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Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod by CigGo

Most devices scattered throughout the vape industry have beautiful OLED screens with only one problem; a lot are the same! Besides the touch screen mods as of late and larger displays like the SMOK Alien, we’re used to seeing the almost one inch display with nothing that sets it apart from the norm. Praxis Vapors and CigGo took the initiative and cleverly executed a hidden OLED display screen covering the entire side of the mod; an element no one has done before. When I was gifted the Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod by CigGo for review by Spinfuel headquarters, I braced myself for a faulty display with some flaws needing some refinement. But I was shocked and in utter dismay how well built not only the hidden screen was but how it was implemented into a solid, simplistic and straight to the point chassis.

Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod by CigGo Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Praxis Vapors have created devices like the Decimus 150W Box Mod and the Spitfire Sub-Ohm Tank. But they are most recognized for the Derringer RDA. “Gear for those that dare to be different,” says the Praxis Vapor’s Facebook page which fits the Banshee Box Mod like butter meets bread. The Praxis Banshee 150W Box Mod was designed by Praxis Vapors in Costa Mesa, California and manufactured by CigGo in China. Available in two different variations, the Light (Light Grey/Silver) and the one I received Dark (Black/Dark Grey). The top and bottom sections retain an Alloy/Aluminum feel while the rest is a rubberized paint finish. I’ve put both surfaces to the test and have held up over several weeks of daily use with no sign of chipping, peeling or scratching. Both surfaces are a fingerprint magnet and love to show you how oily your hands really are. But overall, the Praxis Banshee is a lightweight device weighing in at only 150g without batteries. Plus with a rounded frame on one side, holding it in any hand configuration is very comfortable while still providing a high-end feel.

The star of the show is the bright, intuitive and truly stunning full-length OLED display that consumes the entire side of the Banshee, which measures 95.5mm x 56mm x 26mm. While admiring the Banshee before actually receiving one, I couldn’t tell there was a massive screen hidden under the rubberized material. The screen itself is an entirely separate board designed and manufactured by CigGo. So if you were to look inside the body there are two boards, one for the OLED screen and the other is the main operating chip. The brightness of the Light model is much whiter compared to the slightly dimmer lettering on the Dark version. I don’t have troubles seeing the display day or night and is a really cool feature I’m surprised no one else has taken advantage of. The device will actually power itself down when not in use to preserve battery life as well as preventing any heat issues. At first it seemed to be powering on and off constantly but once learning it was designed for that purpose, it made perfect sense.

The Praxis Banshee Box Mod by CigGo has a power output up to 150W (in all four modes) and can fire safety down to 0.1Ω. With one Power Mode and the three Temperature Control options (Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel), you can attach a wide variety of atomizers to it without issue. I ran the Banshee in Stainless Steel Mode (with SS316L at 80W and 550°F) and it performed flawlessly. I actually continued to vape the majority of the time in SS Mode since the vape the Banshee provided felt accurate and on point to my standards. I also vaped it in Titanium and it felt sluggish and way under-powered compared to my Lost Vape Triade DNA200 Box Mod. The micro USB port is located on the bottom next to the battery door; hidden out of the way. It’s for firmware upgrades only and not for charging your batteries (more on updating firmware later).

Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod by CigGo Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Side Note: There is a big error in the manual that states NiChrome is a Temperature Control option! Obviously, Nickel was intended to be printed there but if you’re not familiar with temperature wires, do NOT vape NiChrome in TC Mode. NiChrome is a faster heating element similar to Kanthal and is used in Power/Wattage Modes only. After speaking with Praxis Vapors (the next day after sending an email), I was informed a revised Owner’s Manual for the next batch of Banshees was implemented so that’s a relief to hear.

The Praxis Banshee by CigGo is powered by dual 18650 batteries that aren’t included. A battery door on the bottom has a slide and hinge system that makes installation and removal quick and easy. By sliding the mechanism over, the door will pop open and closing it latches it snugly in place. When opened, there is some wobble to the door but holds solidly with no battery rattle or door movement when locked in place. My Sony VTC6 batteries are a tight fit especially the cell nearest the display screen. That battery does get stuck from time to time and takes some effort to get it to slide out. It didn’t rip or damage the wrap on the battery but be aware that with bigger 18650 batteries, they could potentially get stuck. Battery life was surprisingly good and I was able to drain my batteries down to 3.3V before the battery bar started blinking. The software will automatically lock the screen preventing over-discharging your batteries.

Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod by CigGo Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The 510 connection is inset into the top of the device and fits anything up to a 24mm atomizer without any connection issues. I attached several 25mm tanks down and even though they rest along the edges of the mod, they still perform just as good as the smaller tanks. Some sources have said the Banshee won’t read resistances on certain atomizers such as the Uwell Crown 2. I haven’t had any issues at all with the 10+ I’ve installed including the Crown 2; but just a heads up. The 510 connection threads are smooth and a nice Praxis Vapors engraving finishes the top of the device off with style. The 7.8mm fire button has an Alloy finish and protrudes enough to easily find with your finger. It clicks as it should with no issues with misfiring or button sticking. Fire delay is very minimal but is noticeable compared to the DNA200/DNA250 and SMOK devices out there. The 5mm regulatory buttons share the same rubberized finish as the body and are smooth to press as well.

After visiting the CigGo website, I tried downloading and installing one of the four version updates but my computer kept rejecting it for potential threats (it stated the software was only a week old). Along with the hidden screen come hidden messages that can be displayed after accomplishing certain tasks. For example, randomly after taking a 3-second pull, the screen will display LOVE U across it. For 2-second pulls, several different designs flash and put on quite a light show. By installing Version 1-4 software, you can push and hold the fire/down buttons and check what level you’re on (will display as LEV 1-99). It uses an internal puff counter and after a certain amount of puffs, your levels will increase up to a maximum of 99. To check your level, you need to download a version that activates that feature. This so-called game isn’t mentioned anywhere in the brief manual and was confusing to figure out with limited information online.

Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod by CigGo Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

After speaking with Praxis Vapors for the second time, the different versions available will unlock different words. The list of words per version is available at CigGo’s website but as of this writing, downloading and installing the firmware is wonky and when I get mine installed, I’ll post in the comment section below once I learn the ins and outs. Why you would want to do this is beyond me but some consumers like the whole hidden aspect of unlocking or figuring things out others haven’t. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, the Praxis Banshee definitely is the first to introduce such a system.


While the innovative screen is a plus, there are some potential negatives about the Banshee Box Mod. The manual is very short lived and doesn’t provide you with any helpful information besides what the screen potentially displays. The Banshee tends to read resistances higher at times and will be dramatically off. But after opening the battery door and closing it, it resets the device and goes back to normal. Clicking the fire button 5-times locks and unlocks the device. You need to click it very fast to get it to actually lock or unlock. Sometimes I have to repeat the same action several times to get it to work properly.

Available Now at Element Vape for $69.99

Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod by CigGo Review by Spinfuel VAPE MagazineFinal Grade – B+

“While there are a few minor things that need some work, the Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod is definitely a head turning, powerful device! The large OLED screen is worth the $69.95 price tag over at Element Vape and I hope other companies follow suit and keep the creative juices flowing throughout the entire vaping industry; I applaud you Praxis Vapors and CigGo for showing what the vape industry is capable of!”

Team Spinfuel

Features and Specs –

Praxis Banshee 150W TC Box Mod Features:

  • Designed by Praxis Vapors
  • Manufactured by Ciggo
  • Dimensions: 95mm by 55mm by 26mm
  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 150W
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.1ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • Rubberized Paint Finish
  • Hidden Full Length LED Display
  • Oversized Firing Mechanism
  • Highly Responsive Adjustment Buttons
  • Sliding Battery Cover
  • 24mm Max Atomizer Mound
  • MicroUSB Port – Firmware Upgrades
  • 510 Connection


  • 1 Praxis Banshee 150W Mod
  • Instructional Manual