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A Review for a PreRoll (joint) by Delta Effex called Bubba OG Kush Hemp Flower. Infused with Delta 8, this legal THC product is well worth your time for many good reasons. For me it’s pain relief. For you it could be anxiety, depression, or a myriad of other things. Let’s begin…

PreRoll - The Bubba OG Kush Premium Delta 8 THC

Over the years I’ve become somewhat of an expert at managing pain with the minimum amount of medication. Not because I want to punish myself. Not because I can’t afford proper medication. No. Rather, it’s the country I live in (USA) placing more restrictions on its people with each passing year.

Chronic Pain and Federal Punishment

My degenerative arthritis worsens every year. Yet the federal government does all it can to keep pain patients away from quality-of-life medicines. Oh, you know what I mean… Opioids, aka The Black Plague, aka The Great Evil, aka The Destroyer of Worlds.

Although I can (and often have) turned my writings into tirades on the loss of personal freedoms we face in the US, today I want to tell you about the power of Infused Hemp Flowers and legal (for now) pain management.

Delta Effex PreRoll

When I began reading about Delta 8 and Delta 10 products, I was more than a little suspicious about the claims being made.

Despite Cannabis becoming legal in more states than not, both for medical reasons and recreational, I had doubts about Delta Effex.

Bubba OG Kush PreRoll w/Delta 8 THC

Delta Effex Bubba OG Kush Premium Delta 8 THC Infused Hemp Flower PreRolls are $9.99 (or $8.49 when you subscribe). These PreRolls are more commonly called ‘joints’, as in cannabis joints. They contain enough THC to cause a ‘high’, and more importantly, drastically reduce the pain receptors in your brain.

Naturally I didn’t believe it until I actually tried it. I kept thinking that you just can’t go visit and order a Delta 8 or Delta 10 THC product and have it delivered to your home. A legal Hemp Flower with THC is somehow legal? Come on…

I went on a Shopping Spree

Visiting I had various items with Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC. From PreRolled joints to a battery-powered e-cigarette, to Tinctures. After they arrived, I laid out a plan to try them all and compare them.

I Had Two Questions…

       Can a Delta Effex product ease pain?

       Can a Delta Effex product get you High?

The answer to both questions is YES.

The PreRoll – Bubba OG Kush

Bubba OG Kush is an Indica strain created by crossing Bubba Kush and Ghost OG.  This strain has a sweet scent to it, followed by a peppery note. It also delivers a citrusy herbal taste. I’m not going to tell you that smoking the PreRoll is like vaping a sweet vanilla cupcake e-liquid, it isn’t.

The United States has outlawed flavored e-liquids like vanilla cupcake, and mods to vape them because these products cut into tobacco taxes. Tobacco outright kills you; vaping e-liquid never does. Still, tax revenue in the US is way more important than the lives of its citizens.

My Experience with Bubba OG Kush Delta 8

It’s been more than a decade since I actually smoked anything. Vaping isn’t smoking, and therefore easier on the throat (and your health), so lighting up a PreRoll needed to be done carefully.

Each PreRoll is individually wrapped, and each joint is rolled with perfection. There is a thinner end that goes between the lips, and a wider end you set to fire.

Harsh for the Newbie

Had I remembered what it was like to smoke a cigarette for the first time I wouldn’t have taken a huge from Bubba OG Kush when I fired it up. It hit hard and harsh.

I didn’t bother to take another hit until a few hours later. Next time I went with a smooth, light hit, and it was much better.


The flavor profile stated above is spot on. If you’re new to cannabis or even smoking CBD infused flowers, you’ll immediately enjoy Bubba OG Kush. If you’re not, the flavor isn’t great. After a week or so it gets better. Today I actually look forward to it tasting it again.

Delta Effex suggests that users inhale 1 to 3 hits and then wait half an hour to see how you feel. I agree. I took 3 hits from it and got very toasty.

On Pain

Here’s the real truth; after 3 hits from this PreRolled Bubba OG Kush Delta 8 I did get high. But something more important happened.

At the time I decided to try Bubba OG Kush both knees were throbbing in pain, like most mid-afternoons. 30 minutes after my third hit I was very relaxed. I sat back in my recliner, listened to some music, and I realized my knee pain had disappeared.

In its place I felt as though the pain itself was an intricate river of nerves that went suddenly still. If I concentrated on my knees I could see the winding river of nerves in my mind, but there was no pain. The pain relief lasted about 3 hours, an hour longer than the ‘high’ I felt.

In Conclusion

Over the following days I continued with the Bubba OG Kush, moved through to a Tincture of Delta 10, and a prefilled pod device. Next week I’ll tell you about each one.

Bubba OG Kush is best used for relaxing, socializing at the end of a long day, and as a part of your own pain management.