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Introduction for the PCKT One Concentrate Vaporizer

If I’m being honest, and I make certain I am always honest when writing a review, I have to admit that I have some bias for cannabis concentrate vape cartridges over vaping cannabis flowers with a dry herb vaporizer. Not only is the flavor in a concentrate cartridge better tasting, there is a lot less work involved. Because of that, getting the opportunity to review a product like the PCKT One Vaporizer Kit was something I was really looking forward to.


While most people still use a simple stick battery with a 510 connector for their cannabis vape cartridges, the PCKT One could very well make stick batteries look like a poor choice in the coming weeks and months. Not only is the PCKT One a gorgeous looking device, the features and specs are far above any stick battery on the market.

The PCKT One body is made from CNC Machined Aluminum Solid Block (think Apple’s MacBook Pro and its body being a solid block of aluminum). It is then coated with and stylish matte finish, in 9 deeply saturated colors, giving the device a sophisticated look and feel. I opted for the deep Crimson PCKT One, though all the colors are gorgeous.

There are several innovative features worth talking about, which I’ll do below, but before that, it’s worth noting that the PCKT One concentrate cartridge vaporizer is smaller than the photos make it seem. When I unboxed my PCKT One I was somewhat taken aback from how small it is, but after lifting it out of the box I fell for its diminutive size in a big way. It may very well be small, but the technologies inside, and its wonderful feel in the hands, made it more remarkable than I had hoped. And man, the performance was top notch.

PCKT One Vaporizer Kit for Cannabis Concentrates Review

Main Features Highlights of the PCKT One

The PCKT One has received an upgrade in the milliamp hours recently, going from 540mAh to 660mAh. If you vape high-wattage box mods and use sub-ohm tanks and e-liquids, that 660mAh has to strike you as ridiculously low, but because these two very different types of vaping are so fundamentally different, the battery life of the PCKT One is more than enough for just about every cannabis concentrate vaper.


The PCKT One Vaporizer makes excellent use out of magnetic adapters that allow any vape cartridge to work well with it.. It features a “Twist, Snap and Inhale” Function that allows the user to get tasty hits nearly instantaneously. If you’re buying prefilled cannabis vape concentrate cartridges you already know the coil and wicking has already been saturated with the concentrate, meaning there is no “fill and wait” period, just attach and vape. (Another reason I prefer cartridges)

The PCKT One has two heat modes; should the user wish to raise the heat on this very cool pocket-sized vaporizer, he or she can use its Smart Power Mode that goes from low to high temperatures with the push of a button (on the button of the device). Additionally, the PCKT One has Dual Batteries that allow for longer vaping sessions then most people would suspect.

The PCKT One Magnetic Attachments works by keeping the mod from overheating, regardless of how many times or how often you take a hit from the cartridge.  The Assisted Heat Feature is found on the button of the device, and just by holding it down you won’t need to draw as hard on the cartridge to get a great hit.

The PCKT One Vaporizer Kit was designed with power and convenience in mind. It’s sturdy, durable, and packed with modern innovations that makes this small device one of the most reliable on-the-go ultra-portable vaporizers you can find.

Other feature highlights worth mentioning here include a simple 5-click on/off feature, pass-through vaping while charging (though the included USB cable is mighty short). When put through the paces, the PCKT One isn’t going to disappoint.

PCKT One 660mAh Specifications

Color: Arctic Lime, Avalanche, Charcoal, Chocolate, Crimson, Midnight, Pacific, Royalty and Rustic
Weight: 0.5oz

Dimensions:1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D
Heat Source: Dual Batteries
Vaporizer Compatibility: Concentrates/Cartridge
Warranty Information: 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
Manufacturer: PCKT Vapor

Main Features of the PCKT One

  • Twist, Snap and Inhale Function
  • 510 and 810 (with adapters) connectors
  • Auto-Inhale Feature
  • Dual Batteries – 660mAh Total
  • Smart Power Modes (High and Low for Different Coils)
  • Gold-Plated Magnetic Adapters
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Solid Block
  • Elegant Matte Finish
  • Assorted Colors

Included in the PCKT One Kit:

  • PCKT One Vaporizer Device
  • Extension Adapter
  • Short Adapter
  • Tall Adapter
  • Rubber Grommets
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
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Personal Observations

pckt oneAs I mentioned above, the PCKT One is a lot smaller than I expected. It measures just 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D and weighs a mere 5oz. It takes about an hour, maybe less, to fully recharge a depleted battery. Looking down at it sitting in its attractive box I thought it might be too small, but after removing it from the box, attaching a cannabis concentrate cartridge, it looked perfectly sized for the job at hand.


Concentrate Cartridges I Prefer

Most of the time I use a nighttime strain with my PCKT One, containing about 32% THC, so at night the most I’ll hit the PCKT One is once or twice, with 2-3 second hits each time, and the battery is barely used. But sometimes, a couple times a week at least, a daytime blend is needed, and mine is a heavy CBD blend, just 4.5% THC and a whopping 75% CBD.

I can maintain focus, sharpness, and I work efficiently while also getting some pain relief with a heavy CBD and low THC cartridge. And despite a typical day using a CBD vape cartridge with my PCKT One, the battery will last all day and into the night, even after I make the change over to the higher THC cartridge at night. At night, my higher-THC cartridge attached to my PCKT One drains away the stress, muscle tension, and aches and pains that come with a typical day.

Since I became an legal holder of a medical marijuana ID in New Hampshire I’ve experimented with a lot of dry herb and e-nail vaporizers. Heck, I’m still experimenting with various cannabis strains, as well as dry herb vaping, concentrates, oils, tinctures, and edibles. By far my favorites are the prefilled concentrate cartridges and the dark chocolate candy bars. Sadly, the dispensary in NH carries only 4 different prefilled cartridges, one of which has a THC level of 70%, a not-for-daytime blend for sure, but one that will melt you onto your mattress as you drift you to sleep. Anyway, my point is that since I’ve torn threw so many different devices that my favorite, by far, is this tiny PCKT One concentrate vaporizer.

Whether you use cannabis for medical reasons, as I do, or for recreational purposes, like several of my friends, there are advantages to vape cartridges over vaping dry buds, no matter how finely ground, nor how powerful the herb vaporizer. Not everyone agrees of course, but the reasons I chose to keep the PCKT One front and center, are as follows;

1 – I’m old, older than I like to admit. When I was a young a buying pot, usually a 4-finger “lid” was cheap, just $20, and smell of the smoke and the taste of the weed was so fantastically wonderful I would sometimes spark a joint, take a hit to fill my living room with the marijuana scent. But today? Through many years of hybridization, that scent and flavor of yesteryear are long gone (at least I haven’t found a single strain that is even close), I simply can’t stand the flavor of dry buds in any vaporizer. It’s like I’m vaping lawn grass.  The scent of the concentrates, and the taste, are much more palatable to me.

2 – Prep time with flowers is too time-consuming. In the first months of visiting my dispensary I picked up plenty of one-gram plastic containers of various blends. (Massachusetts sells their buds in “eights”, not single grams like NH). When you use a dry vaporizer, you have to prepare the flowers, which means buying a device to grind them. Grinding an ounce with a $40 Grinder ($360USD in NH) takes a considerable amount of time, though it beats using the grinder every time you open a gram bottle. Still, it’s a lot of prep time.

3 – Consistency – the cartridges used by dispensaries in MA and NH are super high-quality glass and steel with enough concentrate inside to last me several days. I’ve never had a bad one. In addition, the “effects” of the concentrates are reliable, unlike some of the flowers I’ve ground and vaped in several dry herb vaporizers. The PCKT One is just as reliable in that I never experience too much heat, or too little heat, and nothing every goes to waste.

I haven’t come close to trying every cannabis vaporizer on the market, and like the e-liquid marketplace, new vaporizers come early and often. While I plan on continuing to review other devices, my decision to use concentrates (and edibles) work for me. That makes the PCKT One my favorite and most used device. And at just $49.99 I’m sure I’ll pick up a couple more in different colors for backups.

The Verdict

If you’re not interested in vaping cannabis with concentrates in a cartridge than the PCKT One is not something you’d be interested in purchasing. However, even if your preferred method is grinding up some flowers and rolling a joint or packing a dry herb vaporizer, you should at least try to concentrate cartridge. If you wind up enjoying the experience, then by all means, pick up a PCKT One, you won’t be disappointed.

The PCKT One Vaporizer by PCKT Vapor is one of the best devices in the cannabis category I’ve had the pleasure to review. Unlike cheap stick batteries, the PCKT One will reward you with years of reliable service (I believe), consistent power, and plenty of battery life.

To select your color and buy the PCKT One, click here. If you go elsewhere to buy it, make sure you’re buying the latest PCKT One, not the older 540mAh model, the extra 80mAh is a nice increase in battery life.