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As has been pointed out to us from time to time, we mention SMOK products quite often on these pages. It’s not an intentional (or promotional) choice, but rather something that occurs because SMOK is so prolific in releasing new products. However, we have noticed a slight sense of redundancy this past year, with most of SMOK’s products becoming nothing more than variations on existing concepts. So, when we received the new 225-watt SMOK Majesty Carbon – the first of two Majesty variations coming to retail (a separate review for the Resin model of the Majesty is coming soon) – we expected to be a little underwhelmed. Unfortunately, that proved to be the case with this mod. That’s not to say the Majesty isn’t a good mod – we’re just not sure it’s necessary. 

Let’s take a look…

SMOK Majesty Carbon Kit Review – SPINFUEL VAPE

Initial impressions of the SMOK Majesty Carbon Fiber Body

The first thing vapers will notice about the Majesty is its size. Though the form factor, TFT full-color screen, large firing bar and design choices are all lifted from other mods in the company’s line, the Majesty is altogether larger and bulkier. It’s taller than the Alien and ProColor, and nearly as chunky as the boxy but bold T-Priv. Yet, there’s little here to take advantage of the extra girth – the mod is simply scaled upwards and outwards, with no discernible purpose for doing so.


(For the record, like the iJOY Captain, this mod just SCREAMS for 20700 battery compatibility, but alas, it’s not an option. Maybe next month?)


Despite the odd “growth spurt,” the Majesty Carbon is a beautifully simple-looking vape mod. With subtle carbon fiber inlays, vibrant screen and a complete lack of LED lights, SMOK appears to have expanded on the ProColor’s more mature look here.


As expected with the larger size, the Majesty is also a much heftier device, especially with two 18650 batteries installed. It feels good in the hand, but those expecting an updated, carbon fiber Alien might be taken aback by the difference some extra height and width can make.


Strangely, despite having more real estate, the screen appears to be a similar size as the ProColor, and the extra bezel space around the display actually serves to dwarf the information a bit. That said, the screen remains a highlight of SMOK’s recent products, with the information displayed in gorgeous full-color, high-resolution graphics. There isn’t an ounce of pixelation or fuzziness to be had, with everything displayed in an extremely sensible, legible format.


One positive that comes from the enhanced size is the 30.5mm depth, which allows the SMOK Majesty Carbon to accommodate 30mm tanks and RDAs without a drop of overhang.


Finally, I should note the battery door at the bottom of the SMOK Majesty Carbon mod is very snug – almost to the point that I felt like I was forcing it to close with batteries installed. It never popped loose or  sat awkwardly on flat surfaces, but there doesn’t seem to be much breathing room inside the terminals. If your cells have thicker wraps, this is something to keep in mind.

Operating the SMOK Majesty Carbon Fiber Mod

As we’ve said so many times before, the beautiful screen makes menu navigation a breeze. Though it’s unclear if the Majesty has a different chipset than the ProColor or other variants on the theme, there is no reason to change what isn’t broken. Users will easily move their way through each successive screen, and understand how to get back to adjust further.


However, SMOK continues to rely on the same long press/short press mechanics to engage a selection.

At the risk of redundancy, a device of this caliber should have a dedicated “action/enter” button, rather than relying on long presses of the fire key. Though everything here works as intended, the long press is quickly becoming a tired vape control scheme, and SMOK should strongly consider modifying its mechanics to accommodate this.


One other operational note: The fire bar is utterly fantastic – clicky, springy, quiet, and easily the best rendition the company has released to date.


Finally, the SMOK Majesty Carbon Kit comes with the TFV8 X-Baby tank, which we’ve reviewed at length on these pages. While we enjoyed our time with the X-Baby as part of this kit, I remain frustrated by the tank’s incompatibility with the extensive line of Beast and Baby Beast coils already on shelves. As we mentioned in that review, the top-airflow is a nice addition, but hardly worthy of a new SKU, much less more of your dollars.

Vaping the SMOK Majesty Carbon Mod

Though it has been a few years since the seemingly eternal Alien hit the streets, its inability to come even close to its 220 watts has loomed in my craw since buying one. Oh, the Alien was a great device, no doubt. But the 40-60 watt gap between perception and reality has always bothered me, prompting me to check the power output of every mod I’ve reviewed since.


I’m happy to report the SMOK Majesty Carbon hits its advertised 225 watts. And it does it without an ounce of struggle. This is good news, as the very similar ProColor came close, but still missed its mark in my testing, throwing atomizer warnings once we approached 200 watts. In comparison, the Majesty Carbon just shrugged off 225 watts like it was a minor nuisance. Plus, the smooth carbon fiber frame kept the mod extremely cool and comfortable throughout.


I tested several tanks and RTAs with the Majesty Carbon (yes, including the X-Baby) and all performed as expected, with only a few hiccups with titanium coils, which were reading oddly low on the mod, setting off low-resistance warnings in succession (even if other mods read it accurately). I’ve had this trouble with titanium before, so I wasn’t surprised, but I’ve also rarely experienced coil issues with SMOK products.


In wattage mode, performance was steady and predictable, with no pulsing or odd power fluctuations to be had at higher elevations. If there were any power concerns with the Majesty Carbon, it’s that it felt a touch UNDERpowered when operating below 40 watts. Using the VandyVape Berserker RTA at 22 watts, I felt like the mod was restrained and limp, forcing me to push higher just to ramp up appropriately – even with a 1.2-ohm coil.


I rarely vape at levels this low, but if new vapers plan to buy the Majesty as their first advanced device, it’s worth mentioning.

Wrapping up...

Familiarity is a funny thing. On one hand, there’s often nothing better than slipping into a comfy, reliable pair of shoes, knowing you’ll enjoy surprise-free steps throughout your day. On the other hand, familiarity often breeds contempt.


With the SMOK Majesty Carbon, I’m torn. On the surface, it’s a solid, high-performing mod that handled virtually everything I tested. As a customer, I can recommend the Majesty Carbon as a mod that delivers high-power, consistent performance, and mature, sophisticated looks. In other words, it’s a really good vape device.


As a reviewer, speaking as an advocate for all users, including those looking to add to their collections, I am a little reluctant to recommend the Majesty Carbon. Especially if these vapers already own an Alien or a ProColor. Design choices aside, these are all very similar experiences, with near-identical chipsets, and many of the same quirks and high points.

The Score

Much like the X-Baby that comes in the kit, I feel the Majesty Carbon is a solid device that just seems unnecessary. We all know SMOK is prolific across all ends of the vape market, but it might be time the venerable company innovates a little more for this particular audience, rather than adding new looks to essentially the same products.

SMOK Majesty Carbon mod score: B-

SMOK X-Baby Tank score: See review

Overall kit score: B

The SMOK Majesty 225 TC Box Mod, in Carbon or Resin finishes are available at Vapor Authority 

SMOK Majesty Carbon Specs and Package Contents

SMOK Majesty Carbon specs:

  • Measurements: 85.1mm x 46.1mm x 30.6mm
  • Weight: 210g
  • Lateral fire button
  • 510 threaded connector
  • Power range: 6W to 225W
  • Output voltage range: 0.5V to 9.0V
  • Power mode resistance: 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω
  • Temperature mode resistance: 0.05Ω to 3.0Ω
  • Temperature control resistance range: 200℉ to 600℉ or 100℃ to 315℃
  • Utilizes dual 18650 batteries
  • Firmware upgrades


SMOK TFV8 X-Baby tank specs:

  • Dimensions: 24.5mm x 59mm
  • Weighs 58.5g
  • Tank reservoir: 4ml/2ml (TPD compliant)
  • Constructed from stainless steel and glass
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Colors: silver, black (matches mod)
  • Included: wide bore Delrin drip tip (black)
  • Two adjustable top airflow slots


SMOK Majesty Carbon Kit contents:

  • 1 x Majesty Carbon mod
  • 1 x TFV8 X-Baby tank atomizer
  • Coils: 1 x V8 X-Baby Q2 0.4Ω dual coil (installed) | 2 x V8 X-Baby T6 0.2Ω coil
  • Extra glass section
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Spare parts
  • User manual