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Powerful Delta THC Goliath Starter Kit for Every Situation

The new Goliath Starter Kit by Delta Extrax brings together a new high-powered rechargeable battery (with a USB-C charger input), and two new flavorful and powerful pods. One pod is a proprietary blend of the Indica strain, and one a blend of Sativa strain.

Before we get into my experience with the Goliath Kit, let’s do a small refresher on what Indica and Sativa strains mean to everyday us.

Indica Strains

Indica strains are my all-time favorite. (My brother, on the other hand, is a Sativa fan). Indica strains are commonly associated with intensely relaxing effects on the user. It can also help reduce nausea and pain, while also increasing your appetite.  Indica, you had me at ‘relaxing’ and ‘pain reduction’.

Indica is a daytime or nighttime use strain. Since Indica likes to induce a deep relaxation feeling, Indica is better consumed at night. Though at times I will use Indica when I’m feeling tense at work, during the day.

Sativa Strains

Strangely enough, Sativa strains are somewhat vastly different. Sativa strains often have lower doses of CBD and higher doses of THC (in cannabis). Users can expect Sativa to produce a “mind high,” or perhaps an energizing, anxiety-reducing effect.

My brother loves Sativa because he uses this strain to feel productive and creative, not relaxed, and lethargic, like me.  And that is fine with both of us. I think it’s a personality thing, whereas all my life I’ve sought to force myself to slow down, especially my thoughts, he has always wanted to drown out the mundane of daily life in order to “get up and go”.

Using Indica and Sativa Pods Interchangeably

Simply put, using the Goliath Pod system was a real delight. Simple, powerful, great tasting, and truly delivering both that nice Indica high, and the energy and creative powers of Sativa.

The Goliath is, without a doubt, the best Delta THC battery/pod combo I’ve used in the last few years.

I love the fact that Delta Extrax created a Starter Kit that includes a 1-gram pod of blended Indica and a 1-gram pod of Sativa. The simple reason for that is anyone can start their day with a Sativa blend and end the day with Indica. For this review I did just that for one week.

The Goliath Starter Kit

The Goliath Starter Kit includes 1 Battery Device that works only with the Goliath 1-Gram Pods.

The flavors in the Starter Kit include the 1-gram Berry Blue and a 1-Gram Hawaiian Snow pods. Its sleek design is easy to use and provides a smooth draw. I recommend a slow draw at first, and then work up to a draw that suits your style.

The Goliath Starter Kit Includes:

1 – Goliath Device

1 – Berry Blue 1-Gram Pod (Indica)

1 – Hawaiian Snow 1-Gram Pod (Sativa)

Goliath Starter Kit 2 Pods + 1 Device is $37.99USD

By signing up for their newsletter/sales email, you can get 15% off your first order.

  • Suggested Use: Remove pods from their packaging. Install the pod by inserting it into the top of a Goliath battery device, pressing until it clicks into place, and it is flushed to the battery device. Inhale to activate. Increase dose slowly to achieve your desired effect. (Please do not ignore this step)
  • Pod Ingredients: Delta-8 THC, HXY11-THC, THC-H, Live Resin & Terpenes. In other words, powerful stuff that WILL get you high.
  • Size: 1g | 1mL
  • Charger: Micro USB-C Cord NOT INCLUDED, but chances are you have one around. If not, order from Amazon for under $5USD.

 Goliath Starter Kit Battery & Pods Flavors

The Goliath Starter Kit 2 Pods includes 1 Device, 1 Blue Berry (Indica strain) 1-Gram Pod, and 1 Hawaiian Snow (Sativa strain) compatible 1-Gram Pod.

Goliath Device Information

  • Tank Capacity: 1ml
  • Heating coil: Formatrix ceramic
  • Dimensions: 20.1mmx10.1mmx110mm
  • Battery capacity: 280mah
  • Charger: Micro USB Charger (Not included)
  • Indicator light: Blue when charging or vaping.

 Goliath Pod Battery

The Delta Extrax proprietary Goliath Pod Battery is a top-of-the-line Formatrix ceramic heating coil device. It prevents leaking and will heat up the Live Resin ingredients to the perfect temperature that will provide a superior vaping experience.

The Battery Capacity is 280mAh so, depending on your use, it will require minimal charging. Keep in mind, for those of us that vape e-liquid or even Delta THC Vape Juice, 280mAh battery won’t last long at long.

Powerful Delta THC Goliath Starter Kit for Every Situation - Goliath BatteryBut, since you won’t use the battery/pod combo constantly (you’ll get way too high in the process), you’ll most likely take 3 or 4 hits from the battery and then won’t return to it for a couple of hours. The Goliath battery can last 4 or 5 days with “normal” use, and then recharge in less than 20 minutes. This Goliath Pod Battery was created to work well with the THC-H Live Resin pods.

Berry Blue Goliath 1G Pod

Berry Blue is the Indica strain.  I believe this one will be enormously popular with fans of the Indica high.  Berry Blue has a sweet blueberry taste that is not drowned out by the Delta THC ingredients. Berry Blue combines all the nice effects of a good Indica strain with a wonderful dessert flavor and aroma. No more harsh hemp taste when vaping with these pods.

Hawaiian Snow Goliath 1G Pod

Hawaiian Snow - Powerful Delta THC Goliath Starter Kit for Every SituationThis flavor is a cool and uplifting experience.  Hawaiian Snow has all the intense flavors and aromas of a cool (icy, not menthol) tropical flavor. I get this sort of pineapple flavor on ice. I enjoy the flavor a little too much. The Sativa strain in the pod will give you a strong ‘head buzz’. This is a nice high for finding creativity with a bit of energy you’ll need to apply it.

Replacement PodsLondon Pound Cake (I did not review this flavor, but I want to link to it anyway because it sounds heavenly.)

The Goliath Pods in Detail

These innovative Delta 8 Pods are only compatible with the Goliath battery. Each 1-gram pods are filled with pure, potent Delta 8, HXY11, and THC-H Live Resin.

This proprietary blend is a quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of powerful cannabinoids with delicious flavors. The Delta 8 Pods are a perfect balance of convenience and quality.

Delta THC Goliath Pod System

The Goliath Delta 8 Pod System is a first to market and the best on the market. A plug-and-play pod system, I can’t think of a better way to experience Delta 8 or Delta Extrax (except the age-old PreRoll I’m still fond us).

The radically new Delta 8 Goliath Pod System is the perfect Starter Kit for anyone because it’s convenient and very easy to use. The Goliath Pod System is also a great way to reduce waste. Reusable, long-lasting, quick charging, and powerful.

In Conclusion

Powerful Delta THC Goliath Starter Kit for Every Situation - Berry BlueI haven’t enjoyed a Delta THC pod device or enjoyed Delta THC flavors like I have with the Goliath Starter Kit. The price point is enticing, replacement pods come two to a box for an affordable price, and we can expect new flavors as more and more Delta THC users find the Goliath.

I don’t really understand how Delta THC works, only that it does. You will enjoy the mind-altering effects of Delta THC just as you would if you went to your local cannabis dispensary and purchased high-THC cannabis. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about legal cannabis, because Delta THC is legal.

Lastly, I urge you to take it slow when using the Goliath Starter Kit. I know some people, my brother and my wife among them, who ignored my warning when it came to various Delta Extrax Delta THC Gummies.

Each of them picked up 2 or 3 gummies, popped them into their mouths and honestly didn’t expect to feel anything. An hour later they were both zonked out on the sofa carefully examining their navels and pondering the meaning of life. And it lasted most of the day. Do not do this.

Both regret ignoring me and now only use the gummies by consuming half, and then the other half an hour or more later.

Head over the Delta Extrax and pick up your Goliath Starter Kit. They sell fast, so if by chance you don’t find it available, check back the next day. The Goliath is such a hit, Delta Extrax is producing them as fast as possible.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to my next Delta Extrax review. I’m trying hard to get some Moon Blunts (3 blunts for $24.99!!) to review! That is gonna be a blast!