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An Oregon court has ordered that the ban on flavored vaping products be put on hold. Now, before we get excited an start celebrating, let’s think for a minute…

Gov. Kate Brown (@OregonGovBrown ) put into place a 6-month ban on flavored e-juice and flavored cannabis products. I suppose Brown was one-upping Gov Baker of Massachusetts since this insane governor put into effect a 4-month ban. Where this reporter sits, it looks like it’s the governors of these United States that are being proactively nuts in trying to curb the lung illness that spread this summer. Judges then come in and attempt to bring a little sanity into government.

President Trump is supposed to deliver his final edict on Vaping and Flavored E-Liquids, and should our Supreme Leader see the truth (Vitamin E Acetate in THC Cartridges) then perhaps these power-hungry governors will come to their senses.

Oregon Flavor Ban on Hold (for now)

From OregonLive:

Gov. Kate Brown’s six-month ban on both flavored nicotine and cannabis vape products is on hold with new rulings Thursday by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

This smart judge saw that by having this ban it would cause irreparable harm to vape shops, employees, and Vapers in general. And the judge is right. Look at Massachusetts. So many jobs lost, so many people out of work, so many life savings wiped out because of an ignorant power-hungry governor (Charlie Baker).

OregonLive Continues…

The court is persuaded that petitioner has demonstrated that irreparable harm is likely to result unless enforcement of the rule is stayed,” the order said.

The OLCC argued that halting the ban would harm the public, but the court was not convinced, saying there is no evidence connecting non-marijuana flavors to the lung illnesses.

This reporter here would also like to say that it is about time that judges also realize that flavored e-liquids are safe as well. The way to stop the lung illness is to go after the Bootleg THC manufacturers that are using Vitamin E Acetate to cut the THC.