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Another Flavor Ban News Bit – We can only hope that the current administration will consider science and reason as it rethinks its vaping ban. E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful way for people to consume nicotine than tobacco cigarettes. Vape shop owners, country wide, pride themselves in working with smokers that want quit smoking.

But, to be honest, there does seem to be some truth to the fact that e-cigarettes have become enormously popular with teenagers over the past few years. They call is JUULING. This has prompted regulators in nearly every state and the fed level to tighten regulations to try and limit youth access to e-cigs. Oh, and let’s not forget; the favorite “flavor” of teens vaping JUUL? Menthol.

However, for a hundred years there has always been a higher percentage of teenagers that smoked cigarettes than today’s teens that vape JUUL’s. Cigarettes are STILL very much available partically everywhere, yet there has been no effort to outright Ban Tobacco Cigarettes. Why is that? Money and taxes….

Second-Guessing? Trump Rethinks the Flavor Ban on Vaping

From Washington Post:

Who could have guessed? Unilaterally banning a product that millions of adults use isn’t exactly an easy task.

No, it’s not. We know President Trump easily makes grandiose promises that he just can’t seem to do, or he forgets, and today it’s this Ban that has him stymied.

E-cigarettes are 94% less harmful  for people than cigarettes. Vape shop owners love helping people quit smoking. But e-cigarettes ARE popular with teenagers, and regulators have to tighten regulations to limit youth access. You know, like that limit access to cigarettes. (eyeroll)


Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform estimated, based on FDA data on vape users and election turnout numbers, that there are some 900,000 vapers voting next year in Florida. Florida is a state Trump won by less than 113,000 votes.

Washington Post Continues…

This distinction is important considering e-cigarettes’ potential benefits. The products — including their flavored varieties — have been shown relatively effective in helping people quit traditional smoking, which is far more dangerous than vaping. It would be a shame to throw up obstacles in front of this harm-reduction effort, especially if the main motivation for those obstacles was overhyped.

If you’ve been a part of the Vaping Community for any length of time you know for a fact that the numbers of people that came to this community as smokers, stay as Vapers. E-Cigarettes work… flavored e-cigarettes work. Period.

If it was easy for POTUS to Ban Flavors he would have done so already. Trump was said to be ready to say something last week… then this week… but as of November 16th, still nothing. The Decision to do it, faced with that he knows to be truth now is much harder. But it shouldn’t be.

A good leader cannot be afraid to admit he/she was wrong. This reporter tells the people in his life that he’s been wrong all the time. Good Leaders must be able to admit a mistake. And that’s what this is. The Vaping Illness looked serious, but I knew in an instant that there was more to the story than vaping e-liquid. I’ve vaped since 2011 and I’ve never even suffered a single Cold in all that time.

We know now that EVERY lung sample tested by the CDC was discovered to have Vitamin E Acetate lining the lung tissue, as well as THC. Bootleg THC makers use Vitamin E Acetate to “cut” the THC. Which results in Lung disease, death, and even a double lung transplant.

Let’s all hope that President Trump will do the right thing.