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RED EYE VAPOR Reviewed by Spinfuel VAPE MagazineRed Eye Vapor is a brand new line that was launched earlier this year by the creators of Adirondack Vapor.   With a renowned presence world wide, Adirondack Vapor holds the formula for some of the best flavorful all day E-Juices money can buy.  I truly don’t see how some of the worlds best E-Juice Manufacturers could create a Bad Juice Line, so when the owners of Adirondack Vapor asked if I could review the Red Eye Vapor Line after their prized Summit Line,  I happily agreed!

The Red Eye Vapor line, Arrived in a box filled with goodies!  To properly explain one of the goodies in this box, I should first explain how they created a comic book character for each one of these juices.  In total there are 5 characters,  which in return means 5 unique flavors from red eye vapor.  All of the Juices came in black boxes with the Red Eye Vapor Logo on the front featuring some of the basic juice bottle information printed on the sides.  To my amazement there was a comic book inside along with a few nice Red Eye Vapor Stickers.  The comic book features a story using the characters from the E-Juices that will be unveiled in a series, sometime in the near future.
Lets introduce the Red Eye Vapor Characters!


“An explosion of Apple and Pomegranate cut with a blast of cooling mint.”

RED EYE VAPOR Reviewed by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Harvey was one of the unique flavor profiles that I could not wait to try, out of this line of juice. So often a Mint flavor helps cleanse your palate, clean the sinuses, or be the much needed swap in flavor most vapers need on occasion.  If I would have blind taste tested this,  the first vape would have had me guessing it was a cherry mint flavor,  which did not settle well at all considering it reminded me of a cherry like cough syrup I once had as a child.  Oh the memories of forcing one of those little cups down the hatch on moms orders, just so you could get off to school or out to play with your friends.  This was an instant turn off,  I stayed steady vaping this juice however, and after about the fourth or fifth pull my palate adjusted so the mint was not as powerful. That’s when I could taste the apple and pomegranate separate from one another,  the apple is the true star in this blend thought he pomegranate is as natural tasting as you could want.  The taste of the pomegranate is very ripe and authentic, but the apple reminds me of a crisp red apple and overpowers the pomegranate a bit.  The inhale is smooth and clean with that Minty crisp apple taste, followed by a smooth pomegranate-apple exhale.  This cool fruity vape actually turned me on to menthol a bit more than previously.  If you love menthol you will love this,  and if you are on the fences with menthol then this may change your mind entirely!


“A robust mixed berry jelly packed into rich peanut butter cake balls. This ain’t your moma’s PB&J.”

RED EYE VAPOR Reviewed by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Unique doesn’t even begin to explain this blend.  The smell of this juice leans toward a cakey, doughnut, berry like bakery blend with a lingering smell of peanut butter.  The inhale is like a strong glazed doughnut mixed berry taste,  very similar to some of the doughnut blends I have tried in the past.  The Jelly is ridiculously on point,  something like grabbing a jelly doughnut in the drive through when grabbing a morning coffee on your commute to work, squeezing all of the jelly out of the doughnut and forcing it into your dripper, taking a fat rip and then watching the drive through attendant stare in disbelief.  The peanut butter is not the style you would use on an every day PB&J, it’s more of the flavor you would find in a peanut butter pie or cake,  very lite and airy in nature.  (Almost as if it was whipped with a light cream,  as to make sure it would not over power the blend.)  The inhale gives you a strong cake like peanut butter flavor,  very rich, toasty and dense in flavor.  The exhale is where the jelly-doughnut flavoring comes out to play, and overall wraps up the entire experience.  I am a huge fan of Hugos and I think it should be noted that I absolutely despised all peanut butter juices prior to this.  I wouldn’t call this an all day vape for me personally but I know cake, doughnut, and bakery E-Juice lovers would absolutely love this!


“Blueberries and Cranberries buried in cinnamon crumble with a precision shot of cream.”

RED EYE VAPOR Reviewed by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

After reading all of the flavor profiles,  this is the juice I chose to try first.  I am a huge sucker for blueberries, and I drink more cranberry juice than any man should, so what better than blending the two with some cinnamon and vaping the hell out of it!  The smell of opening this grabs your nostrils immediately with raw organic cranberries and cinnamon,  the smell of blueberry is very faint, though it is very present during the inhale.  The inhale of this blend is clean,  the blueberries and cranberries blend to a very unique berry flavor experience, more towards the tart side.  The cinnamon comes in close behind to give the overall experience a unique blend.  The exhale is very smooth with no throat hit, and had me going back for more each and every time.  I couldn’t believe how great they were able to pinpoint such amazing cranberry notes while still delivering on the blueberry and not allowing it to overpower. I would have loved this juice without the cinnamon, but by adding it I believe it brings the uniqueness of the overall flavor profile Red Eye Vapor was looking to achieve.  I happily vaped this all day long, and am looking to purchase some more in the near future.


“Refreshing Honeydew and Citrus that will have fyou begging for more.”

RED EYE VAPOR Reviewed by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Amazingly fragrant in smell, the Honeydew and Citrus adds a different twist to the usual and highly favorited melon flavored juice category.  I personally fell on my first melon flavored juice when friend recommended Cutwood Mega Melon.  I loved that juice and vaped it religiously for a long time before finding some of my now all time favorites.  This was my first run in with a melon vape juice since then, and I was pleased to dive rite in!  The smell is very very pungent,  the melon smell reeks and I mean absolutely reeks when you open the bottle.  The first pull off of this juice was highly overpowering.  The Melon citrus flavor blends to be a harsh throat hit of flavor,  even though I only purchased 3mg juice and it seemed like it was more like 12mg, but often times citrus can produce this throat hit like effect.  The inhale is very sweet and sour, something you would associate with spoiled melon or spoiled fruit.  I personally could not get this out of my dripper fast enough, and swap back to a flavor I liked.  I think the juice blend is just too overpowering and needs to be hugely dialed back,  Even the smell of the juice now begins to get me a bit queezy.  Its possible that I had a bad bottle of juice, and I truly want to blame it on that, but as of rite now  I would not recommend this juice, and I will not be dripping it or putting it into any of my tanks again.  I maybe took 30 pulls in total off of this juice, each and every time I could not get the cotton out of those tanks soon enough to wash them out.  I would not recommend this to anyone,  not even close to an all day vape!

Yo Ko

“Mango, Peach, and Raspberry all team up in this Yogurt to deliver a tart punch directly to your taste buds.”

RED EYE VAPOR Reviewed by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Not the usual run of the mill yogurt E-Juice,  this blend is like nothing I’ve tried before.  It takes your taste buds a second to really grab a hold of the flavor notes, as the first few puffs are very explosive in flavor.  The Mango, Peach, and Raspberry really blend well to create their own entity entirely at first taste.  But after a few pulls you can distinctly separate the peach raspberry inhale with the mango peach exhale.  The Yogurt is there the entire time to add a creamy background for all of these flavor profiles to shine through.  The tartness of the Fruit and Berries mixed with the creamy of the yogurt is perfectly executed to be a very memorable vape.  There is no throat hit with this blend just a creamy berry fruity like explosive flavor.  This absolutely is an all day vape, and quite frankly had me very impressed with the overall flavor profile.  I think Red Eye Vapor did great with this unique blend of juice and Yo Ko is a very nice addition to this very distinct blend of juices!


Harvey: 4/5 Stars
Hugos:  4/5 Stars
Ion:        5/5 Stars
Synch:   1/5 Stars
Yoko:     4/5 Stars

Overall one of the most unique line of juices that I have tried,  Very off-the-wall flavor profiles but I’m wondering if Synch is really the Super Villain to this comic book hero lineup!

-Nicholas J Currie

Vape Gear Used

-Triade DNA 200 / Kennedy 24 RDA
-Eleaf iStick 100w TC / Moonshot RTA

Adirondack Website –  (Where you can purchase Red Eye Vapor)

Sizes: 30ml, 60ml,120ml

Prices: $19.99 (30ml), $29.99 (60ml), $49.99 (120ml)

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