How much further can vape companies go with the recent Pod Mod trend? These simplified devices are designed to help smokers transition away from cigarettes with devices that offer similar experiences. And the star of today’s show – the SMOK Infinix Pod Mod Kit – certainly does just that, with an authentic, satisfying experience throughout.


But is “satisfying” enough to compete in a crowded pod Mod marketplace? Jury’s out. Because, while the Infinix does what it intends to, there are better options out there – even at this user-friendly price point.


Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the SMOK Infinix Pod Mod Kit, to see if it’s the right device to help you quash those cravings for good.

SMOK Infinix Pod Mod Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE

It seems like pod Mods have settled into two distinct form factors. On one hand, you have the long, narrow, angular shape that gives users a cigarette-style experience, such as the Vaptio C-Flat kit. On the other, you have the oddball flattened shapes, like the Suorin Air, or SMOK’s own Rolo Badge. Those are quirky, but certainly portable.


The Infinix falls into the former category, with a fairly stock-looking, angular tube structure, small glass window for monitor pod liquid levels, and a solitary LED light to indicate activity and battery power. Simple, unadorned, stealthy and sleek, the Infinix is what a Modern pod Mod should resemble.


The 2mL pods (there are two included in the kit) follow a standard protocol, as well. Using a tiny rubber gasket on the side of the pod, users can fill the narrow slot with their preferred e-liquid. The SMOK Infinix instruction manual doesn’t explain anything regarding the types of juices you’d want to use with this pod Mod, but there really should be, since today’s high-VG blends aren’t the best option for a satisfying vape. More on this in a bit.


The rest of the Infinix is as straightforward as it gets – even by pod system standards. The lightweight body is smoothly produced and comfortable to vape. If anything, it might be a little TOO light, since I forgot it was in my pocket on more than one occasion. If possible, consider keeping it stowed in a shirt pocket, or somewhere just as secure, since I can imagine these snapping in crowded purses, or simply falling out of less-secure places.

Operating the SMOK Infinix Pod Mod Kit

With just 250mAh of onboard battery capacity, the Infinix isn’t looking to be an all-day option for heavy vapers. Instead, this is an ideal transition device for smokers looking to quit cigarettes, or those who want a stealthy vape on hand, when using a more advanced device isn’t an option.


But, on the flip side of that coin is the ease of use. The draw-activated system is button-free, and operates quickly, with a sensation that will appeal to those craving a traditional smoking experience. On even a light draw, the Infinix ramped quickly and delivered surprisingly decent flavor and vapor in each puff.


And light draws are what the Infinix is designed for. Those seeking lung-filling hits might find themselves frustrated. Not only will prolonged draws decimate your battery life, but will also activate the eight-second cutoff protection … which honestly feels more like six.


Though the Infinix has a 16-watt max output, the device seems to perform best when not being pushed to its limits. When treated as a smoking device, rather than a Vape Mod, the Infinix performs admirably. Any more than that goes against the intention of the Mod.


Charging the battery is something you’ll do quite often, since the onboard cell offers less than an hour of light use. But thankfully, the USB-powered internal cell recharges quickly – in under an hour, even when using a portable power bank.

5 key tips for using the SMOK Infinix Pods

To help you along, here are a few recommendations for getting the most out of your Infinix Pods:


  1. Use liquids with a PG base of more than 50%. And even 50/50 is pushing it. Our best results came from higher-PG liquids, which not only resist clogging the pod coil, but also vaporize more efficiently so you get better longevity and fewer refills.


  1. Use nic-salt e-liquids. Though these liquids tend to contain much higher nicotine concentrations, the salt content smooths the flavor beautifully, allowing users to more adequately quell their cravings, requiring fewer hits and preserving battery life. Some of today’s leading nic-salt juices are designed for these pod systems, and the Infinix is no exception.


  1. Use the included needle-tip bottle for refilling. Even the most fine-tipped unicorn bottles will still create overflow and seepage from the fill port. Trust me.


  1. Don’t overfill. You might be tempted to get the most possible liquid in there, right from the outset. But I noticed a faint burnt taste once I topped it off, and before long, a perfectly good pod coil was ruined. The instruction manual gives you a rough idea of where to cut off your refilling – though the pod itself should have a distinct cutoff line.


  1. Don’t disconnect the entire rubber gasket. You’ll notice the Infinix pod fill port gasket seems fairly snug on the bottom – it is, and you want it to be. If you remove the entire gasket, not only do you run the risk of losing the piece, but you might never get it reseated as well as the factory. The top part gives you more than enough room

Vaping the SMOK Infinix Pod Mod Kit

As a simplified, plug-and-play setup, there isn’t much to say about the SMOK Infinix vape experience, except that it works well, while it lasts.


Flavor is pretty darn good for a tiny pod device. Though this is mostly designed a snug, MTL draw, heavier vapers might be able to do some restricted lung vaping with the right liquids. And when they do, they might be surprised with how much vapor the Infinix can produce. Again, this isn’t going to make you forget your favorite RDA, but in terms of flavorful nicotine delivery, the Infinix delivered.


Though our initial draws from a freshly filled pod were strong, over time I noticed rapid depletion of flavor, and diminished vapor quality. Because most pod vapers aren’t looking to fog a room, I imagine this isn’t a tremendous drawback. But, for ex-smokers who’ve ever tried to inhale a half-lit cigarette, the diminished performance is noticeable… and frustrating.


Switching flavors seemed to rejuvenate the pod coils a bit, but these experiences were also fleeting. Overall, I got just three days per pod before the experience was no longer enjoyable. Now, keep in mind this was through using the Infinix in a testing scenario, rather than how its target audience will likely put it work.


My other primary concern is the very limiting 250mAh battery. When cig-a-like and eGo-style pen vapes were at their peak, some companies were touting nearly three times as much battery life as the SMOK Infinix. And other competing products in the pod Mod space have considerably more capacity, as well. 250 mAh is simply too weak to satisfy anyone, save for the lightest smokers around.

Wrapping up, and Score…

Reviewing pod systems can be tough, since most of our staff uses (and likely prefers) more-powerful devices, with much more technology behind them. So, consider the above critiques in line with your own smoking and vaping habits.


When used as a backup device, a stealth vape, or a first step toward a smoke-free future, the SMOK Infinix offers flavorful draws, ample vapor (for a pod Mod) and easy operation. But so do many other pod Mods on the market – and in packages that do some of these things even better.


Score: B-

SMOK Infinix is Available at Element Vape and Vapor Authority

  • 110mm by 19mm by 11mm
  • One Infinix Ultra Portable System
  • Two Pods
  • One E-Liquid Injection Bottle
  • One USB Charging Cable
  • All in One System
  • Draw Activated Firing
  • 10 to 16W Output
  • 3.3V to 4.2V Input Voltage
  • Infinix Pod System
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Plug and Play Connection
  • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Voltage Based Output
  • 250 mAh Built In Battery
  • LED Light Indicator
  • USB Charge Port
  • 8 Second Cut-Off/Short Circuit Protection/Low Voltage Protection