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SCAM ALERT: Emerald LUX Joins the Con Game

Have you been “lucky” enough to receive an email like this one?

Sadly, this leads to the same type of rip-off ecigarette deal as the others; including the lead on “14-day” trial period that begins the moment you place your order, the $114.95 plus shipping that they charge you if you don’t cancel within the 15-minutes you actually have the product in your hand, the automatic shipping of, seriously now, $74.90 for 10 individual prefilled cartomizers. Oh, I dunno, $7.40 for a 10-cent cartomizer…seems fair, no?

These assclowns are located in California this time, here’s where you can try to send your starter kit back:

Shipping Department
505 5th St.
San Fernando, CA 91340

These addresses are also pertinent:

U.S. Corporate Information

Zcor Inc.

503 5th St.
San Fernando, CA 91340
United States of America

International Corporate Information

Elux Ltd
P.O Box 642, Main Street
Charleston, Nevis

ILUX Industry Limited.
Overseas House 66-68 High Road
Bushey Heath, Herts, WD23 1GG

And about that DELUXE Starter Kit that customers wind up paying $135 for? It’s the usual:

One Battery, One Atomizer, One Portable Charging Case, One USB Charger, One Wall Charger, 5 Refill Cartomizers

Have you ever wondered what a non-deluxe kit would offer? How low can a starter kit go anyway?

If you visit the link we’ve provided you’ll notice it looks exactly like all the others, Regal, LiftVapor, XO, and Saphire (with one ‘p’, honest) and Prada so obviously they are all just franchisees of the main company. The parent company simply stamps the new logo on the package and the con artists do the rest.

You might wonder how we get all these offers, since we expose them here in Spinfuel. Well, that’s just another benefit of buying from these scams; they take your email address, and all your other personal information, and sell it to anyone that wants it.

We know that our readers would never fall for anything so stupid, but we post them anyway because once we do, these companies become a part of Google and if anyone who is thinking about switching to ecigarettes and bothers to do a Google search for them, chances are they will see this. We get several people a day accessing our very first SCAM ALERT, Prada and Regal, so it works, or it helps.

Emerald Lux. Remember the name. Add to the others, and spread the word. Don’t be fooled. And if you are looking for a real eCigarette, from a company that isn’t out to rip you off, try Halo Cigs G6 or Triton, and 777 eCigs and their new Bullet ecigarettes.

Tom McBride


Once you submit your information to their credit card processor, you are putty in their hand.  After your 14 day free trial is rushed to you, the clock starts ticking.  As you try out the products, you are contracted, via tiny wording and crafty legal jargon, to their billing model.  The billing model usually ties you, the customer, into an agreement where after 14 days, you are sent the “full” starter kit – at values ranging from $79 – as high as $149!  Most consumers simply forget how the agreement works, so after paying $7.95 for shipping and handling, the last thing they expect is another larger charge forthcoming in the weeks proceeding their purchase.

But what if I cancel before the 14 day free trial ends?

Well this is where I start to call companies that participate in this billing model “con artists.”

It’s often times that I read horror stories of people trying to cancel their orders, to no avail.  The emails, phone calls, and letters go unanswered.  This is often an attempt to get that clock to 14 days or whatever date is set to bill the credit card on file.  Or, in lesser words, it’s done on purpose to deceive customers.

I hate reading these stories, especially when it happens in an industry I care about:  electronic cigarettes.

I’d like to commend all the companies out there with great track records, customer service, and straight-forward billing models.  All the “free trial electronic cigarette scams” should learn from you.

Sorry to rant, just trying to educate any consumers out there contemplating free trials.