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Operation “Puff Not” Bans E-Cig Exports

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016

Yes, the words written below was an April Fools Prank – Please read about why it was done here.

The End of the Electronic Cigarette Industry is Here

China Bans ALL E-Cig Exports while we slept.

China has made a bold move against all electronic cigarette manufacturers and their customers by recent bans on ALL (not just some) electronic cigarette exports out of the country. In one single stroke, the e-cigarette industry has been fatally wounded by what China is calling “Operation Puff Not” (really, that’s the name of this operation).

Element Vape

Here’s what we know so far.

Wang Xia, the Director of Field Operations for the CCB in Shenzhen, has seized 700,000 e-cigarette products, including e-liquid and hardware, between March 29th and 30th, without prior notice to any affected company in the sting operation.

This single seizure confiscated more than 150-million dollars of product set for delivery to western countries, including the United States and the UK.

Why Now?

In a letter written to sellers, manufacturers and exporters of the nicotine inhaling devices, officials deemed that electronic cigarettes pose a grave danger to our tobacco industry, which currently employs 20 Million people in China. – L.A. Journal 

China owns the tobacco industry there, and much of the taxes and licenses generate revenue to the government. TheChina Bans Electronic Cigarette industry has been making huge gains all over the world, including Chinese citizens, where smoking tobacco products is a major part of life for Chinese citizens. More and more of the Chinese citizens are switching from deadly tobacco to e-cigarettes, and the economic ramifications of this is being felt by the government owned tobacco industry.

Deemed Dangerous?

The Chinese government calls electronic cigarettes “dangerous” and “deadly” and considers tobacco products “safe”. Is this an episode of the Twilight Zone? Not at all, this is the official stance of the current Chinese government.

From The Philadelphia Journal: “[The CCP’s] efforts come after Beijing decided that the use and export of electronic cigarettes is detrimental to the Chinese tobacco economy. Currently the Chinese government owns the entire tobacco industry, which has an estimated 300M smokers and has seen declining sales in recent years due to expanding e-cig use.

The Electronic Cigarette industry is a 5-billion-dollar industry, worldwide, and has impacted 10% of all tobacco users around the world.

Over 800 brands at great prices, Breazy!

Outsourced Out of China

90% of ALL electronic cigarettes are manufactured in China, and with this insane move to kill the industry in an instant is forcing manufacturers to move their operations OUT of China. In the meantime, the e-cigarette and e-liquid inventories will shrink to nothing in a matter of days, a couple of weeks at the most.

The CEO of Atom Vapes, Q Shah, was quoted as saying’ “It’s going to be incredibly difficult to shift operations, we are experiencing delays on orders and have refunded our customers deposits

In recent months Atom Vapes has grabbed headlines of its own in the segment of the industry called “replacement coils” by coming out with the gClapton Coils for several popular sub-ohm tanks, and very recently the release of ceramic coils, again for several popular sub-ohm tanks. We reviewed both the gClapton and Ceramic  Atom Vape Coils. Where this leaves Atom Vapes and the rest of the industry is unknown.


In some ways we expected something like this would happen at some point, what we did not expect is a secret “sting” operation and an instant “ban” on electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. How this will affect the US industry, and even Spinfuel itself, is frightening to think about.

The story is being carried all over the United States today as more and more Online Newspapers are publishing stories about the seizure in Beijing. We’ve posted links below.

Will the Electronic Cigarette survive this ridiculous ban? Can the Chinese manufacturers get up and running in other, e-Cig friendly countries? Will India become the new capital for e-cigarette manufacturers, or will the ultimate cost be too much to bear? Are we looking at a “lights out” scenario?  Only time will tell. In the meantime, Spinfuel eMagazine will continue as “business as usual” until its not.

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China bans all E-cig exports

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21 thoughts on “Operation “Puff Not” Bans E-Cig Exports”

  1. The sources in this column are suspect at best and fake at worst. Not sure if this is an early April Fools joke or not, but those aren’t the actually links to those newspapers.

  2. Well, I work for Aspire. And my colleagues over there have no clue about it. AND it’s April 1st over there. So Happy April Fools folks!

    1. It’s still not April for 1:11 in china it’s only 10:49pm there. Spinfuel you guys suck and I will never visit this site again. Posting fake news websites as sources and reposts? Come on. We all know isn’t a legit news outlet and neither are your ‘sources’. You are pathetic

  3. I am really irritated. I mean a joke is something you play on your friends for a laugh, upsetting a million people who feed their children off this industry is a little outta line… just sayin. *Not to take life too seriously, but I coulda made some calls out instead of chasing this info.

  4. Hey Spinfuel, First of all Lame Attempt at a joke, Second Shop owners don’t need the added stress to their day SO A BIG FUCK YOU TO YOU ASSHOLES!

  5. I really liked Spinfuel… I had you bookmarked and all… but now I just hate you. The market has enough negative press, posting this is just pure stupid. You have one less reader. I guess it is just Vaping 360 from on now.

  6. Seriously people it was a joke. You’re acting like somebody raped your dog. Lighten up already. Hell last year I called in to work hiv positive for April fool’s day. Got nothing but a laugh from the owner of the company.

    1. Obviously, KM does not work in the industry so does not realize what kind of stress the idea of an entire market crash would have on someone who does rely on it to feed their children. I don’t know what you do, but if someone suddenly told you your income was about to be taken away – wouldn’t you research it a little? With a bit of stress? Don’t you think it is irresponsible of a trusted source to take advantage of their position to “play a joke” on people who actually rely on them for accurate news? I am all for fun when appropriate. It is not about lightening up.

      PS: if HIV is a joke to you – your comment is void anyway.

  7. ROYALTECH confirmed that the news Chinese goverment banned ecig export is not true just now!!! We are a leading ecig supplier with export license and ensure your business is safe!!!

  8. I would like to know how on earth you would think this is funny giving the current vaping climate. You obviously haven’t thought this through. You’re an absolute bunch of morons.

  9. Not funny, this got a lot of folks worried. What a low class act to publish such trash. A public caning and stoning to the death is in order. lol

  10. SHAME ON YOU im 50 years old with crohns my wife is 62 on dialysis,we seen this on east coast last night at 10pm that wasnt april fools yet.So i quit analogs 9 months ago ,when read this first thoughts were omg do i have to start smoking again everything is going to triple,so i took almost 300 dollars part of my rent to stock up right away.SHAME ON YOU WHO IS GOING TO PAY ME BSCK FOR THIS????I trusted you people with my vape life .who wants to call my wife at dialysis and try to get her to stop crying oh and by the way today is my 15 year anniversary and thats no joke.this isnt over by a long shot im calling BBB on atom vapes with false adv and will see about you spinfual

    1. Clinton, you’re still an idiot. I’m calling BS on you. Next time don’t pull your sob story from a stack of old country music albums.

      1. Hahahaha hilarious. You guys froze your lives over an article on the Internet without further research? Hilarious. Just a joke. Relax. Hahahaha

  11. I work the 24/7 vape life as a B/M owner. Yes I freaked out. Yes i was about to empty my accounts to pick up every piece of hardware i could get my hands on. Yes i had shipments in china. I had just paid for a order the night before. BUT i would never make any type of move with further research so as soon as I got to my desk ( After making phone calls because i was in the car ) I did research and found it to be the first April fools joke I fell for in a long time. I was pissed yesterday But today I am calm and found it to be one of the best pranks ever because at the end of the day I do have sens of humor.

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