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“Comparatively subtle.” These are the words I used whenever someone asked me about the new, supposedly updated dsd fair description, considering how loud and over-the-top the original model was. Thanks to less flash and better function, the KAOS Z GS Edition is a definite improvement over its predecessor. But is that enough to warrant a purchase? Well, read on…


Initial Impressions of the Sigelei KAOS Z GS Edition Mod

I probably shouldn’t admit that I came into this review pretty jaded. Because, to be quite honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the original KAOS Z, and the specs for the GS Edition didn’t show me anything new or exciting. But my mood shifted slightly when opening the box.


That’s because my gold and black test model wasn’t too loud. It wasn’t too gaudy. It wasn’t hard on the eyes. Physically, the GS Edition is essentially the same vape mod we tested last year. But, by dialing down the flashy lights, muting the color scheme, and just making the whole thing seem more mature, Sigelei once again won back my attention.

That said, there’s nothing subtle about this vape mod. Like I said in the preview — if “loud and proud” is how you like to vape, the gaudy, luxurious gold trim will have you showing the KAOS Z to everyone around. It’s just Subtler, overall.

But I need to address the weirdest part of the KAOS Z GS Edition – something I’ve spent two weeks trying to figure out. The box advertises LED lights, but the side panels are completely opaque. Even set to “always on” meant nothing – there were lights shining inside the box, but nothing showing on the outside.

I suppose Sigelei could have been promoting the replaceable side panels, which could be swapped with the transparent ones from the original KAOS Z. But it’s more likely that the GS Edition is the exact same vape mod stuffed into a new exterior.

As someone who would be happy to never see another LED display on a vape mod, I was fine with this oversight. As a reviewer and customer who hates poorly thought out products, it bothered me to no end. Because if Sigelei was willing to slap together a device and offer misleading packaging, where else did they cut corners? Let’s hope this is the end of the hiccups.

The rest of the GS Edition is perfectly fine – it’s a little bog and boxy, but feels good in the palm, and the responsive buttons and fire key were above-average offerings. Also, as I noted in the preview, the GS Edition is still lightweight and a bit hollow, but it definitely feels sturdier than the original.

One final note – the now-standard Sigelei 0.96-inch color display is back, and remains as loud as the rest of the KAOS Z aesthetics. While I’ll never love the layout and multicolor approach, it does display information clearly and accurately, which is more than enough for most.

Sigelei KAOS Z GS Edition Specs:

  • Measurements: 86.7mm x 51.4mm x 26.8mm
  • Constructed Material: Zinc Alloy
  • 0.96″ TFT display screen
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Works with two external 18650 batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Modes: VW, TC SS, TC Ti, TC Ni200, TCR
  • Power range: 10W to 200W
  • Resistance range: 0.05Ω to 3.0Ω
  • Temperature range: 100°C to 300°C or 200°F to 570°F
  • Input voltage: 6.4V to 8.4V
  • Output voltage: 1.0V to 7.5V
  • Maximum output current: 38A
  • Support software upgrade

Sigelei KAOS Z GS Edition Contents:

  • 1 x Sigelei KAOS Z GS 200W Box
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Operating the Sigelei KAOS Z GS Edition Mod

Much like the display, the menus and operations on the GS Edition haven’t changed one iota from before.


This includes an advertised 230 watts on just two 18650 batteries, delivered by a nameless but capable chipset. But the GS Edition operates well. Navigating the full-color TFT screen is easy, and the linear menus made sense, though beginner vapers might still need to refer to the well-translated instructions a few times before settling in.

On a more physical level, The GS Edition’s zinc alloy frame feels as if it will adequately protect the internals, even if dropped. And the fire key – which used to have a lot of rattle – is much more secure and confident. Thankfully, the fantastic up and down control buttons return here, as clicky and responsive as ever.

The 510 connection is similarly well-built, accepting all my atomizers up to 26mm wide without overhang. Considering how large this mod is, I’m a little surprised Sigelei didn’t go a little further and make room for some of the industry’s wider tanks and RDAs.

Vaping the Sigelei KAOS Z GS Edition Mod


Considering we’re 99.9% sure the GS Edition chipset is identical to the original KAOS Z, it seems a little silly to cover it again (Original KAOS Z Review Here). But we’re also pretty sure the board has seen a massive firmware upgrade, since the KAOS Z GS Edition shows big improvements where it matters most – in vape quality.

For starters, the GS Edition never misfired during testing. Not once. Ever.

This alone already seems like a major miracle, considering how much the original failed – in both TC and wattage modes – with every 3-5 draws interrupted by dead hits, with no signs of any power coming from inside the device. No pulsing. No sputtering. Just silence.

Not here – the GS Edition is a fast-ramping box mod, with smooth, measured, potent draws that all but erase the overpowered, coil-scorching habits from its big brother. Now the board seems accurate, and the resulting puffs are predictable and enjoyable.

Temp control also saw major improvements. While I can’t say it was a PERFECT experience in TC mode (and honestly, I’m not sure one exists), the GS Edition performed light years better than the original KAOS Z, with accurate, stable coil resistance reading, smooth ramping, and a decided LACK of warning screens.

Temperature control is a finicky practice – I get that. But the flaws from the original KAOS Z were inexcusable, even a year ago. It’s nice to see a veteran vape company step up and address these gaps. There were several moments where I wanted to toss the GS Edition aside because of some jumpy ohm readings, but this was still a complete 180 from before, and I’m thrilled to say so.

Wrapping Up

I almost feel like the Sigelei KAOS Z GS Edition is an apology to fans for the problematic original. Because every last problem we encountered in the original was rectified here, in a more adult, mature package, to boot. Though the GS Edition still has some REALLY odd features (like the inexplicable “LED you’ll never see”), and is far from perfect, it’s worlds better than the original, and shows some promise toward something even better the next time around.