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Politics of Vaping and the Fall of the Free World – Right down to the core of my being I know, I KNOW, these are the last days of modern civilization. “The end is nigh”. That sentence has been spoken generation after generation, after generation… and yet the disastrous end was always kept at bay. Not this time. I can feel it. From the insane hysteria against vaping, the war drums over Syria, Putin, and World War Three, to the WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta and UFO’s, technology has finally driven society senselessly stupid. And if I don’t put these words down on my virtual paper my head just might explode.

The Birthplace of the New Evil

There was a time not too long ago when I believed in the Internet. Such a marvelous tool that brings people together, the Internet was the springboard for all things we take for granted today, from video chats with family across the country, to streaming music and cat videos anywhere we want to watch or listen. Not to mention the technology to buy anything you want and have it in your lap the very next day. Oh how I love Amazon Prime and Apple iTunes!

The Internet was even a place for people to vent their anger about issues that mattered to them; politics, bad movies, or new musical styles, and of course vaping. When the Internet was young, 20 years ago, there was so much hope in the good it could do.

The early Internet was a haven to let loose and explore the world, exchange ideas, learn new things, gain perspective, and get the new CD from Dave Matthews Band or Modest Mouse ON release day. In 1996 a “flame war” on a message board would seem almost pleasant conversation in 2016.

Read this quote from VPNALERT, a tremendous source for what is really happening in the world;

“Since Snowden’s leaks back in 2013, it’s no longer a secret that some governments around the world are monitoring the use of the internet.

That means they get access to everything that you do online, from the very minute you start using your phone, computer, or any other device that you can connect to the internet.” – Bram Johnson

The terms Five, Nine, and 14 Eyes as one of the biggest threats to your online privacy. These are international surveillance alliances formed between countries around the world.

Then the Politicians Came

Dirty politics is not a new idea in America. The campaign between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, founding fathers both, was as nasty as campaigns are today. Only in 2016 dirty tricks, lies, and smear campaigns happen in real time. In 1800 the campaign between Adams and Jefferson was certainly dirty, but without the constant bombardment of 24 Hour News Channels and the Internet, at least Americans had time to think, to absorb, to analyze, and to make up their own mind. In private.

Politicians have destroyed the Internet with their scorched earth lies and manipulations, their preaching of hatred, their talents to rile the folks up, to make it “alright” to parade the lies as truths, to make you, me, and everyone else believe whatever it is “they” want you to believe. And they sleep like babies the whole time. Politicians are monsters. Soulless, greedy, power hungry monsters that easily allowed 50,000 young Americans to die for the constant flow of oil.

We, meaning you and me and everyone we know, are abstracts to politicians. Are we not real.  We have no value other than as a voter, and the politician will do anything, say anything, and commit the most heinous acts, in order to get the ‘abstracts’ to punch the ballot card next to their name. After that, “fuck ‘em”. At least until the next election that is…

These corrupt politicians have dirtied our house with their lies. But no one is innocent. We all share in this, we let it happen. And now each and every one of us is pwned.

The Intolerance of Tolerant

In the country of which I was born, raised, and currently reside, it used to be fashionable to say to others “I may not agree with you but I will fight to the death your right to say it… These words are American words, and they were at the heart of every American value. Today the opposite is true. No one has the right to express an opinion without facing hatred and ridicule from those that do not agree with that opinion. Being tolerant of anyone you don’t agree with is unthinkable. The above American words have been replaced with…

“You’re wrong, and I hope you get cancer and die alone. We hope your mother gets cancer. Hope you get raped. We hope you suffer.”

This intense and insane hatred isn’t reserved for the big things. You could disagree over a rock band, a certain box mod or tank, your favorite color, or even your choice between “boxers or briefs”, all because it benefits the powerful. You are allowed to hate over the smallest things now, and you’re encouraged to sabotage, destroy, or humiliate anyone on the Internet if they dare disagree with you.

The Real Death of Journalism (Politics)

Today there is an ever growing segment of the population that will no longer allow others to have a different point of view. This portion of the population believe it is their duty to stamp out ideas they do not hold to. We live in a period of history that resembles the Crusades. Certainly not in the number of vicious murders, not yet anyway, but certainly in the amount of hard hearted hatred in the souls of the crusading army.

24 Hour News Networks

Twenty years ago we witnessed the birth of both MSNBC and Fox News, the two most hated channels on TV, radio, and the Internet, yet millions of people keep one or the other on their TV 24 hours a day. By 1996 CNN was already 26 years old, imagine.

All three “news” organizations are responsible for the death of honest journalism. The reason is both ideology and profits. Truth, objectivity, and balance were replaced with promoting agendas and raking in the money. People who learn to hate are encouraged to blog about it, and making things up to support the vile lies is accepted by the politicians running for office. On the both sides of aisles, the hate-filled are given the equivalent of a gun and ammunition to strike at those that choose not to believe.

Journalism School

In Journalism School way back when people were taught to leave their own bias at the door when he or she entered the sanctum of the newsroom. In 2016 you must hang your bias around your neck, not like an albatross, but like a badge of honor. Journalists fight with whatever tools they find to promote their beliefs, and the beliefs of the boardroom, and the facts be damned, twisted, and repackaged for consumption by the hungry masses looking to be told their hatred is the righteous hatred.

Journalist, if there even is such a thing anymore, no longer want to give you the news, they want to be the news MAKERS. They want to change the world, not report on it. And they bring their dishonor, their filth, to the Internet in slickly produced newscasts aimed at making you see things the way they do, and to convince you that those that do not see things this way is the enemy.

The Great Collusion and the Collapse of America

With the mightiest tool ever available to the human species, the world’s two most corrupt giants formed an alliance that is designed to create two America’s, at first, (mission accomplished) and then the transformation of the “other”, or the annihilation of the “other”. (coming soon) It has been decided that the survivors of this world must be of one mind in the next world.

Politics -Liberal Progressive vs. The Staunch Conservative

The vast majority of Americans are neither liberal or conservative. We are, and have always been, both. Even if you believe otherwise, you will not make it any less true.

As an example, below are a few of my own beliefs, I have many. My beliefs are based on the result of truth seeking, critical thinking, and common sense, all in short supply these days.

I understand that in this new reality I will be hated by some, but not all, and there is nothing I can do about that…

  1. My belief in Gay Marriage
  2. A woman should be paid the same as a man in the same job.
  3. I embrace my Christian friends, though I am not religious.
  4. Veterans deserve EVERYTHING, yet get so little. They are our only heroes. 
  5. I believe in Borders.
  6. Belief in Fiscal Responsibility
  7. The Constitution of the United States
  8. Corporations do NOT have our best interest at heart.
  9. Our government should be as small and unobtrusive as possible.
  10. I believe freedom is a right, but I believe we must always fight for freedom because there will always be those that want to take it from us. Witness America post 9/11, or yes, all the anti-vaping hysteria of 2016.

And most of all

I believe in your right to disagree with me, and I will fight for your right till my last breath, whether you like it or not.

We understand that a politician believes he or she can only survive by pitting people against one another. Also understand that Journalists want to carve out an audience and do so by tailoring “their” news, and “their” agenda, to appeal to a segment of the population. Journalists wouldn’t know the truth if it came up from behind and bit them on the ass.

And I know that politicians and journalists will cause the downfall of civilization. The “blow of mercy”, the coup de gras, will be delivered through the Internet.

It is too late… Will Politics Destroy?

…to course correct our destiny. The powerful will never let go, agendas will never be abandoned, and 2016 is the Year of the Scorched Earth Election Policy that we will never overcome. We. Are. Doomed.

 The Hornet’s Nest

Perhaps all of this was inevitable. Perhaps as a species we were always meant to self-destruct. Individually it is impossible to hold on to hatred for very long. Individually we know that cooperation, compassion, and tolerance is beneficial for all. We are capable of empathy, a trait that is under attack every day by politicians and  journalist soldiers.

Individually we know we are being lied to, manipulated, and stripped of our freedoms to choose, to act, to chase the dream. Individually we are “good”… and the politicians and journalists know it, and they will do anything to make us feel less like the good people we are, to force us to  possess less empathy, and to strip away our individual compassion. Their armies grow larger…

…It makes it easier to kill hundreds of thousands of humans across the oceans, but it still makes you a killer….

320 Million for Politics?

There are 320+ million Americans. Each of us is different. We all hold various opinions, and like my stated beliefs above, only the tiniest fraction of the 319 million would choose ‘all of Column A” or “all of Column B”.

We are all conservative in some things, liberal in others. All but the smallest number of Americans (zealots) don’t want to hate. Or to be intolerant. They don’t want to  judge another based on what works for us. But GroupThink is here, and more and more people are falling into its grasp.

Why did we give it all up so easily?

Why did we hand over our personal freedoms, our desires to get along with our neighbors, our dreams for remarkable future, our empathy for our fellow humans, to those in positions of power that care nothing for you or me, but care only for the power and fortune they can amass on our induced and amped up hatred and intolerance for anyone that does not agree with us?

Did we really sell our souls to these unworthy people so we could all troll the Internet?

Julia Hartley-Barnes