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ProVape ProVari Radius Part 3

From Dave Foster: Spinfuel uses DropBox to send and receive reviews, commentaries, and other original content. This ProVari Radius Part 3 review was dropped in my DropBox way back in November. I completely glossed over it because the only character in the title that was different was the numeral 3. My sincere apologies for not publishing it earlier. I only noticed it this morning, May 20th. It’s a little late – Dave

In Part 3 of my in-depth look at the new ProVari™ Radius I’m going to tell you how I’ve been using it, and what I’ve been using with it. In the previous parts of this review I went over the specs and features, and described the technology that went into this spectacular box mod from ProVape. You can click here for part one and here for part 2.

40 Watts in Today’s High Wattage World

Unless you’re using ultra low resistant coils, under 0.3-ohms, you can pretty much use any sub-ohm tank you want with the ProVape Radius.  The reason is the ProVape-developed HotShot Boost technology. By manually setting the amount of a ‘jump-start’ for low resistance coils, whether it’s a ceramic coil, Stainless Steel or Kanthal, setting the HotShot Boost to provide a certain length of time of ‘extra’ power at the start of the vape, there aren’t many sub-ohm tanks that won’t perform excellently.

When I am not reviewing other mods and tanks, I have my ProVari Radius set up to provide the longest boost time it can. There are 5 settings for HotShot Boost, and for now I’m using #5, for the longest power boost. When I start my pull the Radius sends a jolt of power to the coils, reducing ramp up time and vaporizing the e liquid instantly.

ProVape is so confident in this technology it’s been trademarked to protect it from clone and counterfeit manufacturers. HotShot Boost is designed to boost the vapor so the user gets an immediate hit of flavor and vapor. It was first used in the ProVari P3 model and it has been refined for the Radius to work even better. Because you can dial-in your favorite boost time setting, you can control it for each tank/coil you use.

The ProVari Radius Menu

ProVape ProVari Radius Part 3 Spinfuel eMagazine
This is MY ProVape Radius. I love the color, so deep and luscious.

I made sure to get to know the menu settings before anything else. The ProVari Radius is simple to use even if you don’t know anything about the settings, but when you get into the menu the choices that can increase the pleasure of using this gorgeous mod expands greatly.

For instance, besides adjusting the HotShot Boost, I decided to change the color of the Fire Button to Yellow. I know, a minor thing for sure, but to me it’s still pretty cool. There are several colors to choose from, including a random color setting and a rainbow setting.

Once I set the color of the Fire Button light I set the speed of the scrolling menu. At its default the menu crawls across the display very slowly. I definitely wanted a faster scroll and wound up with speed setting #4, which gets me to the setting I want quickly. The Radius will scroll through the settings twice, and then exit out on its own.

Because the ProVari Radius uses 3 buttons instead of the usual 1 found on the P3 and older ProVari’s there is no need to enter the menu system to set the wattage. All you need to do is click the Plus or Minus adjustment buttons to increase or decrease the wattage. It’s quick and easy, and if you have your scroll setting set to anything faster than the default, the increase and decrease of the wattage is equally fast.

The ProVari Radius has a Fast Charge feature as well, so while you can replace the battery by unscrewing the two knurled wheel-type thumb screws, if you’re not in that much of hurry charging the battery inside the device is certainly do-able. In fact, I charge up my Radius in this way when I am reviewing other mods. Once I’m finished with reviewing 6 to 8 hours a day with a new mod I’m back to my Radius with a fully charged battery. Actually, the battery will completely recharge in less than 3 hours.

On those occasions when I use the Radius all day I’ll manually switch out the battery in order to save time and continue using it without having to switch mods. It takes less than 90 seconds or so to unscrew the thumb screws, and insert a new battery.

So Many Mods

Because I work with Spinfuel I have more mods and tanks than I’ll ever need, and I giveaway more than half of the ones I do get.ProVape ProVari Radius Part 3 Spinfuel eMagazine Regardless of what comes in for review, and there is some really good stuff coming in for review, I always go back to a ProVape mod. Right now it’s the Radius, but who knows what ProVape has in the pipeline. The reason I come back to a ProVape mod is safety; reliability, and durability. And if I’m being really honest, there is something about buying a modern mod completely made in America.

The ProVari Radius sells for $199.99, and that’s not chump change. But when you think about a ProVape mod its more about the safety and reliability than it is price. I can buy 4 or 5 mods for the price of a single Radius, but even if I did, I know the Radius will be up and running long after the 4th or 5th mod had died out.

Just 40 Watts?

ProVape ProVari Radius Part 3 Spinfuel eMagazineI’ve heard over and over that the ProVari Radius was “just 40 watts”, or “there’s no temperature control”, and other such excuses for why this person or that person will never buy one. In a way I understand where they are coming from, but after a person owns a ProVari they instantly understand why it’s worth the investment. And as for the 40 watts, it’s not stopped me from some fantastic vape experiences. 40 Watts is plenty for the vast majority of tanks on the market, and as for temperature control, in many ways it’s more trouble than its worth. If the technology gets the time to mature maybe I’ll think differently, but for now, I can use Kanthal, Stainless Steel and Ceramic tanks anytime I want with my Radius. What’s so special about Nickel and Titanium heating elements anyway?

In Conclusion

Nothing beats the engineering and quality of a ProVape mod. It’s an investment in your safety to own one. With all its advanced technology and military grade engineering and workmanship, my collection of ProVari’s will be in mint condition long after every other mod I own has found their way to junkyard.

I’m not saying every other mod on the market is garbage, they certainly aren’t. There’s some cool stuff out there for under $60. ProVape ProVari Radius Part 3 Spinfuel eMagazineBut, they aren’t on the same level as a ProVape.

The ProVape ProVari line is not for everybody. Some people want all the bells and whistles that come with the latest this or that from China. That’s fine. I enjoy using them myself when I am reviewing them. In the end, it’s about choice, and I choose ProVape as my go-to mod company. If my ProVari Radius didn’t give me a great vape experience, trust me, I’d tell you.

I hope you enjoyed this 3-part review for the Radius. If you own one, I would love to hear from you in the comments. If you’re thinking about making the investment and have questions, post them in the comments and I’ll answer them. Promise.

Julia Hartley-Barnes