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A Spinfuel Choice eLiquid Team Review

South Coast Vapor – #NOTACLONE

South Coast Vapor is a retail store that got into the business of making and marketing their own eliquids about a year ago. The line we are reviewing today is known as the #NOTACLONE line. Described by the owners as “smooth, desserty, and delicious” these three eliquids are sold in 17ML, 33ML, and 120ML sizes for, $12, $22, and $70 respectively. Nicotine levels are offered in 3, 6, and 12mg. They are, for better or worse, a drip line or at least a low-ohm high wattage line, in our opinion anyway.

The marketing image for #NOTACLONE is minimal. The clear glass bottles have safety caps, and transparent labels with the name of line (#NOTACLONE), flavor, nic-level, and nic-warning. The eLiquid is mixed in large 4000ML batches and are pre-steeped for 18 days before being shipped out to customers and retailers that handle the line.


If this is your first Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review please take a minute or tow and read over the protocols we’ve set up for our comprehensive review process


We didn’t find any of the three eliquids objectionable. In fact, when vaped properly they were pretty fantastic. If I had the power to fix one thing about this line it would be to convince the owners of South Coast Vapor to add some text to the page that displays these eliquids so that they explain that these eliquids are made for “warm vapor, lo-ohm coils, and high-wattage devices”. If these eliquids are purchased for vaping with mainstream devices there is going to be a lot of vapers believing that the flavor is lacking. These eliquid don’t lack flavor, they just need power to release them.

Lastly, on the South Coast Vapor website the #NOTACLONE eliquids are labeled as #NOTACLONE BY AMERAVAPE. Is Amerivape a different company, or an offshoot of South Coast Vapor? We don’t know, and the interview isn’t really clear, other than they have said that the #NOTACLONE line is their 3rd line of eLiquids, so I imagine it is owned by South Coast Vapor, using Ameravape as a “doing business as”…


lemoncheesecakeLemon Cheesecake – “A savory natural lemon on the inhale with a super moist cheesecake on the exhale. Made with all natural lemon extract that just compliments the cheesecake without being sour. 60vg/40pg” – SCV


Julia – 4.25 Stars – After figuring out that these three eliquids needed power I put aside all the mainstream gear, the sub-20w devices, the clearomizers, and stuck with sub-ohm tanks and high-wattage devices like the SMOK XP, VOX 50, and IPV Mini. Vaped with these devices this is a thick lemon cheesecake that will satisfy anyone’s deep need for a lemony sweet dessert vape.

Tom – 4.25 Stars – I don’t really like cheesecake vapes, but lemon isn’t a bad flavor in an eliquid, when done properly. So, while I won’t add this to my rotation I definitely recommend it to vapers that do like cheesecake vapes and vape with high-powered devices. Best in the Atlantis tank and Aspire sub-ohm battery, though I would have loved to experience this one in a Delta 2.

Jason 4.5 Stars – For me the magic happened in a sub-ohm tank with my MVP20W pushed to the max. A sweet cheesecake vape with lemon notes, this is a very good dessert vape when vaped warmly.

Keira – 4.25 Stars – I’m just not crazy about lemon cheesecake, so while I will say that the quality of this eliquid is superb, especially with high-wattage devices and lo-ohm coils, it won’t be an eliquid I will add to my collection. Deserving of its high score though, Lemon Cheesecake just isn’t my kind of juice

FantasyFantasyA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Indulge in a mystical flavor pallet of sweet strawberries rounded out with fresh cantaloupe and a nice creamy finish. 70vg/30pg” – SCV


Julia – 5 Stars – Fantasy has the most accurate description of the three. This high VG eliquid, when vaped in an Atlantis tank and powered by the Aspire Sub ohm battery, Fantasy pushes out a lusciously sweet strawberry flavor balanced with a light and breezy melon. The creamy finish, is well, creamy and definitely the last component you’ll taste in each vape. Lovely!

Tom – 5 Stars – I am awarding Fantasy the full 5 Stars despite the fact that I would not buy this eliquid. For vapers that want a strawberry and cantaloupe vape, with a seriously creamy finish, and is willing to vape it as it should be vaped; high-wattage, lo-ohm coils, the vape experience will send them over the top. Let’s put it this way; I would never turn it down, but I just can’t see myself saying, “I want a strawberry and cantaloupe vape”. Present me with one and I’ll love it, but ask me if I want one I’ll most certainly turn it down.

Jason – 5 Stars – This is the first strawberry vape that I can really enjoy with sub-1-ohm coils. I know there are plenty out there, but I’d never purchased one, and probably wouldn’t. Although, by the time my share of the juice was gone I was almost ready to change my mind and decide to add it to my collection. For power vapers, this is definitely a great vape.

Keira – 5 Stars – Combine sweet strawberries, luscious cantaloupe, warm and voluminous vapor and you have one hell of a good time. I’ve added this one to my rotation for use with my high-wattage, lo-ohm devices

cinnamon-rollCinnaroll – “A fresh baked cinnamon roll with a delicious creamy almost buttery glaze on the exhale. 70vg/30pg” – SCV

Julia – 4.5 Stars – This is a very thick, very golden color eliquid, with a decent “roll” flavor but not nearly enough cinnamon roll flavor for me. That’s not to say that I didn’t like it, I did, but this is the kind of flavor that is best dripped, or at the least used in a sub-ohm environment, in order to pull out enough flavor. You might like it on higher resistance clearomizers, but it lives, or should live, in the subs.


Tom – 4.75 Stars – The first thing you’ll notice about Cinnaroll is that it is a very thick eliquid just begging to be dripped onto some live coils and organic cotton. It is obvious that this is formulated to reveal its true potential in the sub-ohm territory, with warm vapor and tons of it. I would highly recommend it as a sub-ohm juice, but nothing above 1.2ohm in a proper RBA, like say, my brand new Kayfun 4 that Julia gave me for Christmas!

Jason – 4.75 Stars – Because of the way we review all eliquids I had the opportunity to vape Cinnaroll in a Kanger Subtank and the Joyetech eGo ONE with a .5ohm coil. Both provided an excellent rendition of this terrific eliquid. I wouldn’t recommend it for mainstream gear, like clearomizers with 2.1ohm coils, but as warm vapor in the low-ohm territory it is an excellent juice.

Keira 4.5 – I made the mistake of filling up an X.Jet Spider and vaping Cinnaroll with a Spinner 2 at 3.8v. This setup provided a weak flavor with average vapor. However, once I filled up an Aspire Atlantis I was over the moon. #NOTACLONE is a line up for lo-ohm vaping, and in this they are marvelous!


Obviously, we need to make some adjustments in the future when reviewing this type of eliquid. In the past we always invited eliquid brands to submit 18mg nicotine strength at “House Blend” PG/VG, which up until a few months ago was always 50/50. These days we are seeing a lot high-performance ejuice, with higher VG levels and lower nicotine. By using mainly the two tanks, the Atlantis and Subtank, we’re limiting ourselves, and our readers, to just a couple of devices. We’ll make these adjustments just as soon as we can.

This eliquid line from South Coast Vapor, #NOTACLONE begs for the lo-ohm, high wattage vape gear in order to release their potential. It cannot be overstated that for vapers who have not yet experienced the sub-ohm vape, we cannot recommend this line. On the other hand, if you’ve been waiting to purchase your first sub ohm tank and +25W device, #NOTACLONE is a great excuse.

Till next time,

Julia, Tom, Jason, and Keira