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Smoant Mod Knight V1 Starter Kit

This review is the most bewildering reviews I’ve ever written, though I haven’t written many. When the Smoant (pronounced Smo-ANT) arrived at our office we opened the package to reveal its contents. The first thing we noticed, as you would, is the Smoant Knight V1 weighs at least twice as much as it should weigh, based on its size. It is a heavy mod, with a capital “H”. So heavy in fact that no one wanted the ‘chore’ of reviewing something that we believed no one in their right mind would want.

The weight of a mod can be a determining factor when it comes to using a product you can keep in your pocket or purse, and a product you lift up to your mouth more than a hundred times a day. The weight of the Smoant Knight V1 is equivalent to two WISMEC Reuleaux’s with full battery complements, and regardless how how good the Knight V1 might be, it is too heavy to matter. So, after we played Hot Potato with it for a good 15 minutes I decided to end it by agreeing to writing the review.

Before I get started with the proper review, keep in mind that everything I say below has nothing to do with the weight of the mod, unless otherwise noted.

Smoant Knight V1 Starter Kit

Smoant Mod Knight V1 Mod Spinfuel eMagazine ReviewThe Smoant Knight V1 Mod and tank is just $69.90 at Ave40. ($49.90 for the mod itself) With a maximum output of 60w and a resistance range of 0.1-3.0 ohms in variable wattage and TC-Ni mode, and 0.1-1.0 ohm in TC-TI TC-SS, it can be said to be a middle-of-road device at a middle-of-the-road price point.  It’s unique shape and fancy cage straps make it quite attractive as box mods go.


If the weight doesn’t bother you then purchasing the device, you’ll receive a mod and tank starter kit that will outperform just about any other setup you can buy for $50 or less. That’s right, this little known company may not understand how weight plays a factor, but they do know how to make a mod and tank that delivers one of the best vape experiences you can have.

This thing is a tremendous performer. The flavor and vapor coming from the tank is as good, or better, as the best “flavor” tank or “vapor chaser” I’ve used to date. However, because the coil head is basically a Kanger head, they don’t last as long as I’d like, and certainly nowhere near as long as ceramic coil heads. In fact, the biggest negative, other than the weight, is the short-lived coil heads. In my review period I had to change out coil heads every couple of days.

Unique Tank Cage

The defining feature of the Smoant Knight V1 is its straps that enclose the included Talos Tank. The tank sits Smoant Mod Knight V1 Mod Spinfuel eMagazine Reviewdown into the cage, but because the opening is slightly more than 23mm you could use just about any 22-23mm tank in its place. I used quite a few with no issues to report, thought the Talos fits best, which is only natural I suppose.

Highlights Good and Bad

The fire button sits directly under the Tank cage, and directly under that are the adjustment buttons arranged in a horizontal position. The OLED Display is very small compared to other box mods, but it is very bright and very easy to read despite its diminutive size. All the necessary information is displayed, wattage, battery life, ohms, and voltage. It’s not information rich, but it will do fine with most users.

The mod, tank and drip tip handle the heat pretty well. At no time during my review did the tank or body feel overly warm, and the drip tip stayed cool at all times, even at 40-60 watts for extended periods.

Smoant Mod Knight V1 Mod Spinfuel eMagazine ReviewThe Smoant Knight V1 does 1-60w in 1-watt increments. Resistance goes as low as 0.3-ohms. It’s Temp Control system can handle Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.

The manual tells us that we can vape while charging with the USB cable, but I found that to be problematic. It would work for a few minutes and then stop working. Not sure if this is a fault of the device, or a malfunction on the review unit we received.


There is nothing new here with the Smoant Knight V1 and Talos tank, except for the unique body design. As a basic box mod it functions well, but the coil heads are definitely something to contend with.

The deal killer for me is the weight of the device. It’s just too heavy for serious consideration. If Smoant reallySmoant Mod Knight V1 Mod Spinfuel eMagazine Review wants to sell this attractive box mod it needs to go back to the lab and find a lightweight material to build new housing. I recommend a Zinc Alloy or aluminum.

As it stands now, this is not a mod I would recommend to anyone, unless the user needs a workout to strengthen his or her arms.

Grade: D

“If the Smoant Knight V1 was half the weight it is now I would grade it a solid B-. If the coil heads lasted longer I’d bump that B- to a B+.”

Kiera Hartley-Barnes

Main features of Smoant Knight V1 TC Pocket Mod

  1. Side by Side Stealth vaping mod
  2. 1-60W output power
  3. 0.5-7.0V output voltage
  4. Take one 18650 battery
  5. Can access to adjust Tank airflow control ring conveniently
  6. Can hold the max 23mm diameters Tank/RBA/RTA
  7. Temperature control modes support Nickel/Titanium/SS
  8. Spring loaded 510 pins and SS connector
  9. Pass-through available
  10. Side Screen display
  11. Support Atomizer resistance low to 0.1ohm
  12. Low Resistance Protection
  13. Over-time Protection
  14. Reverse Polarity Protection
  15. Overheating Protection
  16. Perform well with Smoant Talos V1 Tank and Smoant Charon Tank
  17. Black, White color

Main Features of Talos V1:

1) Tank Size: 22mm (Diameters) *40.5mm (Height) Not include drip tip
2) Tank Capacity:4.5ML
3) Top Side Filling Juice, cleaner and easier.
4) 5 Different Types of coil heads to satisfy different vapers demands
0.3ohm Kanthal A1 dual coils
0.5ohm SS316L coil head
0.5ohm Clapton coil head
0.5ohm Titanium coil head
0.5ohm pre-built RBA coil
Wick materials: 100% USA made SS316L wire and Japanese organic cotton

6)  Can be also to accept Kanger Coils
7) 304SS + Pyrex Glass tube
8) Easy to Clean, all components can be disassembled
9) Adjustable Airflow Control system

10) Also can accept Kanger coils