How to clean your Prosmoke Atomizer on your Prosmoke Electronic Cigarette

In this episode I talk about the Prosmoke atomizer on your Prosmoke Electronic Cigarette. Learn how to clean, maintain and benefit with several useful tips. Visit my website at for more useful tips and how-tos. Get your latest coupon codes


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 From Prosmoke:

Our e-cigarette atomizers are the latest in atomizer technology; self-cleaning and are specifically designed for your ProSmoke electronic cigarette.  These are porcelien reinforced and designed to last LONGER than any other e-cig atomizer on the market!

Depending on your smoking style and e-cigarette care and maintenance, your atomizer will last up to 75,000 to 150,000 puffs. Thats over twice as long as our nearest competitor!  Regular maintenance and upkeep can keep your atomizer going for months and months with heavy usage.

Two Piece designs don’t last and cost too much.  Using a disposable cartomizer will never give the performance of the 3 piece design.  Its like comparing a disposable camera to a professional one; you only use it if there is no other option because the professional will ALWAYS outperform the disposable!  Get ready for long atomizer life and incredible performance with ProSmoke!

If you experience little or no vapor when using your prosmoke atomizer, ensure that your battery is fully charged and properly attached to the product, and that the cartridge is firmly inserted in the end of the product. When the vapor volume is reduced below a satisfactory level, its typically time to replace your cartridge, not the atomizer!