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V2 Cigs RebuttalWe present, without editorial, the complete rebuttal of our piece that ties V2 Cigs to Bull Smoke. Presented by V2 Cigs, which is owned by VMR Products. For proper context we urge you to read the original opinion piece:  Deception & Corruption.

Response to Spinfuel eCigs Magazine’s October 8, 2012 Editorial

We would like to thank Spinfuel eCigs Magazine for giving it the opportunity to respond to the Magazine’s October 8, 2012 “V2 Cigs + Bull Smoke = Deception and Corruption?” editorial. V2 Cigs believes the editorial makes certain unfounded allegations which must be addressed because they unnecessarily cast aspersions on V2 Cigs.

V2 Cigs is an industry leader because it provides customers with a markedly better product than its competitors, provides superior customer service, and strives to be a model of transparency and self-regulation. V2 Cigs is touted as America’s #1 Electronic Cigarette because of its domestic popularity and the fact that its website,, is the highest rated electronic cigarette website on the internet, as rated by In addition, V2 Cigs provides unparalleled customer service to support its products by training and testing its representatives. It also provides consumers with batch testing results, which is a downloadable list of the ingredients found in its e-liquid. These batch testing disclosure requirements demonstrates a level of transparency unseen in the electronic cigarette industry. Furthermore, it backs all of its electrical components with a Lifetime Warranty.

To support its superlative product, V2 Cigs willingly forgoes a higher profit. Offering affiliates incentives for brand exposure is a business practice utilized by most, if not all, industry players and seen in many other industries, including nutrition and weight-loss. V2 Cigs Affiliates promote over other brands not due to these incentives, but because V2 Cigs has the highest levels of customer satisfaction and customer retention in the industry.

Furthermore, V2 Cigs, like all companies, must follow FTC guidelines on advertising and does so. V2 Cigs willingly and proactively engaged the FDA regarding potential regulations of the e-cigarette industry through its membership in SFATA, Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, an advocacy group and trade association. Like Spinfuel, V2 Cigs believes that the industry as a whole will benefit through better manufacturing and testing standards.

The V2 Cigs kits sold to Groupon customers were assembled and packaged a la carte from V2 Cigs warehouse in Miami, Florida. All product, including cartridges, were taken from the most recent inventory. V2 Cigs used unique product packaging which was different from its main line for this promotion only.

Contrary to Spinfuel’s editorial, V2 Cigs does NOT own Bull Smoke and does not intend to purchase the brand. Whatever representations Bull Smoke made to Spinfuel were not also made by V2 Cigs and do not apply to V2 Cigs. As such, V2 Cigs is not responsible for any claims made by Bull Smoke on its website or any other platform.

Similarly, V2 Cigs does NOT own the domain. V2 Cigs does not contest the benefit of having its products available through a one-stop-shop type of site like for both consumers and electronic cigarette vendors. However, V2 Cigs has never owned, does not own it now, and has no plans to own it in the future.