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Sigelei 150W TC Temperature Control Mod
Grade: – A+


The Sigelei 150w TC builds on Sigelei’s previous 150w mod with the addition of Temperature Control.Sigelei 150w TC in hand Dual 18650 batteries power this new box mod. It is very similar in size to the Sigelei 150W mod. It can fire down to 0.1-ohm with a maximum of 35-amps. Other features include a spring-loaded connector, magnetic battery door, and all the usual fare for safety protection. Read on for my impressions after a week of solid use.

Features and Specs:

• Dimensions: 4″L x 2-1/4″W x 1″D
• Battery life readout in real time
• Aluminum alloy box
• Variable wattage range 10W-150W
• Output voltage range 1V-7.5V
• Reads resistance down to 0.1Ω
• Reads resistance up to 3.0Ω
• Battery voltage range 6.4V-8.4V
• Takes two 18650 batteries (not included)
• Maximum current is 35 amps
• No charging port
• Temperature range: 212-572 degrees Fahrenheit
• Spring loaded 510 connection
• Magnetic battery compartment door
• Reverse battery protection
• Low voltage protection
• Input high voltage warning
• Chip runs cool to avoid overheating
• Wattage adjustable
• Temperature control functionality

Please note: Temperature control requires the use of nickel coils.


The Sigelei 150W TC will include a 30-day Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of delivery. Scratches and discoloration from regular use is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by warranty.


Sigelei 150w TC sidewaysI spent several days using the new Pioneer4You IPVD2, a much smaller box mod, so when it came time to pick up the Sigelei 150w TC the size threw me for a while. It took nearly a day to get used to this handful of power with its luxurious rubberized paint over the aluminum alloy exterior. (The Vaporizer comes with a soft silicon sleeve but I removed it for this review. It’s a snug fit and if you like sleeves you’ll like this one).

The Sigelei 150w TC is the most attractive device I’ve used from Sigelei, with beautiful lines and a slightly sculpted grip of the battery cover. It’s heavy despite its aluminum alloy body, with 2x 18650 batteries installed, but not uncomfortably so. And it is very powerful, which I’ll get to soon.SIGELEI-SIDE-LEFT

The LED display shows the usual information in a 4-block window, making it very easy to know in an instant what the current settings are. I love the battery capacity information, it is shown in percentages. It’s a great way to know how much power you have left in real time, but even more importantly it will show you when your 18650 batteries aren’t capable of holding a full charge.

The Firing Button and Plus and Minus buttons are metal, smooth, and with a firm touch. Moving up and down the wattage is fast and sure. The Firing Button has zero side-to-side movement, and depressing the button feels solid. There is no charging port, so no recharging of batteries inside the unit.

The overall quality of the Sigelei 150w TC is superb. I’ve used many Sigelei devices over the years and this one just feels like an achievement in quality I wasn’t sure Sigelei could reach. I was pleasantly surprised.

Let’s Talk Power

The wattage range is 10w to 150w, with a voltage range of 1.0v to a whopping 7.5v. The Joule range is 10J to 100J, and maxes out the amperage at 35A. (Use batteries with at least 30amps) All this allows for Atomizers reaching all the way down to 0.1-ohms with massive clouds of vapor and incredible flavor from High VG e juice.

SIGELEI-150-TCI seem to always find a way to inject the Joyetech Delta 2 Sub-Ohm tank into my reviews, so why change now? My Delta 2’s are always optimal at about 40w, no matter what device I’m using. That said, the Sigelei 150W TC provided an optimal vape at 38w. That’s not much difference, but I think it lends itself to being described as ‘hitting like a Mack Truck” as Tom is fond of saying.

Safety concerns are minimal since the Sigelei 150w TC has built in safety measures like Low Voltage and Low Resistance protection, Input High Voltage warning, Short Circuit protection, overheating protection and even reverse battery detection. It also worth mentioning that the number of vent holes on the bottom of the device are such that any issue with internal temperatures should be minimal.

Temperature Control, or Temp Limiting, has a range of 212f to 572f. I’m not sure why it doesn’t reach the usual 600f, but I’ve never found the reason to go above 550f with any TC Vaporizer.

The Sigelei 150W TC is an advanced Vaporizer with all the bells and whistles serious Vapers want. It is Sigelei 150w TC opensupremely powerful and the build quality is unlike anything I’ve seen with Sigelei before. ( I did not review or use the 150w Sigelei Mod).

It took me a long while before I could even think of a negative thing to mention for this device, and if I had to say something that I would like to see done differently, or eliminated or added, I guess it would be lack of resolution in the display. As a somewhat expert in the computer industry it is uneasy to see a display that reminds me of the days of dot matrix printers and pixels so large you can see the space between them. I have a feeling Sigelei recognizes this fact as well. During all the research I never once read any boosting about its display screen. Sigelei should take a look at Joyetech’s eVic-VT for a hint about how much a Vaporizer display can be improved.

The standout qualities or features for me are as follows:

1. The wattage range – It will handle anything you throw at it with ease.
2. The spring-loaded connector allowed for a flush fit with every tank I used. This is not as common as you might think.
3. The Magnetic Battery Cover works beautifully. No rattle, secure fit, yet comes off with an even pull.
4. Overall Look and Feel. The Vaporizer feels really expensive, solid, very well built.
5. Venting – The bottom of the device has a series of vent holes that hold down the internal temperature.


The Sigelei 150W TC should not be a “first box mod buy”. This is an advanced vaporizer and best left for Vapers with experience in complicated devices. The Temperature Control feature is performed in Joules, not nearly as simple as TC Wattage. I’m not saying the device is dangerous in the wrong hands, it is after all a nicely regulated vaporizer, but with all the features designed for advanced vaping, many of them would go unused by Vapers without experience in high-end devices.

SIGELEI-150-TC-VENTSIf you’re looking for a small(er) box mod the Sigelei 150W TC is not the device for you. If you can live with 80w that choice should be the Pioneer4you IPVD2. But, if you are in the market for a 150w Vaporizer with “all the trimmings”, plus superior build quality and sophisticated temperature control, this is the best deal going. MyVaporStore has it for just $99.99.


Grade: A+ Why an A+? Many reasons, but for me what put the Sigelei 150w TC over the top was the range of power, what it felt like to grip and use, its wide range of safety protections. If you’ve been sitting on the fence not knowing if you should hit that Buy Now button, there is no reason in my mind why you shouldn’t. $99 buys a lot of Vaporize these days, and it is hard to beat the Sigelei 150w TC at this price point.

Tom McBride with Julia Hartley-Barnes