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 About NoNic™ Nicotine Replacement

About NoNic™ – For quite some time I started giving serious thought to what we, as vapers, can really expect from the “deeming regulations” (I think deeming regulations as become a vaper specific meme these days). I’ve wondered if the FDA might try to sneak one past the goal post by coming at us with nicotine as the true enemy.

Without nicotine vaping would be nearly as helpful to smokers looking to get off tobacco, and I wondered if somebody, some company, or some scientist might be thinking about some kind of nicotine replacement. Something that would satisfy the ‘addiction’ of nicotine, but still allow for great tasting eliquids. Then, one day while talking this whole thing over with my boss I heard about something that was being developed by one of our sponsors. It was very much NDA at the time, so I couldn’t talk about it to anyone. Now, I can.

After getting the scoop on how far Judy Henry has come I’m starting to think that if what she has developed works as advertised, it might be a good idea to see it in eliquids even if the FDA doesn’t do anything about nicotine.

NoNic™ Is Real…at last

Our friends at Guilty Pleasures Organics have been working for a long, long time in development and research, (and in consultation with some of the most brilliant minds in the fields of naturopathic medicine, science, biology and herbs,) and have developed a ‘patent pending’ formula designed to mimic nicotine with none of the unsafe side effects. Soon the possibility of seeing this new NoNic™ in your eliquid isn’t so farfetched, and I am excited about the possibilities.

The constituent and component parts of NoNic™ are not extracted from tobacco, and NoNic™ contains no tobacco products of any kind. We’re being told that NoNic™ is made from organic herbs and plants extracted and blended together in an extraction process that maximizes the “synergistic effect” of nicotine. NoNic™ is designed to calm nerves that cause addictive cravings while offering a “little buzz” that smokers love to get from nicotine.

Is NoNic™ The Game Changer?

The recent proposed regulations from the FDA are centered on the use of nicotine. These proposed deeming regulations treat this new vapor category almost exactly like tobacco, which will likely play into the hands – and deep pockets — of the tobacco and cigarette companies. A particularly onerous stipulation is the one that will allow all e-cigarettes that are “substantially equivalent” to devices existing prior to February 15, 2007 to remain on the market. Newer and more innovative products must be submitted to the FDA for approval, forcing companies to undergo a product approval process that would cost an estimated $1 to $4 million per product. Outrageous as that may seem, it is a real possibility.

Local Vape Shops

I think its fair to assume that a neighborhood vape shop or even a midsize e-liquid provider cannot afford that type of regulatory hurdle. Nor should they have to, but since when does that matter to money hungry politicians?

Appropriate regulation to ensure vapor product quality and safety, particularly as technology results in newer and more customizable devices and eliquids is essential to the industry’s long-term health, I get that, hell, I accept that.

But excessive regulation of a category where growth and innovation has been driven by small, independent businesses could effectively cede the industry – along with its huge potential for harm reduction — to Big Tobacco, the very guys who hooked smokers in the first place, and kept them hooked with their over 4000 “designer chemicals” added to the tobacco.

Tobacco companies have been vigorously pushing for tighter regulation of new products that leverage their enormous influence over distribution, merchandising, and in-store displays. Tobacco companies can make sure no one else will be able to afford to stay in business. Is this really what we want for a product category that many health experts believe could rid the world of smoking?

Guilty Pleasure Organics says that NoNic™ is not derived from tobacco, is not nicotine and cannot be classified as a tobacco or nicotine product, and therefore could not be subject to the proposed regulations or future regulations which I personally expect to come out regulating nicotine.

It’s Time

It is time that this rapidly growing number of us that choose vaping instead of smoking to stand up and be counted. But, if we are not allowed access to nicotine in our eliquid, isn’t about time we were offered a non-addictive component free of chemicals that does not raise blood pressure with its daily use? Maybe so.

Do We Even Want Nicotine Anymore?

As vaping continues its explosive growth there is a loud rhythm that is growing stronger every day. It is the people, me among them, who have left analog cigarettes behind and have chosen to vape instead. We have gotten used to being free of the terrible addiction to smoking as we sampled a plethora of delicious flavored ejuices. We’re healthier, stronger, and we’re adding years back to our lives by leaving tobacco behind us. But what if, what if, these government hacks do something drastic when it comes to nicotine? Then what?

Could NoNic Be The Real Deal?

NoNic™ is organic and natural, with zero chemicals and no propylene glycol used to enhance the flavor, and there is nothing addictive about NoNic. I don’t know about you, but if NoNic works as well as I’m hearing from initial testing then maybe getting nicotine our of eliquid is an even better way to vape. Hell, even if the government does nothing about nicotine in the upcoming regulations I’m thinking it might be a good idea to have my favorite eliquids using NoNic™ instead of nicotine.

Who Are The People Behind NoNic™

Well, like I said above, Guilty Pleasures Organics LLC, a company known for their Happy Lungs ™ formula by many vapers using organic eliquids, is the company that created this product. Founder and CEO Judy Henry (Judy has written for Spinfuel in the past) is one of the people who, after smoking for over 40 years, finally quit cigarette by vaping instead. Her first experience with ejuice was an unlabeled bottle from China that smelled like —-, well, you know, and it left her with swollen eyes and a burning throat from so much propylene glycol and other chemicals the Chinese used in years past

Over the past two years, Judy has worked through her website with customers to find out what was working and what needed to be fine-tuned. According to Judy, she made a decision early on that she would personally answer every customer call and email, hearing every word of dissatisfaction along with the glowing compliments and gratitude for what we are doing, and believe me, she certainly has.

Judy has been working with experts in the health field to develop something she felt would usher in the change she felt we deserved, and instead of just repeating the same mistakes of the past that kept all of us addicted to nicotine, Judy did something about it.

Guilty Pleasure Organics is the only company in this huge industry that has taken a hard stand against vaping propylene glycol and other chemicals, while working with organic herbal formulas, and making them the best they can be as it relates to vaporizing.

Judy Henry as told to Julia Barnes

Due to the massive scope of this formula, GPO is seeking like- minded investors to join them in this exciting and important venture. Interested parties can contact Judy at 208-215-0395.