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There is yet another trending ‘vape system’ growing by leaps and bounds this year. We call them Pod Mods, and they are made to be used by smokers that want the best possible chance to kick the smoking habit. Along with the new Pod Mods, an e-juice product made with nicotine salts, are expressly made to be used in these new Pods. Nic-Salt eLiquid has a huge amount of nicotine in them, at least when compared to freebase nicotine eliquid with high amounts of vegetable glycerin, or VG, and mid to high wattage box mods and sub-ohm vape tanks. The SMOK Infinix is an ultra-portable device that is much more effective for smokers when combined with nic-salt eliquid, and although not a method of vaping for the mainstream hobbyists, these devices can really make a difference.



Pod Mods are designed to work simply, but are also built with advanced vape technology, and though they do their best work with nic-salt eliquids, the SMOK INFINIX Ultra-Portable Pod Mod Kit can be enjoyed with regular freebase eliquids as well, though a vape experience with nic-salt juice can ‘sate’ the nicotine cravings current smokers have to have. Used properly, even the hard-core smoker can finally get off tobacco leaves for something so much safer.

I’ve been vaping for 7 years and have advanced to high-wattage mods, low resistance atomizers, and high-VG eliquid with just 3mg nicotine. However, had the Pod Mod gear and nic-salt products been around 7 years ago it would not have taken me 3 months to fully get off cigarettes. With something like the SMOK Infinix or SMOK Rolo Badge, I might have quit smoking immediately since my need for nicotine would have been met full force.

This is the main reason we at Spinfuel VAPE plan to devote significant resources to reviewing both Pod Mods and Nic-Salts e-juice. Today, we believe, there is no longer a need for a period of dual-use of tobacco products and electronic vaping devices.




Many Pod Mods have similar features, and even similar specs. The main differences in these devices seems to purely aesthetic, or the size in milliamp hours of the batteries.

The SMOK INFINIX has a built in 250 mAh rechargeable power cell and a refillable 2mL pods. The INFINIX featuring a thin, and sleek chassis, sharp lines, and very modern look.   It’s chassis is created with a streamline form factor that might be a better look and feel for those coming straight from cigarettes, though it looks like nothing currently in the cig-a-like world.

Internally, SMOK has managed to integrate the 250mAh internal battery with an LED indicator light to provide battery life feedback. Charging the INFINIX is as easy as attaching the included microUSB port, and then slipping that USB cable into a computer or other power source, including the hundreds of new and inexpensive power banks that are affordably priced and available everywhere.

The SMOK INFINIX Pod Mod is activated just by drawing on the device. Because this is a totally integrated device, it’s wattage range is 10 to 16W and immediately adjusts according to e-juice used and the style of Vaper using it.

The replaceable cartridge, or pod, has a refillable port that allows the user to keep the device filled to its 2mL juice capacity.  The fill system is a ‘side refill method’ using a simple rubber plug (be careful not to lose the rubber stopper. The coil is incorporated into the 2mL pod, and uses a high-grade cotton wick to provide optimal vapor production and very decent flavor fidelity.

Pod Mods are a new generation of AIO devices (all-in-one systems), and the SMOK INFINIX is especially crafted with an expensive, yet elegant design, quite a difference than other Pod Mods, like the SMOK Rolo Badge, another Pod Mod we’ll address shortly that has a much different look.

The Pod Mod Future


The SMOK INFINIX is said to be a device headed for mass appeal in this new vape market segment, and in the coming weeks our plans are to give our readers a complete hands-on look on as many pod mod systems as we can, and to gather of the Top 5 or 10 Pod Mod systems for a special report.

For best results in testing these Pod Mods, we will be using Nic-Salt liquids for a genuine vape experience one can expect from a Pod Mod for the purchase of quitting tobacco, which we believe is the very reason they exist in the first place. The nicotine strength in this, and future reviews, will fluctuated between 30-50mg of nicotine salt juice from various brands. For this particular review, we’re using a nic-salt juice from Beard called #42Cold Fruit Cup“, a 50mg nicotine blend.

No. 42 by Beard Salts E-Liquid is a special nicotine-salt formulation of the original flavor from Beard, made with freebase nicotine, with a refreshing fruit in a cup flavor profile, but topped with sweet whip cream as well. These new Beard Salts is an expansion of the original Beard Vape Co.

Warning: Nicotine Salt e-juice is not meant for use in devices that like sub-ohm vape tanks. We recommend nic-salt juice be used only in pod mods, and ultra low-output atomizers/mods. Every salt-based nicotine e-juice on the market contains significantly higher levels of nicotine, which is great for current smokers, not so great for those using sub-ohm tanks and 3mg freebase e-juice.

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SMOK Infinix Features, Specs, and Package Contents

  • All in One System
    • Draw Activated Firing
    • 10 to 16W Output
    • 3.3V to 4.2V Input Voltage
  • Infinix Pod System
    • 2ml Capacity
  • Plug and Play Connection
    • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
      • Magnetic Connection
  • Voltage Based Output
  • 250 mAh Built In Battery
    • LED Light Indicator
    • USB Charge Port
  • 8 Second Cut-Off/Short Circuit Protection/Low Voltage Protection

SMOK Infinix Dimensions:

  • 110mm by 19mm by 11mm

SMOK Infinix Kit  Includes:

  • One Infinix Ultra Portable System
  • Two Pods
  • One E-Liquid Injection Bottle
  • One USB Charging Cable