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Plumes of Hazard

The weather is getting warmer for good I think finally, and that means only one thing for us here in PA…construction!! UGH. The stooges as I call them managed to hamper me with four months of no parking my first summer in business while finishing the block down from me in one month flat last year. I didn’t let it stress me—I just had bullshit construction and Pirate, “walk the plank” sales. That’s just how I roll. These guys that I am covering next also have a great sense of humor, which can get you through anything in life!! I’m taking on a fab four, the Plumes of Hazard (PoH) guys that have made their way in the YouTube world as stellar reviewers, 4 hosts with no sponsors!! As they put it, “4 fat bearded guys with mods get together every Monday to talk about stupid things like coils and shit for anyone who cares …to listen.”

VAPING WITH VAPINSKI REVIEWS PLUMES OF HAZARD – A SPINFUEL ELIQUID REVIEW BY THE FAMOUS VAPINSKIThe four, known as, Understudy77, Foobaca, TheAngstfulVaper, and MastBlast09 decided to partner with Music City Vape Sauce and have them develop flavors for each of them as a personal All Day Vape(ADV). They worked with them over a ten month period and met to sample the flavors and provide feedback. Plumes of Hazard launched two months later with Gaslight Vapor as their distributor. Plumes of Hazard are also distributed by Vape Dojo which is who I was lucky enough to discover these wonderful blends from…!! Understudy77 really gives props to Music City on how well they worked with each of them individually to develop each of their very unique flavors. The PoH are super excited to see that others are enjoying their ADVs as well. The eliquid comes in 30ml unicorn bottles and feature a lovely portrait of who they represent on the label, along with the name, nicotine milligram, some funny quotes, ingredients, and warnings. I like the packaging, it’s definitely eye catching, and the unicorn bottles are convenient for dripping. Do I think a batch code or born on date will eventually be required? Yes, I do. Now, let’s get to these unique and tasty flavors developed for these fussy fellows….

Abolish Mint

     “An uber refreshing vape featuring acai with a kick of peppermint and supporting dark berries that’ll blow your sleeves off.”

VAPING WITH VAPINSKI REVIEWS PLUMES OF HAZARD – A SPINFUEL ELIQUID REVIEW BY THE FAMOUS VAPINSKIAbolish Mint is the unique blend that was developed for TheAngstfulVaper. Abolish Mint is one of the most balanced eliquids containing a mint flavoring that I’ve probably encountered. I love the addition of acai berry too. I taste the acai berry first as the mint hits the back of my throat gently. It’s a mild and smooth throat hit with the flavors blending nicely, even though the hit is definitely unique to me. The dark berry undertone pops in prior to the exhale, and they still stay in the background throughout the exhale. The exhale is a very refreshing, and not overpowering, mint with berry undertones. The sweetness is even spot on. I suggest this for anyone looking for a refreshing and unique eliquid that doesn’t mind mint flavoring. I started with two flavors of POH in my shop and didn’t think this one would out sell the other, but it is…. The vapor production is excellent! I enjoyed it best around 60 watts, but it tasted good at a range of wattages. I’ll be using my Encom TNT box mod with a Popeye RDA and a .3 ohm coil build for these reviews.

Mast Tea

     “Delicious hand-picked blackberries and fresh-brewed sweet tea just like your mama made ya.”

VAPING WITH VAPINSKI REVIEWS PLUMES OF HAZARD – A SPINFUEL ELIQUID REVIEW BY THE FAMOUS VAPINSKI     Mast Tea was developed for MastBlast09. Mast Tea is another unique blend that I enjoyed thoroughly. Mast Tea has a delicious real blackberry flavoring in the inhale. The sweet tea blends in right away and carries through into the exhale along with the blackberry flavoring as an undertone. If you enjoy ice tea in any form, I suggest trying this smooth blend out!! The flavor is unique and spot on, the throat hit is mild to medium from time to time, and the vapor production is excellent! I enjoyed this from 50 to 65 watts. The blackberry seemed to come out even more at 50 watts.

Foo’s Gold

     “Peanut butter oatmeal cookie blended with a moist pipe tobacco.”

     Foo’s Gold is another unique blend developed as an ADV for Foobaca. Don’t let the words pipe tobacco throw VAPING WITH VAPINSKI REVIEWS PLUMES OF HAZARD – A SPINFUEL ELIQUID REVIEW BY THE FAMOUS VAPINSKIyou off!! I can guarantee I was never a pipe smoker….but this blend has me enjoying that flavor when blended with the peanut butter oatmeal cookie flavor. On the inhale, a smooth blend of peanut butter cookie with a pipe tobacco undertone. The exhale is a nice blend of these flavors the entire way to the end. I can’t get over how much I am enjoying Foo’s Gold!! It is hard to describe the flavor, but as I’m vaping it, it reminds me of those peanut butter wafer cookies too. This is definitely up the alley of those tobacco lovers looking for something different, but also would be for any vapers looking for a unique change up in their routine. I enjoy good peanut butter vapes, which are rare.

Foo’s Gold is so smooth and unique that I find myself mystified with the combination. The throat hit is mild, vapor production is excellent, and I preferred this one at 60 watts.

Way Up Here

     “A delicious mango peach topped off with other orange fruits that will knock you right off your high horse.”

    The final of the fab four is the flavor developed for Understudy77, Way Up Here. Way Up Here is a great blend of mango and peach with some added undertones that are quite enjoyable. The inhale is a nice even blend of theVAPING WITH VAPINSKI REVIEWS PLUMES OF HAZARD – A SPINFUEL ELIQUID REVIEW BY THE FAMOUS VAPINSKI mango and peach flavors. I pick up notes of an orange or tangerine flavor right before the exhale. The exhale is smooth, fruity, and a mix of all notes. I like the exhale better than the inhale on this one because it’s smoother. If you are an avid fruit vape lover, check Way Up Here out. I tried this one from 30-70 watts and depending on how you like your intensity of the fruit, you can pick your wattage. I enjoyed it most right around 50 watts. The throat hit was medium and vapor production was excellent just like the other three eliquids!!

All in all this is a solid line of four flavors developed for four solid personalities in the Vape Community, now known as the Plumes of Hazard. Plumes of Hazard eliquid retails for $20/30ml which is a decent price for eliquid of this quality and complexity. Check out to see where you can get these tasty blends. You can also read up about their show and click on their links so that you can be sure to follow them on every social media site possible! If you enjoy vaping and a good laugh, check out the Plumes of Hazard!! Definitely check out one of these blends as well, there is one for every style vapor possible in my opinion. I carry two of the four eliquids in my shop, and the other two will be next!

My ratings are as follows:

Abolish Mint: 5/5 stars

Mast Tea: 4.5/5 stars

Foo’s Gold: 5/5 stars

Way Up Here: 4.5/5 stars