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The Pioneer4You IPV4 Review

Just a quick look at the IPV4 and my initial thoughts. Definitely something missing from this device but overall it’s solid and has its place in the market. Full review coming soon!

Pioneer4you 100-Watt Box Mod

The new 100 watt IPV4 by Pioneer4you is widely avaliable for around $65-$70.

The new IPV4 is the latest regulated mod from Pioneer4you, and it has undergone a complete redesign from earlier IPV’s holding little resemblance to the  IPV2 & 3 mods. The design of the IPV4 is most similar to the Zero Modz device due to its wrap around contour grip that can be removed easily to reveal the battery compartment where the dual 18650 batteries go. This grip/battery cover clips in place so you won’t need to mess around with screws to access the batteries. Quick and easy, yet secure and reliable.

The heart the device is the latest YiHi SX330 V3C chip-set capable of outputting to 100 watts of pure power. You can adjust the output from 5 to 100 watts in 0.1 watt increments and fire atomizers as low as 0.1ohms. The firing button, adjustment buttons, and OLED screen are all on the side of the device. The IPV4 will be available in black and silver finishes. The one negative is the mirror finish over the display. Hopefully the next IPV won’t have this hard-to-see-the-display annoyance.

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