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Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies - I Wanna Take You Higher


… I want to, I want to, I want to take you higher
I wanna take you higher
Baby, baby, baby, light my fire
I wanna take you higher… Sly Stone

[ez-toc]Need a mind vacation to decompress? I have just the thing. And man, Ocho Extracts did something I thought was impossible; deliver a “high” that exactly feels like a natural cannabis high, in the form of a delicious gummie in various flavors. A combination of Delta THC components that create a long-lasting and legal high that is safe, effective, and affordable.

Pleasant, dreamy, floating on a cloud kind of high that will deflate the stress building up in your head like nothing else can.

Talk to Me about the Delta THC Obliter8 Collection

The Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Collection of Gummies offers an excursion to outer reaches of your consciousness with a single gummie, or even half a gummie is you’re a lightweight (and I mean that in a good way).

Every Obliter8 gummy comprises 175 mg of Delta-6 + Delta-8 + Delta-9 + THC-B + THC-H + THC-JD + THC-P + THC-X + Live Resin.

Okay, but Why Mix the Delta’s

This recipe of cannabinoids that Ocho Extracts created offers different effects to every user, as well as the level of intensity of being high.  Obliter8 will help you tap into to your consciousness like a magic carpet and take you places you will want to discover.

Kinda sounds like a trip on micro-dosing psilocybin, but in truth it’s just this magic combination of Delta THC blends and a full-spectrum Live Resin concentrate. All made from cannabinoids that are as natural as a tree in a forest.

Every cannabinoid of the cannabis, or hemp plant, produces different effects on everyone. Certain cannabinoids may cause an intense rush, while others give off a relaxing mental vibe, with physical focus at the same time. (It’s not that easy to put into words)

Some cannabinoids are synonymous with feelings of exhilaration, while others are known to producing a peaceful state of mind (my personal state of bliss).

Sure, Okay, but Why Again? Why Mix?

Well, cannabinoids differ in their psychoactive potency for one thing. But, if you can combine them, just so, it usually enhances the effects of each component while reducing any potential side effect that could affect someone on that rare occasion.

Getting the Mix Right

Choosing one cannabinoid over another does have its trade-offs, no such thing as a free lunch, after all. Still, combining certain cannabinoids in delicate and purposeful ways provide a better, safer, and more pleasant experience.

Mixing Cannabinoids Takes a Lot of Long Time and Effort.

The entire Obliter8 line by Ocho Extracts, from the Obliter8 Disposable 3Gram Vape, and the 2-Gram 510-Cartridge, was created and perfected by painstakingly discovering everything possible about each component and combining an almost unlimited number of permutations to get each product, each flavor, to work exactly how they envisioned them to work.

How About the Gummie? How to get “it” into the Gummies?

Here we get into an issue that is more challenging for Ocho Extracts that the Cartridge or Disposable Vape. How does one Infuse a mix of cannabinoids that gets you “safely” high as a kite, into a sweet flavorful gummy? Very carefully… (sorry, been wanting to use that line for years)


Honestly, I don’t really know. And even if I did, which I don’t, I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you. Trade secrets and all that. (Well, at least I think so)

What I can and will say about Obliter8 Gummies is this; Obliter8 is a true chef-d’oeuvre in the cannabis/cannabinoid industry. An industry that is busting out like never before.

I reviewed, over and over and over (just to be sure) every gummy in my jar of Mango-Pineapple Obliter8 Gummies. I suppose that’s why it took me 3 weeks to write this review. And if I am being candid here, I’m not 100% sober as I type this (can you tell?).

Why Live Resin? Why Indeed

As I indicated above, Obliter8 Gummies (and the other products) contain a Live Resin extract. A Live Resin Extract is a full-spectrum concentrate that preserves all the minor substances of the cannabis flower that ultimately makes you, me, and everyone else, feel splendid.

Gummies Are…

 Look, Gummies in the Delta THC marketplace are considered the top-tier shelf of cannabis and cannabis infused edibles. It’s just so easy to pop one in your mouth, as well as being as delicious as candy gummy bears.

But ease of, well, ingesting a gummy, isn’t the only thing that makes getting the warm and fuzzies from Obliter8 Gummies a great product to use. Gummies are controllable, in that when imbibing on getting high, you can control the amount you ingest.

They easily divide into halves or even quarters, to control the dose or share with special friends and lovers.

Gummies are Discreet.

Eating gummies is a way as to not attract attention is easily done. With a cartridge and battery there is a vapor to contend with. With the disposable vape, same thing. With Obliter8 Gummies? No smoke, no vapor, no nothing.

Lastly, I’ll admit I haven’t tasted every flavor of these magnificent things, but the flavor of the Mango/Pineapple is truly remarkable. Though, lets be clear, when downing a Cannabinoid gummy, the sugar-infused gummy recipe helps deliver a true mask to hide a mild but sometimes bitter taste of the cannabis flower. With these gummies, there is no terpene aftertaste, only sweet mango and pineapple.

How Long Does It Take to Get Stoned?

Cannabinoids absolutely take longer to kick in than vaping a disposable or hitting on a cartridge/battery right. That’s been true since the days of Marijuana Brownies. Still, their effect is potent when it does kick in. The High even lasts longer and fades more slowly.  This right here is the biggest reason I’m a edibles kind a guy.

This entire week I’ve spent getting to know my jar of Obliter8 Gummies. The one thing you must take away from this review is how you can, if you want to, spend your day, or days, chilled out, spaced out, and pondering the multiverse and your place in it, simply by eating gummies every 5 to 6 hours. Though, if you do that, like I did this week, make sure to drink fluids (my drink of choice is always iced cold Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea, or a 24oz Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Cold Coffee.

And make sure to eat a couple times a day. Don’t use the kitchen and cook for God’s sake, not if you are going to spend your staycation inside with potent gummies. These days you can get any restaurant in your town to bring you whatever you want by using DoorDash, or Uber Eats, or GrubHub.

I’m not actually recommending a staycation spent high on gummies. I mean you will not get much done. Then again, with a million world ending problems going on in the world today, maybe a week in Gummie High is just what the doctor ordered. Man, talk about stress!

Time to Get Specific

Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies

Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies - I Wanna Take You HigherObliter8 3500mg Live Resin Gummies – Mango Pineapple

The Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies contain 175 mg of Delta-6 + Delta-8 + Delta-9 + THC-B + THC-H + THC-JD + THC-P + THC-X + Live Resin per piece. That is one hellva  mix of cannabinoids and terpenes. And inside each jar there are 20 gummies, for a total of 3500 mg in every jar.

Cannabinoids made with the Oblieter8 recipe are a lot more psychoactive than regular Delta THC. Even experienced cannabis users can experience side effects that are, uh, unpleasant, if he or she is not careful with the dosage. So, start slow with half a gummy and wait an hour for the cannabinoids to kick in, if you think you’re ready to play with the big pants on, take the other half.

I am absolutely serious here. My brother wanted to try these new gummies and I  gave him one, told him to eat half and wait about an hour or so. Instead of doing as I asked, he popped the whole thing in his mouth, chewed up it… and went home.

An hour later he called, “WHAT DID YOU GIVE ME??” So, yea, he got plenty stoned, and when he realized he simply took too much, he calmed down, put the 50th Anniversary of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, and took an out of body experience around the galaxy. 

Once you take off, you can feel a spark behind your eyes. It runs through your spine and limbs, reducing the tension of your muscles. At that moment, your body feels warm and heavy. Any trace of stress or anxiety disappears. You even forget those heavy thoughts or why they were so hard. Instead, you feel like levitating, and everything seems more blissful.

The effects have no equal, but each person feels differently. Thus, it is up to you to live the experience and tell others about it.

Trying the Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies is also a flavorful moment. So, don’t forget to taste its different flavors:

And in Conclusion…

 If you’re in the market for a truly delicious, yet wickedly potent, Delta THC gummie, Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies is the best choice right now.

Obliter8 Gummies will take you higher…

… Boom laka-laka-laka, Boom laka-lak-goon-ka boom
Hey, hey, hey, hey

— John Manzione

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