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SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINESMOK devices have always been in my vaping collection. The SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit in particular gets more compliments than any of my other setups! Aesthetically it’s very pleasing to the eye. Even people that don’t vape acknowledge the sleek look of the White color and ask me what it is. (I gladly send them over to TheSMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit consists of the KOOPOR Mini 2 and the Spartan Helmet Atomizer.

I’m very familiar with SMOK products and know they can hold up to the test of time. The TFV4 and TFV8 are in my daily vape rotation. When I received the SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit, I crossed my fingers that I’d get the White instead of the other three colors available, Black, Orange or Stainless Steel. Thankfully, the luck was in my hands, quite literally and I love the Satin White finish! The mod is very nicely painted, easy to keep clean and screams out quality! And the device doesn’t just look good, it performance is exceptional, which combines for a great vaping experience.

SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit At A Glance

The SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit has a beautiful bright 25mm x 8.5mm screen and the same operating chip as the SMOK Quantum 80. But I have a curious question to ask SMOK; “Why would you not include the OTA (Over-The-Air) Bluetooth Function in this device?” Using the same board as the Quantum but to not include that extremely convenient Bluetooth option that was just recently introduced stumps me!


Maybe to differentiate the SMOK Quantum 80 from other SMOK Mods, but most products that are on “Preorder” from SMOK have the Over-The-Air Bluetooth capability. If at all possible, hopefully it’s included in a future firmware upgrade, though there would have to be a Bluetooth module in the device. The KOOPOR Mini 2 is firmware upgradable using the supplied micro USB cable, which is only for updating the software, not for charging your device.

Opening the packaging, you are greeted to a mythical dragon on the entire side of the KOOPOR Mini 2 TC (KP80) and a Spartan Helmet on the SMOK Helmet Tank. Both are well-executed designs and unique when paired together. At least SMOK didn’t put a pink unicorn or butterfly!

The kit was designed in such a way when the Tank is screwed down on the mod, the Spartan helmet and dragon logo line up. I love to see that kind of attention to detail! I prefer to have logos, airflow slots and glass to be uniform on the device and not off center, if that makes sense? Maybe it’s just my vaping OCD! A battery safety card is included in the packaging showing pictures of potentially dangerous batteries. This is very informative and good to see especially for a beginner.

As I indicated above, the KOOPOR Mini 2 Mod and SMOK Helmet Tank make up the SMOK Knight Kit 80W TC Kit. (Say that 5 times fast!) The chassis of the KOOPOR Mini 2 is constructed out of Zinc Alloy. A single removable 18650 battery powers the device and supports a wattage (power) range from 1W-80W.


Temperature Control

The KOOPOR Mini 2 is also equipped with an onboard Temperature Control system that fires between 200°F-600°F and supports Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and TCR customization.

Resistance Range

The SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit fires down to 0.1Ω with very little delay. The device being 24.5mm in width means all your 22mm and 24mm Atomizers will sit flush with no overhang. A spring loaded Brass 510 pin and a 510 connection that’s inset into the device creating a circle juice channel for your smaller tanks to sit into.

Basic Operation

SMOK products tend to have the same operating procedures. 5-clicks powers up the device; 3-clicks takes you to the menu with settings and power off options. With the device on, 5-clicks locks all your buttons. Pressing both the fire and up buttons simultaneously, it’s a shortcut so you can change your ramp-up settings, (Minimum, Soft, Normal, Hard & Max are your ramp-up options).

Pressing the fire and down buttons at the same time, you can switch between Wattage Mode and Temperature Control Mode on the fly without going into the menu system. The SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit is very easy to navigate and has enough customization features to keep the intermediate and advanced vapers happy! But it’s also very straightforward for the beginner crowd purchasing their first Box Mod Kit.

Battery and Venting


By sliding the battery door down, you can lift it off and is where your single 18650 high-drain battery is housed (not included). There’s ventilation for the board and gold plated battery contacts inside the battery tray. The magnets used are very strong and hold the battery door in place.
Because of the sliding function, there is a little back and forth movement when holding it. This is not a deal breaker by any means but needs to be mentioned as a minor drawback. Two small battery vent holes on the bottom of the device are appreciated.

The fire button and up/down buttons are well-made with a firm feel and no button rattle whatsoever. I’m getting used to the big trigger-type fire buttons we’re seeing on mods like the H-Priv and Quantum 80, but the 9mm fire button and 5mm adjustment buttons work just fine. The Box Mod has rounded off corners and feels very comfortable and solid in the hand.

Helmet Tank

The Helmet Tank is the first top fill with no bottom airflow tank from SMOK. It’s a 24.5mm Sub-Ohm Tank, holds just 2ml of juice and pairs great with not only the KOOPOR Mini 2 but also devices like the SMOK H-Priv. For a size comparison, it’s right about the same height as the Micro TFV4 Tank. Another great feature is the Child Proof Cap. Just put a little pressure down on the top cap and twist to remove.

There are no markings to show how much the airflow is opened or closed but is very easy to adjust. The airflow can


be adjusted by spinning the top cap once it’s tightened down. The airflow restrictiveness is just right in my opinion. Not too much of an airy draw but not too tight either. The flavor and cloud production is very good. The Delrin Chuff style drip tip is only 8.5mm tall once inserted in the top cap and is way too short for my liking! It’s a pain sometimes to try and remove it too. Since the tank is 510 compatible, I’ve been using my Uwell Crown 2 and Melo 3 drip tips, which has been working great!

The Helmet Tank is disassembled to only three pieces providing a leak-free design when filled correctly. I made the mistake of overfilling the tank the first time I filled it, that resulted in pushing my top cap (with coil) into place and got a welcome surprise from juice pouring back onto my hand. When filled to the Max Fill line, there’s no gurgling or spit back. I’ve noticed some eJuice likes to sit around the airflow ring. It doesn’t drip down onto the tank itself, but when I look under the top cap, there’s always some liquid present.

Taking a look under the top cap, you’ll notice four non-threaded channels. Those are there for when you’re tightening the top cap down and any negative pressure is going to escape through the tiny channels, reducing gurgling and leaking. Just make sure your juice level is right at the 2ml mark or this innovative function won’t serve its purpose.

Helmet Tank Coil Heads


SMOK did a great job designing the top airflow system on both the kit and the coils! They include a pre-installed 0.6Ω Single Clapton Coil and a 0.4Ω Single Clapton Coil in the box. The coils are designed with three airflow channels that forces air down around the outside and back up the center of the coil, really signifying this to be a true top airflow device!

When taking longer pulls, the drip tip will heat up a little on you but not excessively. The glass doesn’t heat up and is only warm to the touch. I notice juice burns up pretty quickly. My sweet spot setting with the 0.6Ω coil is right at 50W and the ‘Hard’ ramp-up setting.

Now to one of my only real negatives for this device; the mess it makes while refilling! When I’m at home and have a paper towel handy, I remove the top cap and coil, set it down, fill my juice, install it back on and no big deal.
If I’m out and about, trying to take the top cap off without making a mess is not impossible, but it is challenging. Also, the battery door does have some back and forth play and likes to shift around from time to time.

Bottom Line

Even though the device feels rock solid, knowing the battery door is a little loose is a knit-picky con but needs to be addressed. Not including the OTA Bluetooth function has me wondering why. Visually, some consumers might not like the dragon/helmet logos so that could be a potential deterrent to some.

Overall, I do very much enjoy the SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit. Even for a single 18650 box


mod, it can crank out over 9V of power! Plenty of wattage and TC functions to keep you entertained. It’s easy to look past the minor issues because there are dramatically more pluses than minuses. You can pick up the kit for $48.95 at Element Vape. If you were pick one up, you won’t be disappointed!

Overall Grade – B+

“The SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit is a very solid, well-rounded device! The KOOPOR Mini 2 is an accurate mod with great overall functionalities and build quality. Perfect for a beginner’s first Box Mod and advanced enough for the more experienced users. Great job on this one SMOK, keep them coming!”

Team Spinfuel

SMOK Koopor Knight 80W TC Starter Kit – SPECS & FEATURES

SMOK Helmet Tank Features:

  • 24.5mm Diameter
  • 2mL Juice Reservoir
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Medical Glass Reinforcement
  • EU TPD Compliant Child-Lock Mechanism
  • Top Pressure Spinning Design
  • Convenient Top-Fill Method
  • Unified Integration of Atomizer Base to Top Cap
  • Top Adjustable Airflow System
  • Sloped Delrin Drip Tip
  • 510 Thread Connection

SMOK Koopor Mini 2 TC Box Mod Features:

  • Single High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 1~80W
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.8-9V
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.06ohm
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Adjustments
  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • Premium Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Mythical Creature Engraving
  • Durable Soft Feel and Shiny Finish
  • Intuitive 0.91 Inch OLED Display
  • Oversize Firing Mechanism
  • Two-Button Adjustment
  • Magnetized Battery Cover
  • MicroUSB Port – Firmware Upgrades
  • 510 Center Pin