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Reviewing the Sigelei Origin Pod System – Vaping terminology has always been confusing. Remember when cartomizers, clearomizers, carto-tanks and EVOD formats all dominated store shelves? And remember when you figured out they were basically all the same thing? Well, pod mods are undergoing the same thing right now. What was once just a “pod mod” is now also “ultra-portable” “all-in-one” and most definitely a “system.”


Take for example, the Sigelei Origin, which claims to be all three, but let’s cut to the chase – the Origin is a pod mod, plain and simple. And it’s a pretty good one, to boot. So, let’s not overcomplicate things, okay?


Like almost every pod system available, the Origin is a basic refillable pod system (which immediately separates it from the likes of the JUUL, which is as closed a system as there is today), with all the standard checkboxes ticked. Oddball shape that resembles nothing a person would smoke? Check. Refillable tank/mouthpiece component? Check. Focus on flavor and nicotine hit through salt nic liquids? Check.

Indeed, the egg-like shape of the Origin (and I’m assuming the name comes from eggs being an origin of life, or something similarly weird) grabs attention, especially given the loud color options Sigelei provides. But the small stature and lack of any real lights or displays means it can stay safely out of sight when you want a little more discretion.

And, like most other pod mods, the Origin also has an integrated mouthpiece/atomizer/tank component that snaps into place with a satisfying, magnetic click. Of course, this sleek, streamlined design also means that tank capacity is limited – in this case, an advertised 2mL, which is more like 1.5 in real world scenarios. But once filled, the pod stays sealed, with no leaks or condensation concerns at any point in my testing.


Internally, the Origin separates itself from this massively growing pack through a few nifty standout features. First, the internal 600mAh battery, which could probably read 1,000 or even higher, since I got more than a day of STEADY use out of it.

Granted, the Origin is only putting out a maximum of 7.5 watts, so it’s not like this device is chugging through high-power situations. But when compared to some of the industry’s best pod mods, the Origin can hang with the absolute best of them.

(It also charges exceptionally quickly, so there’s not much need for worry if you find yourself getting low on power.)

The other standout feature is something all pod mod vapers want – an atomizer that lasts well beyond expectations. Our struggles with pod cartridges that die after mere days and a handful of refills are well-documented. So, when one comes along that turns that concept on its ear and lasts 7-10 days and countless refills, we’re excited to say the least.

I DO wish there was another pod included in the box to really hammer this point home, but let’s not split hairs here. Under my testing habits the Origin pod gave me nearly 10 days of use before finally succumbing to sheer exhaustion. I imagine under more normal circumstances, these pods could be pushed for up to two weeks.

Maybe our standards are a bit lower for these ultra-portable devices, but nonetheless, I walked away very impressed by what the Origin put out, and I think most users will feel the same way.

Sigelei Origin Specs:

  • Size: 77×43.5×17.4mm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and Plastics
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Output: 7.5W
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh

Coil resistance: 1.4ohm

Sigelei Origin Contents:

  • Sigelei Origin Pod Mod
  • Atomizer
  • USB cable
  • Manual

Of course, none of this matters if the Origin doesn’t vape well, and I’m relieved to report that it does. Using a high-nic salt liquid, I found the pod’s flavor to be suitably bright and its draw quality to be smooth and effortless. Some might balk at the fairly loose airflow, but I’ve noticed that more-airy draws tend to “open up” these liquids’ flavors a bit, so I enjoyed it.

Vapor production was also pretty impressive for such a diminutive device. The Origin allows for deeper draws, so naturally more vapor is produced. But the atomizer also makes for thicker clouds than we’d expect from such low wattages. Overall, it’s a more satisfying experience that might even have some crossover appeal with vapers used to more-advanced equipment.

The Origin isn’t just frugal on battery life, either. I found e-liquid consumption to be minimal, without ever sacrificing flavor. I got through most of a standard workday on one fill, then topped off each night during the testing period to ensure things stayed enjoyable.

Bottom Line

No one will ever confuse me for a pod mod enthusiast. I’ve used seemingly every JUUL clone and refillable device on the market, and the experiences are all roughly the same. So when one comes along that IMPROVES on the format, rather than unnecessarily shoehorning new things into the mix, we take notice. The Sigelei Origin isn’t likely going to convert advanced vapers into pod mod fans, but I can certainly see ex-smokers getting a lot of use out of the device.

Odd egg-like shape and gaudy color choices aside, the Origin is about as complete and long-lasting as pod mod kits get today. If you’re debating making the jump to a simple smoking alternative, the Origin is as good as any on the market right now. And in two key ways, it’s much, much better.