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The HotCig RSQ Squonk Mod from Rig Mod is available now through Element Vape, our premier partner in bringing these reviews to you. When you purchase this new Squonk Mod from Element Vape you’re guaranteed the genuine product, no clones or counterfeits are ever sold at EV. You can await our full, in-depth review before you decide to buy, or you can pop over to EV right now and choose your favorite color. The HotCig RSQ Squonk Mod comes with the following:

  • 1x RSQ Bottom Feed Mod by Rig Mod
  • 1x Silicone bottle
  • 1x Plastic bottle
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x User manual
Rig Mod – Hotcig RSQ Regulated Squonk Mod Preview - SPINFUEL VAPE

I can’t speak for everyone here at Spinfuel VAPE, but I’m going to anyway – we are loving the recent resurgence of the bottom-feeding squonk mod. There has always been a market for these devices, but rarely do we get to review one with a pedigree like the Rig ModHotcig RSQ squonk mod … which is why we’re so excited to put it through its paces.


While there’s nothing tremendously “new” about a squonk mod, and we secretly wish this was dual-battery device, no one can deny how well-known these companies are for making quality vape devices. So, let’s take a look at the RSQ with an open mind.

Short Stature, Regulated Squonk Mod Power

At first look, the RSQ seems like any other squonker on the market. Short stature, side-positioned squeeze slot, single-18650 format … standard issue stuff. But underneath the hood, this collaborative production from Rig Mod and Hotcig has a lot more to offer.


On the outside, the RSQ regulated squonk mod is pretty sharp. Our red and black test model has a rock-solid frame, offset by carbon fiber accents, adding up to a durable package that feels firm but lightweight. Because this is a squonker, there’s always going to be a bit of a “hollow” feel. But Rig Mod did a good job maximizing the hardware while minimizing the unused space.


The battery door itself is a mild concern. Though it stays put when properly placed on the strong magnets, it also has a tendency to sit slightly “off” from its intended location. When this happens, the door can come loose in a pocket very easily, potentially causing batteries to unseat, and bottles to leak from unintentional presses. We’ll keep a close eye on this during our full testing this coming week.


Opening the magnetic battery door reveals a single-18650 slot, and room for a 7mL squonk bottle (there are two included in the kit). The bottles seem to be durable, but we’ll test that for sure over the next week. I’ve had enough leaky squonk bottles to know they vary in quality.


Apparently, so has Rig Mod, since they’ve partnered with Hotcig to take advantage of the company’s vaunted waterproof chipset. I personally haven’t had much experience with Hotcig boards, but any time I see something that can improve the vape experience, I take notice. I’ve seen more than one squonk mod die an early death from fried circuitry, so a potentially safer, more reliable, regulated squonk mod is is a welcome upgrade.


The RSQ chipset claims to offer a lot more than liquid resistance. The powerful HM board is a fully featured, regulated chipset that offers 80 watts of power, full temperature control capabilities, TCR settings, three unique firing modes, firmware upgrade options, and more.


And, for the purists, the RSQ also has a bypass mode, drawing direct power from the battery. There’s even onboard charging via the 1-amp USB functionality. Maybe that’s not the fastest we’ve seen (by a country mile) but it’s a lot more than your friend’s homemade squonker is capable of.

Element Vape

Classic Design, Modern Controls


All of this is controlled via the two operation buttons and the 0.91-inch OLED screen. It’s a standard-issue display, but the necessary information is there, and it’s fairly easy to navigate for experienced vapers. Beginners may need to spend some time with the manuals before diving in.


Menus aside, the RSQ is still an impressive device. It’s not often you hear about squonkers having such thought put into the chipset, but the RSQ is bringing some serious technology to the table.


Okay, maybe it’s not ALL serious. The HM board also offers users the chance to brighten their vape with an LED light located inside the mod, visible through the bottle port. It’s subtle, but the red, blue and green glow has an attractive effect when firing. Of course, those looking to be more subtle can turn off this option in the menus.


There’s certainly a lot to like about the Rig Mod-Hotcig Squonk Mod. Considering the companies had to make room for a 7mL bottle and single 18650, they managed to cram a lot of technology into a compact device. What’s better is that the technology has so much potential to rise above standard squonk mod functionality and raise the bar for products to follow.


Though we haven’t spent much time with the RSQ so far, we like how quickly it ramps up, and how effortlessly the setup delivers liquid to the RDA. We haven’t experienced any leaking, and the entire mod feels great to hold and operate.


When we have more details from longer-term use, we’ll report back.

Rig Mod HotCig RSQ Specs

Rig Mod – Hotcig RSQ Regulated Squonk Mod specs:

  • Dimensions: 79mm x 48mm x 25mm
  • Requires 1x 18650 sized battery (not included)
  • Powered by the HM chip
  • Output wattage range: 1.0 – 80.0 watts
  • Temperature control range: 200°F – 600°F
  • Temperature control supports the following wire types: Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless steel 303, 304, 316 with adjustable initial resistance and adjustable TCR
  • Bypass firing mode
  • 0.91″ OLED display
  • Dual adjustment buttons and an oversized firing button
  • Magnetic battery door
  • Spring loaded internal contacts
  • Micro USB port for firmware updates but can support 1.0 amp charging
  • 7.0mL squonk bottle which resides next to an LED light which can be red, blue, green, and “cycle” mode
  • Stainless steel threading 510 bottom feeding contact