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[ez-toc]Our next review in the Obliter8 line from Ocho Extracts is the superb disposable vape. The flavor we are reviewing today is “Dark Matter” Hybrid. Before I go into the 3-grams of Dark Matter, I’d like to touch on an equally important aspect of this Ocho Extract Product. The hardware.

Ocho Extracts Disposable Vape Mod – The Hardware

Throughout the past 4+ years I must have used at least a hundred different disposables vapes. Some for CBD, some for Delta THC, and some with nic-salt e-liquids. I’ve used so many I can get a feel for how the hardware will work just by holding it. Here are my honest thoughts on the Obliter8 3-Gram disposable vape…

Ease of Use, Powerful, USB-C Rechargeable, and the best feature… a push fire button! You have no idea how I detest the “draw to activate” vapes. Nearly all draw-to-activate disposables I’ve used have weak pulls, under-powered, and weak vapor release. Obliter8 3 Gram Disposable wins hardware points, big time, for having a tried-n-true fire button.

Oh, and lest I forget, like the best vapes from the past, this disposable offers a 5-click on/off feature. You never waste battery power, and you never accidentally fire off the vape while it’s in your pocket. Oh, and there is a 2-click preheat which is a vital feature for vaping a Delta THC product. You will want to preheat the Oblier8 disposable every time.

The Obliter8 Dark Matter Hybrid Disposable Vape Fuel

Yea, I’m called the “vape juice” inside this disposable ‘Vape Fuel’. Inside is 3 full grams of a wicked hybrid of the following Delta THC components; Delta-6 + Delta-8 + Delta-9 + THC-B + THC-H + THC-JD + THC-P + THC-X + Live Resin

Can you Imagine?

Flavor Profile of the Obliter8 Dark Matter Vape Fuel

Dark Matter is a savory and sweet flavor profile, with a touch of the spicy. Dark Matter blends these flavors and aromatic vapor that some say include grapes, cherries, herbs, flowers, and spice.  I taste a dash of the cherry, hints of spice (not clove though), and a slight floral on the exhale.

In the past 3 years most of the disposable Delta THC vapes I’ve tried had a terrible, rough, harsh mouthfeel, with a no-flavor flavor. In other words, while other brands advertise flavors like “vanilla” or “mango” or whatever, I taste mostly “dirt weed”, not a pleasant taste at all. With Dark Matter (Hybrid), that dirt weed flavor doesn’t exist, and instead I enjoy the delicate flavors of cherries and a nice spice hit.

I have no doubt that other brands that advertise those vanilla, or fruity flavors blend their e-juice for those profiles, so I think in this case it could very well be the high-quality coil used in this disposable vape. A coil that recognizes the importance of the fidelity of accurate flavors. In any case, Dark Matter is a tasty vape fuel.

Does the Obliter8 Dark Matter Disposable Get You High?

I’ve been told that some users say its effects offer a relaxing mind, a bit of the tingles, and a generally uplifted feeling from this well-rounded hybrid. I don’t doubt them.

Now, for me, It’s a little different. Maybe a lot different. When I use the Dark Matter Disposable, I’ll use it for 5 or 6 mid-level MTL (mouth to lung) hits, and a few minutes afterwards I get a nice rush of relaxation, a quieting of the mind.

Most importantly, for me, the tension I have behind my eyes nearly 24/7/365 immediately lessens and within 20 minutes of the 5th hit, the tension behind my eyes is just gone.

After 20 minutes from the last hit I usually look around the room, and I stare… at the TV, at my turntable, at my wife, my cats, or the photos on the wall… in wonder. And it hits me… “I am high”.

I’m still relaxed, I feel good, calm, quiet, but stoned. It is amazing. And safe.


So, whenever I need to review a cannabis, CBD, or Delta THC disposable (and only disposables) I like to see, just once, how high I could get with I took more than the advised number of hits. So, I did, two nights ago. Doing so caused me to lose a day of writing… but I felt great, 😉

The OverVape will get you as high as a full-blown Cannabis high-THC cartridge, joint, or loose weed in a Bong. I do not recommend taking a dozen deep pulls from this disposable whenever you have anything to do for the next 24 hours.  I’m serious. After the intense high comes the crash. You’ll need some restorative sleep. (But it was fun!)

3 Grams Last How Long?

In our last review of the Obliter8 line, we reviewed the 2 Gram Cartridge. Looking at the cartridge I noticed how much larger it was from any and every cartridge I used to buy at my local cannabis dispensary. I mean, 2 Gram cartridge is HUGE.

So, imagine a 3 GRAM disposable vape… There is a very good reason the Obliter8 disposable has a USB-C port; it’s rechargeable because it needs to be. You’ll never vape 3 Grams on a full charge. Maybe 8 to 10 full charges (that depends on how you use it of course) will use up the 3 Grams, so expect your disposable to last a couple of weeks to a month. Many high moments to be had.


First, Ocho Extracts is one great company when it comes to developing amazing Delta THC products. Their intimate knowledge of every iteration of Delta THC, including the use of Live Resins, is the best of the best. In my opinion, there is no better out there. If I ever find one, I’ll let you know.

The Obliter8 line is a magical concoction of various Delta products, and exacting flavors that deliver the best “tasting” Delta THC products I’ve ever enjoyed.

The disposable vape hardware is excellent and high quality. The 5-click on/off fire button, the 2-click preheat, the push-to-vape fire button, and the proper airflow to deliver full flavored vapor and potent Delta THC blends, this rather simple looking disposable is so much better than the competition.

I have one more Obliter8 product to review, and that review starts next week. I’m shooting for the review to be published next Friday. It is the Oblieter8 Gummies, and man oh man, having sampled one already, you’re going to want to read that review.

Until then, let me say the Oblieter8 Dark Matter Disposable Vape has earned a big A+ from this reviewer.

If disposables are your thing; if Delta THC is your thing, you cannot go wrong picking up the Obliter8 Disposable.

Note* I did not review any other flavors, so I cannot honestly attest to their flavor profiles. However, since the Oblieter8 line of disposables use the same Delta formulas, each flavor will provide the same “experience”.

Other Obliter8 Disposable Flavors:

  • Critical Mass – Indica
  • GG4 – Hybrid
  • Lucid Blue – Sativa
  • Electric Lemonade – Sativa
  • A. Confidential – Indica
  • Northern Lights – Indica
  • Slazerbeam – Sativa
  • White Widow – Hybrid

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