, providing excellent cooling properties while maintaining high level of flavor delivery that SMOK have come to known for.

SMOK NORD AIO 19 Vape Pen Specs:

  •     All-In-One Design
  •     Integrated 1,300mAh Rechargeable Battery
  •     Max Output Wattage: 40W
  •     Voltage Output Range: 2.5-4.1V
  •     Voltage Input Range: 3.3-4.2V
  •     Charging Current: 0.66A +/- 0.05A
  •     Direct Voltage Based Output
  •     Single Button Operations – Pentagon Shape
  •     Intelligent LED Light Battery Indicator
  •     0.6ohm NORD Mesh Coils – Optimized for Sub-Ohm Experience
  •     1.4ohm NORD Regular Coils – Optimized for MTL Experience
  •     Convenient Top-Fill Rotary Design – Lock Button Mechanism
  •     Dual Bottom Airflow – Triple Airslots per Side
  •     8 Seconds Cut-Off Protection
  •     Short-Circuit Protection
  •     Impedance Protection
  •     Low Voltage Warning
  •     MicroUSB Port Charging System
  •     Available in Full Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Stainless, 7-Color Rainbow

SMOK NORD AIO 19 Starter Kit Contents:

  • 1 NORD AIO 19 Device Device
  • 1 0.6ohm NORD Mesh Coils
  • 1 1.4ohm NORD Regular Coils
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Instructional Manual

Initial Impressions and Aesthetics

It’s a direct voltage vape pen, so anyone expecting something innovative will probably struggle with the plain-Jane appearance. The SMOK AIO 19 measures in at 122.5mm or 4.82” long. That’s shorter than a fine point marker, and small enough to fit in any pocket.

smok nord aio 19 22 black(Trust me – I lost it several times. Once, after looking all around my desk to write this review I realized it was in my pocket the whole time. Maybe a little extra heft would help us remember that I’m carrying it…)

My metallic red test model has a flashy stainless-steel case and tank, which are matched seamlessly with the same fit and finish. There’s something slightly “blingy” about the flashy red, especially in broad daylight. It might also be the diamond-shaped fire button, which is firm and clicky, but with just enough LED light to be noticeable, even outdoors.


Out of the box this device feels good in the hand. Weighing in at a mere 94g it feels sturdy, but a little too light for my liking. As one would expect from SMOK, the finish is top-quality. Outfitted with the push-to-fit NORD mesh coil system and a rotary top cap, refilling is a breeze.


Because of the kit’s narrow 19mm diameter, the tank is obviously limited, with just 2ml of juice capacity. But despite the shallow tank, the NORD coils are frugal on juice, so you don’t need to worry about refilling too often.

side view - SMOK NORD AIO 19 Mod Kit ReviewSome Standouts of the SMOK NORD 19

The tank unscrews easily from the battery section via well-machined threading. To swap out the coils SMOK has implemented one of those “suddenly popularpush-to-fit system, where you can easily pluck the coil from the base of the tank and press in a new one. It’s even possible to do this with a small amount of juice in the tank, since it’s all done with the device upside down.


There is one major negative here (at least in my eyes) – the tank is a sealed unit. The drip tip and coil are the only removable components. In other words, if the glass cracks you’re S.O.L. Without any glass replacements included or even a way to replace them, a worst-case scenario isn’t just likely, it’s practically expected. That said, the glass windows are small, and it’s survived a few of my clumsy drops already, so there might be hope yet.

Vaping the SMOK NORD AIO 19 Kit

smok nord aio 19 22 starter kit tanks contentsThe whole device is mostly a smooth tube of stainless steel. Except for the top cap and the small diamond shaped fire button. Which also double as some smart functional design components. When laid flat on a table. It might roll slightly but will come to a complete stop before it plummets to the concrete below.

The 0.6ohm mesh coil head produced a satisfying vape after a minimal break in period. Even after priming and letting it sit, I experienced that cottony flavor in my juice for the first 1ml or so. Considering the 2ml capacity it didn’t last long, but as an entry-level sub-ohm device, the NORD coils continue to impress.

MTL Vaping

And if you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper, the included 1.4-ohm coil offered a much tighter draw, more potent flavor and surprisingly strong throat hits. Because of this, I’m not sure I’d use the AIO 19 for nic salt vaping, but according to the manual, the 1.4-ohm head is capable of doing so.

I didn’t like the integrated airflow design at first but it kind of grew on me. Instead using an adjustable AFC ring. SMOK integrated the two sets of punched holes into the battery housing. It’s designed to offer pre-set airflow levels, depending on which NORD coil is installed.

in pieces - SMOK NORD AIO 19 Mod Kit ReviewHowever, I found that for a more restricted airflow, I could simply cover one of the holes with my fingertip. This could be a con for some people [ED: Like most of us in the office]but the unintended function actually made the experience unique for me.

Battery Life in Real Life

With the integrated 1,300mAh battery at full charge, the AIO 19 lasted me about half a workday. And that’s with the 0.6ohm mesh coil head installed, so it wasn’t bad at all. Granted that’s with heavy testing – more moderate vapers will likely get more daily use from it.


  • Easy filling and coil replacement
  • Lightweight (almost to a fault)
  • NORD coils continue to impress


  • Small fire button
  • No airflow adjustment
  • Sealed tank and no replacement glass

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score:

The SMOK NORD AIO 19 is a no-frills, all-in-one setup that’s both a capable sub-ohmer and a strong MTL vape option. And although SMOK makes a bigger version, the SMOK NORD 22 AIO Vape Pen, we did not buy one to review. Perhaps we still will, especially since the retail price are now the identical to each other.

With its compact and lightweight design, this is a good entry-level mod, or a great on-the-go backup. It’s hardly perfect, and there are some design concerns, but SMOK is getting good at making these simplified devices and the AIO 19 warrants a second look if you’re in the market.