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SMOK MAG KIT, the newest high-wattage mod and sub-ohm tank features the new Mag Mod itself, along with the newest TFV12 Prince Tank. At this point in time, we’ve only seen photos, but since it comes from SMOK, there are assumptions that are easily made.

SMOK Mag Starter Kit Preview – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Mag Kit starts with the 225W Mag Mod, with a trigger-like fire mechanism, and a gun “handle” as a form factor. It even has a handgun magazine type battery loading, pretty much guaranteed to upset the anti-gun folks.

However, when you look at the device itself, it looks to have some amazing ergonomics. Inside, the electronics allow for a very low resistance capability, the usual full suite of temperature control system. The “guts” of the SMOK Mag is pretty much the same as other 225W/230W SMOK Vaping Devices. If the design is appealing to you, then no doubt you’re going to enjoy vaping with it.


The “trigger style” fire button and ergonomic “gun handle” design is definitely “out there” for a SMOK product.  The Mag Mod uses dual 18650 batteries that are inserted as a bullet magazine for an automatic pistol. There is a side lock button that works much like the “safety” on a handgun, and when pressed, it releases the battery bay much like the release a handgun magazine.

On the large side of the SMOK Mag mod, there is a full-color HD OLED that can be set to six different color schemes including blue, purple, brown, red, silver and green, reminiscent of the SMOK ProColor display.

On that screen, the menu displays vaping data such as wattage, temperature, battery bars, puff time, resistance, voltage, mode and more, all in a High Definition OLED display.

Underneath the display are the two adjustment buttons that are shaped like parallelograms and possess the identical color scheme as the mod itself. The 510-connector at the top will allow for just about any sub-ohm tank or RDA/RDTA. (30mm maximum)

SMOK Mag Starter Kit Preview – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

As we mentioned, the maximum output is 225 watts, or 9 volts, while the lowest resistance capability is 0.05ohm (temperature modes) or 0.10ohm (power/wattage mode). The temperature control system will work with all heating elements, and include TCR mode for entering custom coil specifications.  The SMOK Mag has multiple protections and features USB firmware upgrades, should it ever need one.

The SMOK Mag dimensions are just 65mm x 30mm x 92mm.

The SMOK Mag Starter Kit will come in the following colors, with a matching TFV12 Prince tank: black/red, black/prism, gold/black, silver/black, purple/black, green/black, navy blue/black, red/black, pink/black.


SMOK advertises that the TFV12 Prince is an all-day-every-day TFV12 tank. In our review for the TFV12 Cloud Beast King we mentioned how the extreme performance of that tank prevents several of us from using the King as an all-day tank. SMOK has geared the Prince to satisfy those of us that want the benefits of the TFV12 coils without having to worry about over-vaping while using it throughout the day.

The SMOK TFV12 Prince sports an 8ml juice capacity, plus a new top fill system. The coil heads are said to produce massive vapor output and incredible flavor. We’ll have our shipment of the Prince tank next week and our review shortly after.

This tank holds a massive amount of juice for the actual size of the tank. The 8ml of e-juice capacity is possible because of its bulb shaped glass tank tube. The top fill system now has a lock button (probably like the Uwell Valyrian), featuring a “snake pattern” Cobra drip tip. Cannot wait to see what these look like and feel lit.

While our shipment for the SMOK Mag is probably a couple of weeks away, we wanted our readers to know what’s coming down the pike. We do have the SMOK Majesty Carbon and Resin models, and reviews for this new SMOK device are under way.


Remember Julia’s “SMOK is Killin’ it” piece a couple months back? Well, they’re still killin’ it, and it’s not even Christmas yet. We get the feeling there is more to come from SMOK before the end of 2017. We’ll keep you up to date.

Features & Specs for the SMOK MAG Starter Kit

 Mag Box Mod

  • Dimensions: 65mm x 30mm x 92mm
  • Weight: 265g
  • Colors:  black/prism, black/red, navy blue/black, gold/black, silver/black, green/black, red/black, pink/black, purple/black
  • Gun handle design
  • Trigger style fire button
    • Small yet easily access and pressed
  • Handgun magazine style battery loading
    • Utilizes dual 18650 batteries
    • Micro USB charging system
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to hold
  • Full color HD OLED display
    • Set font to blue, purple, brown, red, silver, green
    • Dual battery bars
  • Power mode range: 6W to 225W
  • Temperature range:200℉ to 570℉ or 100℃ to 315℃
  • Output voltage range: 0.5V to 9V
  • Resistance range power/variable temp:0.1Ω to 3.0Ω/0.05Ω to 3.0Ω
  • Standby current: <500uA
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Safety features:
    • Intelligent atomizer recognition
    • Puff monitoring
    • 12 second over puff cut-off
    • Short circuit protection
    • Overheat protection
    • Over-discharge protection

TFV12 Prince

  • Standard edition
    • Measurements: 28mm x 63mm
    • Weighs 60g
    • Bulb style tank
    • E-juice capacity: 8ml
  • EU edition
    • Measurements: 25.5mm x 63mm
    • Weighs 62g
    • Standard tank tube
    • E-juice capacity: 2ml
  • Chassis constructed from stainless steel
    • Smooth finish
    • Strong and durable
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Eco-friendly
  • Available colors:  7-color, stainless, red, blue, gold, green, black, purple
  • Food-grade glass juice reservoir
    • Non-toxic
    • Temperature resistant
  • Top fill setup
    • Top cap swivels open
    • The latest patented locking mechanism
      • Stops accidental opening
      • Leak proof
  • 510 connection bezel
  • Cobra drip tip with snake pattern
  • Latest coil system