Last Updated on August 10, 2020 by Team Spinfuel

Flavour rules! The Sceptre pod mod from Innokin delivers top of the line flavours and more power!” This is what was advertised by Innokin, but does their newest Pod Mod really deliver on these big promises?

I’ve been vaping the Sceptre for the last three weeks and there are some great reasons why I believe it’s a real contender for best pod mod of 2020.

With so many vape pod options available today what makes the Innokin Sceptre stand out amongst the crowd?

Sceptre Pod Mod from Innokin Preview in two pastel colorsThe Sceptre is compact and fits comfortably in my hand yet still has a 1400 mAh battery capacity, which is more than others in the same category. It is very easy to use, I can puff to vape or press the button and vape flavours hit almost immediately.  The Sceptre also offers both MTL and RDL vaping with two different types of coils and airflow settings.

Before vaping the Sceptre I was familiar with MTL and DTL but I hadn’t really heard of RDL (Restricted Direct Lung). Innokin has marketed RDL as a way to get more flavour and clouds while using less power and less eliquid.  I’m primarily a DTL vaper and I’ve found that the heat and flavour from the RDL coils hits a sweet spot. The MTL coils also deliver great flavours and are more suited towards Nic-salts and higher nicotine eliquids.

Fill System of the Sceptre

Sceptre pods are easy to fill on the side and leak proof. The pods are built with PCTG and the magnets on the bottom of the pods lock the pod solidly into place. The mouthpiece is comfortable and the overall design is stylish and comfortable to hold throughout the day.

I like that the coils are quite easy to replace and I can keep using the same plastic pod and not have to throw it away when the coil needs to be replaced. After connecting either the MTL (1.2) or RDL (0.5) coils and adjusting the airflow, the Sceptre automatically adjusts the wattage to the optimal wattage for the coil.  This is one less thing to worry about, once the Sceptre is setup it’s good to go.

Wattage Boost on the Sceptre Pod Mod

The Sceptre features wattage Boost Mode which increases the wattage for more heat and flavour. Boost mode is easy to turn on, just power off the device by clicking the power button three times then hold the button to cycle to Boost Mode. I’ve found I get more flavour in RDL on Boost mode and I like the extra heat so I’ve been using it more often.Sceptre Pod Mod

The Sceptre has been designed with replaceable coils which help to reduce plastic waste and saves money because they are cheaper than replacing an entire pod.  Coils are easy to replace just by twisting the base of the pod to open.

Coil Life of the Sceptre Pod

The coil life on the Sceptre is great as well, I’ve refilled the tank 10 times with ‘Deep Fried Ice Cream’ eliquids before the flavour started to change and I needed to change the coil. Sceptre pods are available in 3ml and 2ml for TPD and are transparent so it’s easy to see how much eliquid is left. I’ve kept an eye on eliquid in the pod and haven’t had a coil burnout yet.

Scepter pods are packaged with one 1.2 and one 0.5 coil and Sceptre MTL and RDL coils are available in packs of five.

Founded in 2011, Innokin is a pioneer in vaping and have created many vaporizers and vape technologies. The engineering and design teams at Innokin said they spent over a year developing the Sceptre and testing the coils.

After vaping the Sceptre for 3 weeks I can see why.  Innokin is known for making quality devices and the Sceptre is definitely a quality built device. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the coil life and quality of the device and received a lot of compliments about the overall design.


From my experience the Sceptre is a top choice for vapers who want great flavours and a long lasting battery in a great looking vape.