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Rugged. Durable. Powerful. These are words we in the #vapefam throw around a lot around. However, after spending a week with the Sigelei Humvee 215-watt mod, I’m not sure we should. This burly vape beast is about as rugged, durable and powerful as vaping gets. The Humvee might not be elegant or stealthy, but it’s damn good at what it does and vapers seeking unadulterated vape quality can put this on their short lists for 2020.

Let’s start with the Specs (and propaganda as well)

2 - SIGELEI HUMVEE 215W BOX MODUpgrade your vape with the Sigelei HUMVEE 215W Box Mod. This vape mod a visually striking dual battery vape device. Implementing a durable zinc aluminum alloy chassis construction which is then reinforced with resin gives it a rough and tough exterior.

Temp Control in the HUMVEE

Its extensive temperature control suite is equipped with a 0.66″ OLED Display Screen to relay relevant vaping data back to the user. Featuring a dual 18650 battery layout, the HUMVEE Box Mod can attain wattages spanning from 5-215W, thanks to battery and chipset combination.  

Battery Compartment for the HUMVEE


Batteries are installed in the bottom hinged battery bay. The Sigelei HUMVEE can utilize nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wires to fine tune the vapor output and temperature to their personal liking.

In addition to the rugged design, a 0.66″ OLED Display screen, with two adjustment buttons below, graces the side of the Sigelei HUMVEE Box Mod displaying battery life, wattage, and other important information.

(Sorry folks, this official description above is direct from a Chinese Spin Software, or so they say. It’s dismal)

Sigelei HUMVEE 215W Box Mod Features:

  • Dimensions – 90mm by 54mm by 33mm
  • Dual High Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-215W
  • Voltage Output Range: 1.0-7.5V
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100°-300°C / 200°-570°F
  • Power Mode
  • A TC Mode
  • TCR Mode
  • Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Wire Compatibility
  • Zinc-Alloy, Aluminium Alloy, and Resin Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • 66″” OLED Display Screen
  • Bottom Hinged Battery Door
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • PCB Overheat Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • USB Type-C Port
  • Available in Space Grey, Red Rum, Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Khaki

Sigelei HUMVEE Box Mod Kit Includes:

  • HUMVEE Box Mod
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Spare Parts



Fans of the GeekVape Aegis series take note. The Humvee is a spiritual descendent of those vape mods, right down to the same general shape and hand feel. But where the Aegis hints at durability, the Humvee takes it to another level. With a rugged, rubber-coated zinc alloy frame that looks like it could survive a few dozen cruise missiles, you can instantly see that it’s built to last.

Rubberized Paint is Used Well

Rubber coating isn’t exactly unique these days. Several mods sport water resistance and drop protection. But we’ve never seen it implemented so thoroughly over an entire vape device. Ironically, it isn’t clear if the Humvee IS water and drop resistant, but we’re going to go out on a limb and state that the mod will likely survive a few raindrops in its travels. (Test at your own risk though)


CAMO KHAKI SIGELEI HUMVEE 215W BOX MODMy camouflage khaki test model definitely looks military-grade, sporting a color scheme that wouldn’t look out of place on the front lines. The pixelated camouflage pattern isn’t for everyone. However, its placed in a discreet manner that won’t, or shouldn’t, bother people who might not prefer the design.


One minor qualm we had was with the tiny OLED display. While it’s perfectly functional, the Humvee is a LARGE vape mod, and the minuscule screen doesn’t really make good use of the available real estate. In fact, this itty bitty screen sorta makes me a bit angry. Was it intentional, or was it a screen shortage? Why go through all the steps in vape mod design and creation and miss such an opportunity?

In an effort to minimize the screen’s presence on the side of the device, Sigelei sacrificed some key information. While I may like the HUMVEE, certain aspects are plain stupid.


Take, for example, the battery meter, which only shows a single bar of power level. Rather than giving the info about each of the two installed 18650s, it shows just the culmination of one. Sigelei had little choice since they chose to place such a small screen on the mod. That said, knowing which of your batteries are still healthy and which one is draining faster, is vital in good battery management.

Lastly, coupled with an antiquated “click based” menu system makes the Sigelei Humvee’s operations seem a little too old school for these spoiled fingers.

Vaping the Sigelei Humvee

SPACE GREY - SIGELEI HUMVEE 215W BOX MODWhile the looks and operations might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Sigelei is one of vaping’s “royal families” and the Humvee knows how to deliver where it counts. By that, I mean the Humvee kicks serious ass in the power game.


From rapid-fire ramping, to some of the most-consistent power output we’ve seen, even at loftier wattages. At no point during our extensive testing in power and temperature control modes did the Humvee ever skip a beat. The power took us right up to 215 watts and stayed there without a hiccup, leading us to back it down because of OUR limitations, not the device’s.

Simple Temp Control

The temp control, though simplified and “old school” was accurate, consistent and easy to set, leaving out a lot of the minutiae usually found with this style of vaping. While I don’t feel many precision-minded temp control enthusiasts are putting the Humvee on their short lists, maybe they should, since this gets the job done effortlessly.




Another positive was the overall width of the Humvee. This would normally go into the “Aesthetics” section, but the Humvee’s ability to accommodate virtually any atomizer in my collection led to a serious boost in enjoyment. With the awesome power output, even my largest tanks and RDAs felt right at home — and “the bigger” usually meant “the better,” with some of my strongest cloud-chucking tanks kicking at full steam.

Button Layout

The Humvee’s simplified and no-nonsense button layout is also a highlight. Feeling natural and comfortable in any imaginable grip, though I prefer the trigger style grip myself. The thumb-firer Vapers will feel right at home using the Humvee.


Finally, though the small display isn’t our favorite, it’s unique positioning on the lower side of the Humvee allowed for easy viewing, no matter how we held the mod.


  • Awesome, rugged exterior
  • Unparalleled power consistency
  • Simple, no-fuss temp control


  • Antiquated, too-small display and menus
  • Military-esque design is an acquired taste
  • Single battery meter on a dual-18650 mod?

Sigelei HUMVEE Bottom Line

Sigelei hasn’t been active in the high-wattage mod game late. It’s nice to see them come and reclaim some marketshare that they helped construct. The Humvee is a loving exercise in pure power, no-nonsense functionality and top-tier vape quality. It’s  design is polarizing and the screen  a little limiting  there’s no denying just how potent this device really is.


Score: A