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Nick Bessette Vapes Savage High VG eLiquid Review

Feeling like a Savage gent? Why not vape like one! Savage High VG eLiquid –  These flavors are for a refined palette. I found a few new favorites and a few I didn’t quite enjoy but either way, these eliquids are definitely premium and produce beautiful dense clouds of vapor. For more information on Savage, check out their website:

The Truth and Only The Truth…

From Savage High VG eLiquid Official Website:

We set out to develop a unique high VG blend for the gentlemen in all of us. Something fine yet untainted, something that will make the experience of your drip to vape like none before. After a few months of spilling, mixing, yelling, a broken beaker or two and hours in our Lab (possibly a few ungentleman like words), we by chance created a time travel device (not sure how or why or if we can credit ourselves for it?). We set out to go back in time to find the unique flavors we wanted, NO required! Anciant Rome, the city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico maybe?), Egypt, a really big fire in London (oops), what we think was either the Civil War or a really big pub fight, the Cities of A’cheng and Anyang (we think that’s in China)…  By the end of all this time travel and Lab hours, our stand up fit and finished being was a bit tattered. The outcome was high VG blends with a primal savage like bite yet keeping with our refined status, a cavalier line of flavor if you will… What we bring you is 7 unique flavors you can enjoy with a smooth cognac, Or include with some late night tequila fun.

What we give you is “SAVAGE” a primal eliquid.

Fight for Your Right to Vape!

Vape on!