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Psycho Tunes eLiquid Review

Before we get into Psycho Tunes eLiquid, I would like to make a quick announcement about a couple changes the team will be going through in the next few weeks. I had to let a couple people go because of various reasons and am in the process of rebuilding as the reviews are moving along. It was the perfect week to add Dana to the team and get into an eLiquid brand we were sent from the old team consisting of four members!


Hello Everyone! My name is Dana, and I am proud to be a new member of the Spinfuel Team. I smoked for over 35 years and now have been smoke free for over a year. I am an e liquid fanatic and love tasting new flavors. I was a chef for many years and hope that my experience will bring something great to the team!”PSYCHO TUNES BOX

     Psycho Tunes is a company out of North Carolina whose quirky labels and names definitely had the team and I intrigued as the flavors were divided out and we began our vaping adventure. Psycho Tunes eLiquid are mixed at a 10,000 square foot facility which also houses a filling/capping laboratory, analytical/quality control laboratory, office space, and labeling/packaging warehouse. All of their ingredients are sourced in the USA. They consider their eLiquids handcrafted gourmet and though I can see this as a possibility, the team and I had mixed reviews on most of the flavors. SO, let’s get to the good part and explore the JUICE…


My Psycho Ex: Belgian waffle with a rich, creamy topping and hint of coconut

Sweet Tooth: a rich, delicious, creamy strawberry dessert

Secret Stuff: a creamy melon flavor

The Red One: a rich tobacco blend

Doink: strawberry with banana undertones

Mr. Freeze: a minty menthol

Wabbit Juice: strawberry with ripe, delicious apple undertones

Dragon’s Breath: blueberry with melon undertones

Spinfuel Protocols:

Because this is only the fifth review with the NEW Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team, we suggest that you take a look at the new protocols we’ve set up for each of the reviews moving forward. You’ll need to know how long we vape the ejuice, in what manner, what we look for, and how an eliquid may earn a coveted Spinfuel Choice Award. In addition, in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one, knowing the intricacies of our methods will give you a greater understanding of the process. Click here:

Psycho Tunes eLiquid Particulars:

The bottle sizes that are available are 15ml and retail for $11.99 which is steep,  a full $.79/ml for an average 50vg/50pg blend. The nicotine levels available are 0mg, 6mg, and 12mg. The blend is listed as 50vg/50pg online, but we received a 70vg/30pg blend for the team reviews. I don’t see this listed as an option online, so I’m not sure if this will be one in the future or not.


Psycho Tunes is bottled in 15ml glass bottles with child proof glass droppers. The labels are bright, colorful, and have a cartoon character of sorts for each particular flavor. The company name and flavor are featured on the front. On one side is the nicotine mg, size of the bottle, and proper warning. On the other is the pg/vg blend and an expiration date which is September of 2016 in this case. I always understood eLiquid to have a one year shelf life, so I’m a little confused about this.


This is what it is all about: the flavor. We have eight to cover. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows. Remember as always, taste is subjective and is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for unique blends!!


“Belgian waffle with a rich, creamy topping and hint of coconut”

Psycho Tunes EXDori: 4.5 stars. I really like a vape with a rich cream flavor. My Psycho Ex does that for me. I can taste a bit of the Belgian waffle undertone of the exhale and I catch a hint of coconut every once in awhile as well. Belgian waffle is a hard flavor to get right, too. Any that I have tried have really disappointed me to be honest. This vape is so creamy and smooth and the final flavor is a delicious blend. The sweetness is spot on. I tend to like eLiquids that are overly sweet and this is nice right where it’s at….just sweet enough. The clouds are voluptuous and the throat hit is very mild. I’m using a TOBH atty with a .4 ohm coil build and running it around 35watts.

Alicia: 5 stars. As an avid dessert lover, waffle vapes are always fun to try. This one has a twist though, take away the normal toppings of strawberries or blueberries and add coconut, what a great idea! At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but the more I vape this, the more I fall in love with it. I think coconut is one of those flavors that you either love it or hate it. As for me, I love it! It compliments the Belgian waffle and at the same time gives my taste buds a wake-up call. The inhale is a light and flavorful Belgian waffle mixed with subtle notes of cream. On the exhale, the coconut really comes out and mixes with more hints of cream. The blend and mixture of this flavor is well done and it also goes great with my morning coffee!

Scott: 4.5 stars. Well, what can I say, the name sure had me worried-lol. My Psycho Ex had a rich and creamy taste with a slight hint of coconut and Belgian waffle flavor. The cream part was there, but it was more like a sweet cream taste. The coconut was a very mild flavor making it hard to notice at times. It was supposed to have a Belgian waffle taste also, but the more I vaped I still couldn’t get much of the waffle taste. The coconut was noticeable at times, but it was a nice mixture with that flavor not too over powering. Even not noticing the waffle that much, I enjoyed the taste of this. Definitely could say I would vape this one again. I was using and IPV 3 with a troll RDA build to a .4 ohms.

Dana: 1 star. This flavor was tried on a Doge .5 ohms set at 30 watts. I did not agree with the rest of the team and had a completely different experience with this vape. I tried My Psycho Ex at a lower watt and could not get much flavor at all. Turning up the wattage did bring out more flavor but I still got a sour/yogurt type taste out of it. On the inhale, I tasted yogurt, and on the exhale a slight coconut flavor. This was my least favorite of the line.


“a rich, delicious, creamy strawberry dessert”

Psycho TunesDori: 4.25 stars. The team was split on this one a bit. Scott and I seemed to agree. Sweet Tooth has just the right touch of sweetness. I love the rich cream in this flavor along with the strawberry that hits me first. When they marry together, it reminds me of dipping fresh strawberries in a fresh whipped cream. The strawberry does fade a little too fast for me though. This is a nice, smooth vape with a good vapor production and mild throat hit. I ran this on a Popeye RDA with a .4 ohm coil build on a unregulated Gator Box Mod.

Alicia: 3.25 stars. I’m not all too sure about this one. I’m having a hard time figuring out what type of dessert this is supposed to take after. I can taste strawberry but I’m not sure that it is a strawberry that I can really enjoy. On the inhale, I get a strawberry cream flavor. But on the exhale, it is more of a strawberry cheesecake flavor but it tastes just a bit strange. The inhale makes me want to enjoy this, but then the taste in the exhale is really throwing me off. It’s like a cream mixed with something really sour. I played around with this at different heat, different builds and in a tank. For me, the flavor stayed about the same no matter which way I had tried.

Scott: 4.25 stars. Even though the name says Sweet Tooth, it didn’t hit my sweet tooth. It was very creamy, but there wasn’t much on the rich, sweet part. I think with a slight strawberry undertone it helped with the sweet part. It would have been more enjoyable if the strawberry would have lasted longer. I still agreed with Dori that it was a flavorful and decent vape though. I was using an IPV3 with a .4 ohm build on a troll.

Dana: 1 star. Sweet Tooth was tried on a Doge .4 ohm set at 30 watts. On the inhale, I tasted sweet strawberry flavor. On the exhale, I agree with Alicia and get a sour flavor that reminds me of sour cream. There was not a good flavor left in my mouth after this flavor. I would not be able to vape this at all. I really wish the flavor matched the scent of the juice, because it did have a nice sweet strawberry aroma.


“a creamy melon flavor”

Psycho TunesDori: 4 stars. The melon flavor I taste in Secret Stuff is a nice and reminds me of a watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew blend. The cream adds a nice sweetness and smoothness to the vape. There is just a little “bite” to the melon flavor that I think could be mellowed out a little bit more in my opinion. On the exhale, the blend is a good flavor, it’s just different. I believe this is all a matter of taste buds on this one. I found where I picked up the most flavor is dripping it at 35watts with a .4 coil build on a Doge RDA.

Alicia: 4.5 stars. Cream & Melon actually go together pretty good! Secret Stuff has a nice melon flavor mixed with just the right amount of cream to make it yummy. I didn’t get too much of a bite on the melon. I actually liked the melon flavor, even though it is hard to determine what kind of melon it is. On the inhale, I get a nice candy melon flavor with notes of cream tucked in. On the exhale, the cream really comes out and the candy melon somehow becomes more of a real melon flavor. It’s subtle as the cream is more powerful on the exhale, but the two flavors really go together quite well. I also get just a slight cooling sensation with this vape. It may be the melon, but it actually makes me like it just a bit more. This is one I can see myself enjoying while sitting on the porch relaxing on a nice warm spring day.

Scott: 4.75 stars. This is a strange but good mixture. The melon flavor is an awesome flavor, but it is hard to tell if its watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew. The flavor is nice and refreshing. The cream flavoring mixed in with it just amps the flavor up and gives you a smooth and rich creamy melon flavor. Secret Stuff is not too over powering, not too weak, it was just very enjoyable.

Dana: 4.25 stars. Secret Stuff was my favorite juice from this line. I vaped this on a Doge .4 ohms at 30 watts. On the inhale, I got a very sweet, very light melon flavor. On the exhale, I taste a tiny bit of sweet cream. This juice was super sweet, maybe too sweet for most vapers, unless you have a sweet tooth like me. I could see vaping this juice all day long. This would be great for use in a tank.


“a rich tobacco blend”

Psycho TunesDori: 3.75 stars. I do not usually vape straight up tobacco blends, but there are a few I have tasted that have grabbed my attention. The Red One is average in my opinion. It isn’t like the straight up red tobacco flavor I am accustomed to because it reminds me more of a cigar blend. This has a tiny bit of sweetness added to it. I could see where this may tickle some tobacco lover’s fancy though so that is why I gave it a decent rating. It isn’t that off kilter as far as a tobacco profile goes, but more like a cheap red tobacco or mildly sweet cigar. I tried dripping it at various watts and on an unregulated mod.

Alicia: 3 stars. I’m a fan of a good tobacco vape, however, this is not one of them. I had to turn the heat down on my Hexohm v2 as low as I could to try to dull out the sweetness. To me, the taste of this reminds me of how a can of chewing tobacco smells. The aftertaste left almost a perfume coating that really wanted to hang around for a lot longer than I would’ve liked. I couldn’t taste any tobacco, just an overly sweet, candy cherry type flavor. Scott had mentioned that it reminded him of a cheap cigar, so I suppose if you like those sweet cherry cigars, this may be up your alley, but still, I think a lot more tobacco flavoring needs to be added.

Scott: 3 stars. This is a straight up tobacco blend and it is an extremely rich, strong tobacco taste in my opinion. It is very over powering. It reminded me of a very harsh strong cigar. It did not have a very enjoyable flavor and it was so strong that it had a harsh throat hit. I used the IPV3 with a tug boat V2 and a .4 ohm build.

Dana: 4 stars. The Red One was vaped on an Alien .3 ohms at 30 watts. I normally dislike tobacco flavors, but this one was different from any that I have ever tried. On the inhale, it has a sweet, light tobacco taste. On the exhale, all I seem to get is just pure sweetness. If you are a tobacco vaper, this one might not for be for you, as it is a very sweet vape.


“strawberry with banana undertones”

Psycho TunesDori: 4.75 stars. I really enjoyed Doink!! The first thing I notice is the rich cream that is used to tie together the banana and strawberry flavors. I am big on cream and the little bit of sweetness that it adds to a vape. I believe it ties together flavors nicely. With Doink, there are times when I am dripping that the strawberry and banana flavors are more pronounced and others when the cream seems to take the reigns. It seems I get most of the fruit on the inhale and it fades with the exhale. By the third and fourth draw, the flavors are so blended it reminds me of a nice fruit smoothie because the creaminess is really coming out. Do yourself a favor and check Doink out if you love Strawberry, Banana, or really smooth vapes with great vapor production and mild throat hits!!

Alicia: 4.5 stars. First impression was that there was certain “bite” to this that was a bit strong. But after a couple of hits, the bite went away and it mellowed out. The flavor profile states that this is strawberry with banana undertones, but I’m getting more of a banana with strawberry undertones. For me, I’m happy with the strawberry taking the back seat because I’m not too fond of their strawberry flavoring. It just has a different taste that my taste buds really don’t agree with. On the inhale, I’m getting a nice smooth creamy banana. At the exhale, subtle notes of strawberry mixes in and makes it a creamy concoction that, like Dori, reminds me of a smoothie. I also get hints of cream throughout this which adds to the goodness.

Scott: 3.75 stars. This has a nice strawberry and banana smell. On the inhale, I get a light strawberry note, but not much of a banana flavor. The strawberry fades quick and there is a slight hint of the banana left. In my opinion, Doink could have used more flavoring so that it could have lasted a lot longer. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but the flavor just faded too fast and most people don’t care for that.

Dana: 3 stars. I vaped Doink on an Alien .3 ohms set at 30 watts. On the inhale, I tasted sweet ripe strawberry. On the exhale, I got a subtle hint of banana. This was a very sweet vape. I did not care for this flavor either, but could see it as an all day vape if you liked the flavor as Dori and Alicia seemed to enjoy it!


“a minty menthol”

Psycho TunesDori: 4 stars. All I can say about Mr. Freeze is holy menthol Batman! This flavor is for serious menthol lovers. If you are looking for that menthol flavor that will knock your socks off, this is it!! The cool burst of flavor went straight to the back of my throat on every inhale. The vape is nice, refreshing, but just a little too overpowering for my taste. I am not an avid menthol vape lover because when I do enjoy them, I like them to be a little bit more on the smooth side. This has a bit too much of a throat hit for me at a 6mg. There are those out there that fancy those with a “bite” if you will. Mr. Freeze has that bite-that flavor-that extreme menthol some of you have been searching to find.

Alicia: 4.75 stars. Well, as Dori said at our meeting, “Whoa! Menthol!”. That about sums it up. Mr. Freeze is menthol at its strongest. I can always appreciate a good, strong menthol vape though. When I first started vaping, menthol was the only thing that was able to help me stick with it. So, when I come to a straight menthol flavor, it takes me back to my beginning days of vaping nothing but menthol in my little ce4 on my ego. If you are a menthol lover, like I was, this is one worth giving a shot. There are good menthols and there are bad menthol flavors. Mr. Freeze is a good one! No weird taste, not too much mint, no perfume, just good, cold menthol throughout the entire vape. You can vape this straight, or add a couple of drops to a flavor you love to give yourself the menthol feeling that you crave. Or, if you’re like me and have seasonal allergies, a nice menthol helps to decongest and soothe a scratchy throat.

Scott: 4.5 stars. This is definitely one for you menthol lovers. Mr. Freeze packs a punch of a great menthol vape. This was probably one of my favorite ones. I was one who smoked menthols and this one would definitely curb that craving. It has amazing flavor that lasts through and through. The strong menthol reminds me of a strong tictac or halls cough drop.

Dana: 4 stars. I vaped this flavor using a Doge RDA .5 ohms set at 20 watts. While I normally do not like a menthol vape, I quite enjoyed Mr. Freeze. It has a cool minty inhale, and a frozen menthol exhale. This flavor is not as harsh as most menthol flavors. I personally could not vape this flavor all day, as you get vape tongue fairly quickly with this liquid.


strawberry with ripe, delicious apple undertones

Psycho TunesDori: 4.5 stars. Once again, we are a little divided on this flavor. Wabbit Juice is a good fruity blend of strawberry and apple. I get the apple flavor first before the strawberry swirls in and makes it a unique blend. They are two flavors I haven’t seen paired often together, and they work even though I agree with Scott and the strawberry flavor does fade a little fast!! There is a nice natural sweetness to this as well. I do think there was a little cream added in this as to tie the flavors together and add the sweetness, but I could be wrong. It is just smoother than most fruity vapes I’m used to trying. The more I vape it, the more I like it!

Alicia: 3.75 stars. Strawberries and apples are a rare combination so I was excited to try this. Right from the start of the inhale, I get a tasty ripe apple. At the beginning of the exhale, I still get the apple taste that I’m really enjoying. However, at the end of the exhale, the strawberry starts to come through and throws me off. Again, it’s the same strawberry flavoring that I’m not too fond of. I also get subtle notes of cream right before the strawberry kicks in. For me to actually like this, I would need to boot out the strawberry altogether. The apple flavor is great I really wish there was more of it.

Scott: 4.5 stars. To me, this sounded like a strange combination to me-green apple with a strawberry undertone. After trying it, I will say it was a different combination, but I will say it enjoyed it. The apple had a nice crisp taste with a slight undertone of strawberry. The strawberry could of had a little bit more strength to make it last longer in the taste. I used my IPV3 with a .3 build on a freak show.

Dana: 3 stars. I vaped this flavor on an Alien .3 ohm at 30 watts. I was really hoping Wabbit Juice would taste as good as it smells, but that was not the case. On the inhale, I got a faint ripe strawberry flavor and did not get much taste at all on the exhale. I did not notice any apple in this flavor like the rest of the team did. I love a good strawberry vape but this is not one of them.


“blueberry with melon undertones”

DragonsBreathDori: 3.75 stars. As I opened the bottle of Dragon’s Breath, I could smell the nice, sweet blueberry flavor. The team and I all expected more blueberry out of this one-especially after we caught the aroma!! When I vape it, I seem to get a little blueberry at the tip of the exhale, but that is about it. There are supposed to be notes of melon in this as well, but I taste more of a fruity blend with a hint of blueberry. The flavor is decent and smooth, vapor production is good, and throat hit is mild. I just don’t think it taste quite like the flavor profile states.

Alicia: 3.75 stars. I agree with the rest of the team, the smell of this one had me excited. It smells amazing and makes you think it would be a strong blueberry vape. Unfortunately, I can hardly taste any blueberry or melon. This is more of a mixture of fruits just thrown into a mixing bowl. I can’t pick out which ones I can taste as they all just run together. I tried this out of my Delta 2 tank and my Doge RDA hoping I could catch the flavor profile but the flavor pretty much remained the same. It’s by no means a bad flavor, just not what I was expecting, especially from the smell.

Scott: 4 stars. This was another one that had an awesome smell, but was light on the flavoring. The flavor combo on this was different for me. I wouldn’t think of putting blueberry and melons together. The blueberry fades fast and I was left with a slight melon undertone. I will say I wasn’t too sure about it, but after vaping it for awhile, it kinda grew on me. I still think it could have used a little more punch on the flavor side.

Dana: 3 stars. I tried Dragon’s Breath on a Doge .4 ohms set at 30 watts. On the inhale, I got a slight blueberry flavor and on the exhale I tasted pure sweet. I agreed with the rest of the team and did not taste melon flavor in this liquid as the profile states. Even the blueberry flavor was very faint. I just didn’t care for the flavor of this liquid as it really didn’t have a strong enough taste for me. I was really hoping for a good blueberry flavor.


Psycho Tunes eLiquid is a vendor with decent quality juice at a so-so price. I personally enjoyed the rich cream used in the blends and I know some of the team members felt it added an off taste to the eLiquids. There were a couple we all seemed to have the same ideas on like the lack of flavor in Dragon’s Breath and that Mr. Freeze would be perfect for a true menthol vape lover. Scott and I enjoyed the strawberry flavoring that was used while Alicia and Dana didn’t seem to like it as much. While I don’t know that we will be running out to dash and buy any of these, we would definitely recommend a few of the flavors to some people we know.

As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views on the same product.

Till Next Time!

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – April 2015