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Here’s a misleading (but true) opening sentence for this review: The One Vape Lambo Pod Mod Kit is the perfect entry point for someone who recently quit smoking. That statement is 100% true in this reviewer’s eyes. Not because the Lambo is a great vape. But because its biggest selling point is one that arguably means more than anything else to a new vaper – longevity.


When I first started vaping, all I wanted to know was how long I could be away from a power source before my e-cig would fail. If I didn’t have optimal flavor (or didn’t even know what that was) I was still okay, as long as my device stayed charged and ready to quell nicotine cravings. So, in that sense, the long-lasting, durable One Vape Lambo Pod Mod kit is a winner.


However, if you’re looking to get the most from those pricey salt nic vape liquids in your collection, it’s probably best if you hit the back button and find another device to review. Because, in terms of delivering flavor and satisfaction, the One Vape Lambo barely rises above sea level. But if you want a pod mod for a long day away – music festival, hospital waiting room, etc. – then the Lambo might just be the device you need to get through it.


One Vape, like so many companies of late, has decided that human beings would much prefer to “smoke” out of odd, hexagonal shaped devices, rather than long, cylindrical tubes. So, much like the recently reviewed Smoant Karat, using the Lambo is like sucking on a jewel, or playing a mystical flute in the “Legend of Zelda.”


But, because it is a large jewel, One Vape thought of you, the user. The addition of a lanyard loop allows you to proudly and confidently display the Lambo around your neck. You know, kinda like a stereotypical pimp. Because that’s what vapers want.


To make things even better, the lanyard loop sits at the bottom of the Lambo frame, so this attractive neckwear also sits upside down, keeping e-liquid away from the coil, and instead testing the strength of the drip-tip. Maybe it’s a lightweight device (and I never did experience any leaking while upside down) but this is one seriouslyridiculous design choice.


Moving beyond the aesthetics, the Lambo has all the other hallmarks of modern pod mod design. The asymmetrical pod/tank snaps into place with reassuring magnets to hold it steady, the pod’s fill port is narrow, and the airflow is restrictive. But again, for new smokers, this is probably the best, most hassle-free way to get their feet wet in vaping.

Observations While Vaping the Lambo

The built-in 360mAh battery doesn’t seem like it could power a nightlight, much less a vaping device, but One Vape must have made “One Hell” of a deal with the devil, because the battery performance is among the best we’ve seen on any entry-level pod mod. Using the device more steadily than any newcomer would, the Lambo gave me nearly 12 hours of smooth mouth-to-lung vaping.


Even when trying deeper lung draws, the battery life barely changed, and I soon found myself trying to trip up the device, looking for flaws in this performance. But I couldn’t – the Lambo lasted a good, long time.


What’s better is that the Lambo charges ridiculously fast using the onboard USB port. Like “zero to full in 40 mins” fast. Sure, a 360mAh cell isn’t that hard to fill. But a 360mAh cell that outperforms batteries with three times the capacity? Yeah, that has our attention.


If only One Vape had paired this battery performance with actual vaping prowess. Unfortunately, in the areas that matter most – flavor and vapor – the Lambo is average at best, and disappointing throughout. It’s far from the worst we’ve tried, but the flat, lifeless flavor and wispy vapor output make me wonder if anyone at One Vape has even tried a pod mod since 2017.


Using a high-nic salt liquid, I filled the included pod (after wrestling with the wafer-thin fill port) and was expecting a rush of strawberry lemonade goodness. Instead, only the most “extreme,” noticeable elements of the flavor combo was evident. The sweetness was there, with a touch of tart, but the lack of nuance made the entire experience seem very artificial and limp.


Pod mod devices are designed to deliver flavor, so this was disappointing to say the least. Again, it’s a capable device if you’re more concerned with all-day vaping. But flavor-seekers, look elsewhere – there’s nothing to see here.


I WILL say that the Lambo is one of the few pod devices that was equally capable with standard e-liquids and nic salt juices. Normally, pod mods tend to choke and burn on thicker liquids, but the Lambo gave me pretty steady performance, no matter which option I chose. Maybe the flavor wasn’t ideal, but it was there, and without any burning or dry hits.

Bottom Line

At this point in the game, there’s very little that a pod mod can do to surprise me. But I was genuinely surprised and disappointed by the lack of flavor and vapor satisfaction that came from the One Vape Lambo. On a device that seems to check all the same boxes as more-flavorful pod mods, the Lambo barely registers in that department.


So, if you need an inexpensive, long-lasting “emergency” type device for long waits, all-day events, or just times when a USB port isn’t convenient, the Lambo serves a definite purpose. But vapers who expect a little more flavor and enjoyment will find very little to brag about here.


Score: C-