Lost Vape Triade DNA200 Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
Triade DNA200 by Lost Vape Review

Lost Vape Triade DNA200 Review Today we are presented with yet another DNA200 device. But until now, none of the previous mods were ever as elegant and well-designed as this one, the Lost Vape Triade DNA200. The board from Evolv might be the same in each of these other DNA200 devices, but none of them can [...]

The WISMEC Reuleaux RX75W Kit Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
Reuleaux RX75 Kit

The WISMEC Reuleaux Rx75 Kit Review Reuleaux Rx75 - Two Voices – Pro and Con – Let’s Rumble  Introduction  The Reuleaux Rx75 - WISMEC, a part of the Joyetech/eLeaf/WISMEC Triumvirate has just released yet another product. This time, WISMEC/Jaybo division has lent the new product the powerful brand name “Reuleaux”, to the new device. The Reuleaux series of mods [...]

Vaporesso Target 75W VTC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel eMagazine
Vaporesso Target 75W VTC Starter Kit Review

Vaporesso Target 75W VTC Starter Kit An In-Depth Review Before investing in the complete Vaporesso Target 75W VTC starter kit,  a trigger-handle-type Ni200 temperature-control 75W mod, I insisted on buying just the Ceramic Target cCell Tank first. Once I was convinced that the tank was a good one, and it is, (check out the review we [...]

Lavabox DNA 200 – Blood Red Limited Edition – SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE Review
Lavabox DNA 200 Review

Lavabox DNA 200  Blood Red Limited Edition - Review Introduction As I assembled my notes and my thoughts about the past 2 weeks of using my new Lavabox DNA 200, from Volcano, the idea that spending $150-$200 on a mod that does as much as the latest from Joyetech, Innokin, Aspire, or SMOK, at something like 4 times [...]

eVic VTC Mini and Tron-S Tank
eVic VTC 75W and Tron Tank Review

eVic VTC 75W and Tron Tank Review As a long time fan of the eVic VTC Mini series my first impression of the new eVic VTC 75W Starter Kit was, “oh, okay, another step in the evolution of the eVic-Mini. No big deal.” However, this 75W eVic Mini is a lot more than a simple wattage [...]

Award Winning Low Wattage Mods Spinfuel VAPE
Best Low-Wattage Mod Standalone or Kit

Just a couple of years ago huge clouds of vapor was only possible by extreme low resistance coils and high wattage mods. Today the vape landscape looks a lot different. Sure, vape gear manufacturers are still producing high wattage mods. Mods calling for 3x 18650 cells, and we'll most likely see triple 21700 cells in [...]

Top 10 Best Squonk Mods for 2018
Top 10 Best Squonk Mods for 2018

Squonk. It’s such a silly word. But it’s a silly word that has forever changed the vaping industry landscape. Once used only by the most die-hard vape modification enthusiasts (that IS where the word “mod” came from, after all), most all major manufacturers offer some form of bottom-feed squonk mods in their lineups.   Love dripper flavor, [...]

Lost Vape Mirage at Element Vape
Lost Vape Mirage 100W Resin Box Mod – Element Vape

Utilizing an upgraded DNA75C Chipset, the Lost Vape Mirage 100W Resin Box Mod presents a high-end vape design and unique resin dyed inlay that is compatible with single 18650 or 2X700 battery platform. The Lost Vape Mirage is expertly designed with a beautiful and solid frame, accented with a visually striking resin dyed inlays that makes [...]

KLIR Vapor Liquid Review – Spinfuel VAPE eMagazine
KLIR Vapor Eliquid Review

KLIR Vapor by Ventura Vapor KLIR Vapor Eliquid is made by Ventura Vapor Company, and it is our second TFN eliquid review. TFN stands for Tobacco Free Nicotine. The chemical structure of TFN is identical to that of nicotine extracted from tobacco, and is colorless and tasteless. The benefit of a TFN eliquid is in its name; [...]

Halcyon Vapors e Liquid Review – Spinfuel eMagazine
Halcyon Vapors e Liquid Review

Halcyon Vapors - A Spinfuel e Liquid Team Review I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more sophisticated website for an e liquid brand than Halcyon Vapors website. It exudes sophistication, taste, and functionality. After giving myself the tour of halcyonvapors.com I thought to myself that if their e juice was half as good as their [...]

Smoque Vapours – Shady Leaf E Juice Review – Spinfuel eMagazine
Shady Leaf Elixirs – Team Review

Smoque Vapours – Shady Leaf E Juice Spinfuel Team Review Taking over as lead writer for this review, I am very excited to introduce a 4-flavor line of e liquids from Smoque Vapours that I believe every fan of tobacco flavored e juice is going to go truly enjoy. I’m Tom McBride, and along with my [...]

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA
Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm RTA “this is big”

 Upon receiving my very own Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm RTA, this  is exactly what I said.... “Holy hell, this thing is big.” After using it for a couple of weeks, it hasn't gotten any smaller, but now I'm more apt to say, "where has it RTA been all my life?" There’s no getting around it -- [...]


Lost Vape’s BTB stands for ‘Back-to-Back’. A 100W Starter Kit that features a 5-100W range with the power of a single high-amp 18650 battery. (We use the Nitecore 3100mAh 35A cell) Additionally, the BTB includes an extensive temperature control suite, though we’re not sure how many Vapers out there still use TC. Construction The Lost Vape BTB 100W [...]

UK Vapers: Looking for Something New
UK Vapers: Looking for Something New?

“So affordable you might think we were DRUNK when we set these prices.”  We won’t lie -- any company (vaping or otherwise) that indicates they drink when setting price points gets our attention. But do you know what KEEPS our attention? A vape shop that delivers on that promise, while staying ahead of the curve with [...]

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Orion Q-ULTRA Pod Mod Kit by Lost Vape – Review

For a lesser vape device, a lot of reviewers would call the all-new Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA pod mod an unnecessary dip in the well. But when you look past any redundancies and similarities, there’s still an awful lot to like for pod vapers, especially if they haven’t used a Lost Vape AIO before. Let’s start [...]