Some Great e-Liquids For The Holidays

By Kiera Hartley-Barnes

Kiera’s Eleven Choices e-Liquid

Can you believe it is late November already? I can’t, and with Thanksgiving next week we officially enter the holiday season. Cold weather, getting dark at 4PM, and of course, time for celebrating the holidays with good cheer and great e-liquids. Well, that is if Julia and I can get out of Florida and head back to Boston this weekend!

To help you get the most out of the holiday season I thought it would be fun to bring you eleven of my favorite Seasonal e-Liquids. Eliquids that put me in the mood for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, all the holidays parties we’ll attend and the celebrations… right up to New Years Eve and the first day of a brand new year. So without further delay, let’s take a look at what Julia and I will be vaping this season. If you see any here that you think you might like I highly recommend them. I spent the last 5 weeks experimenting with many flavors and these eleven are the best of the lot.

First up with a perennial favorite of the Spinfuel team, Rocket Fuel Vapes. RFV has been around a good three years now and these two seasonal recipes are always a big hit with old and new Vapers. When we break out the Rocket Fuel we know it’s time to turn our attention to the fabulous holiday season.

Rocket Fuel Vapes

Country Bumpkin

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysThis delicious e-liquid is a creamy pumpkin marvel with bold spices, all blended together for a delicious pumpkin e-liquid that is a must vape for Thanksgiving and beyond. For just $16.00 you can pick up a 30mL bottle of Country Bumpkin directly at

Harvest Moon

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysFor the tobacco lover Harvest Moon is a creamy pumpkin flavor blended with spiced tobacco, creating a unique and oh-so-delicious tobacco e-liquid for the tobacco vapers of the world. Tom and Jason keep plenty of this one on hand during the holidays, and at only $16 for a 30mL bottle, there is no excuse not to.  Tom told me in no uncertain terms that I had to include Harvest Moon for all the tobacco vapers out there.


Johnson Creek Vapor Company

Next up on our holiday e-liquid list is none other than Johnson Creek Vapor Company. JC has two new flavors for the holidays this year, and they are such delicious blends that can really put me in the mood for the holidays.

Baked Apples

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysBaked Apples is such a hit around here that we’ve been vaping it non-stop since getting a few bottles for reviews. I honestly think we may have put a dent in their inventory with the number of bottles we purchased. This is a high VG blend that is unmatched in deep spiced apples flavors, and the vapor is marvelously aromatic and plentiful. We all wish Baked Apples would be an around-the-calendar blend, but until it is, do what we must do, and stock up.

Baked Apples is just $16.95 for a 30mL bottle. Limited quantities here, so pick some up today. You won’t be sorry.

Harvest Spice

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysAnother brand new e-Liquid for the holidays is Harvest Spice, a magnificent flavor that blends the iconic tastes of the holiday season…. pumpkin pie spices, smooth Bavarian cream, and rich dessert notes all blended together to deliver an Autumn flavor profile that is hard to put down. Also $16.95 for a 30mL bottle, and definitely limited in number.


Gothic Vapor

Gothic Vapor is brand new to our holiday list of seasonal vapes, but they have had their fans for a few years now. During a recent review we uncovered three e-liquids that just scream the holidays! All Gothic Vapors e-liquid is available in 10ml, 20ml and 30ml bottles with nicotine levels from 0-36mg.

White Girl

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysWHITE GIRL is a Pumpkin spice latte is truly a favorite for many Spinfuel staffers, myself included. Get the High VG version for sub-ohm vaping, and get ready to start singing carols. While some say the “latte” flavor is light, I vape this as an all-day-vape. Sure, I’d like to taste a bit more latte, but as a holiday blend, it’s sublime.


Bourbon Pecan Pie

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysIf you like pecan pie you will adore Bourbon Pecan Pie. A rich, sweet and authentic bourbon bottom layer gives the pecan pie flavor a sturdy platform to jump off from. You’ve never tasted anything like it. I gave this one 5 Stars in our review, and it is definitely deserved.


Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysA fair warning here, Scarecrow is a very rich pumpkin custardy blend that delivers the richest flavor you can imagine for a pumpkin eJuice. I suggest Scarecrow as an after dinner Thanksgiving treat. Vape warm, stay warm. Stock up on Scarecrow, you won’t want to be without it. During the official review this eliquid took the team by storm.  A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner too!


Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery

We’ve been secretly vaping two holiday flavors from these marvelous premium e-liquid makers. They are both delicious holiday vapes, and we know you’ll love them as much as we do. Both flavors have limited supplies and are $21.99 for a 30mL bottle.

Gallows – Available Now

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysGallows is a limited edition true seasonal flavor that you will love, under certain conditions anyway.  Gallows is a flaky Danish pastry full of warm, authentic peaches, roasted hazelnuts and a bit of amaretto. These flavors are as layered and enticing as the actual pastry, and it will leave you wanting more. Sadly, once their supply is gone, Gallows is gone, gone, gone.

So, what is the condition I mention above? Well, before deciding whether to buy Gallows or not, think about what type of peach flavor you like. Gallows offers a true, genuine flavor of real honest-to-goodness peaches, not a peach in a can with heavy syrup taste. If you love REAL peaches, then you will adore Gallows. If you expect sweet, syrupy peaches you might be disappointed. The hazelnuts and amaretto are luscious, deep flavors. I love it!

Yo Ho Ho – Available Now

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysThis is the one our entire staff has not been able to put down for very long. Yo Ho Ho is a limited edition too, but if we had our way, it would be available all year long. Yo Ho Ho is a stunning and delicious traditional eggnog, laced with vanilla and spiked with the warm flavors of Irish Cream. Like Gallows, this is best vaped with warm vapor, and when you vape it warm it will produce a sweet, deliriously delicious layered flavor experience you will not be able to resist.



Finally, our last e-liquid choice for the holidays. Smoque Vapours is a new name for us, and because we’ve heard such good things about their flavor blends we asked them to send two holiday, or seasonal, e-liquids. If I liked them, I would include them in this Seasonal e-Liquid Guide. As you can see, I liked them fine. J


Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysSmoque Vapours tells us that Peppermint is a nostalgic sweet flavor of peppermint with a lingering cool aftertaste. Peppermint is a 60VG/40PG blend, just high enough in VG to work beautifully in our sub-ohm tanks. So, were they right? Is Peppermint a nostalgic sweet peppermint? I don’t know,

I’m 31 years old, to me nostalgic is 2003. What I can tell you is that one of my favorite Christmas candies are these large round peppermint balls that crumble in your mouth after a few minutes, coating your tongue with a sweet luscious peppermint. When you breathe in you got a BIG blast of cool air, and the peppermint flavor stays with you for several minutes afterward. Oh how I love them. Now, that same exacting flavor is in vapor form, and boy oh boy is it ever a powerful holiday blast! If you like strong, potent peppermint you have to try some of this. Warning: This is a formidable peppermint eliquid. Don’t try it unless you are ready to experience a big blast of peppermint.

Sugar Cookie

Seasonal e-Liquids – Choice Flavors For The HolidaysYummy Sugar Cookie! Take the finest ever sugar cookie you’ve had during your lifetime. Think about the way the warm sugar cookie smells, that sweet buttery flavor of a sugar cookie you knew, with absolute certainty, that you could eat so many so quickly that you would wind up sick, on the floor, dying of too much a good thing. That flavor is the High VG drippers blend by Smoque Vapours called, simply “Sugar Cookie”. In other words, it is to die for. Gladly.

A freshly baked sugar cookie vape where each lung hit sends your taste buds into a state of bliss you thought you could never go. The warmer the vapor the deeper the flavor with this one. Don’t miss out, order Sugar Cookie and discover the best damn sugar cookie vape there is. Warning: I mean it when I say that the warmer the vapor the more sugar cookie is revealed. Delicious at any temperature, the warmth provides that kick that brings it over the top.  I can’ wait to review more from Smoque Vapours.


Everybody has their favorite holiday e-liquids, the ones that happily brings you into the holiday spirit. These eleven flavors are mine. I share them with you because they are all fantastic e-liquids any time of the year, but during the holidays they are something special. And besides, most of them are only available for the holidays.

You’ll notice that each e-liquid is linked to the product page of the brand’s website. If you want to order any of them just click the link (and don’t worry, there are no affiliate links to worry about).

So, with hundreds of e-liquids on the market and dozens upon dozens of holiday flavors out there, comment below and share your favorites. I’ll order them and if I like them as much as you do I’ll include them next year and give you the credit for sharing them with us. Could be fun!

Happy Holidays!