If you mix your own vape juice, either from scratch or simply ‘doctoring’ up your premade favorite flavors and brands, the Nitecore NFF01 ( see more here) just might be the best tool for the job. The NFF01 has a simple function, and the idea behind it is certainly sourced by laboratories all over the world, but to say that the Nitecore NFF01 is a “magnetic mixer of liquids” just doesn’t cover it. This tabletop tool possesses outstanding craftsmanship, and such precision I would not be surprised to see the device repurposed for use in many laboratory settings. For now, I’ll stick to its primary function of helping DIY E-Liquid mixers get excellent results from their endeavors.Element Vape

While it’s true that there are tens of thousands of DIY e-liquid makers in the vape community, and that the Nitecore NFF01 will benefit these mixers terrifically, I believe that there is another audience that Nitecore should be approaching, and it is the primary reason I wanted to do this review. The ‘other’ audience is people like myself; people that have found amazing premade vape juice that can blend together to make even a better product when combined.

In my mind, a review of a product like the NFF01 should not consist of just a bunch of specs and features, but of some real-world testing. Specs and Features can be found anywhere by just searching Google. But to find specific ways in which the NFF01 earns back its modest price tag (right around $120 or so) quickly is far more important than just knowing a bunch of specifications. That said, at the end of this exploration into the Nitecore NFF01 I’ve listed all the specs and features anyway.

First, here’s video that does a very good job of showing off the NFF01. Watch this short piece and then continue reading about how I choose to use the new NFF01.

The Nitecore NFF01 - What It Is

The Nitecore NFF01 liquid mixer (in our world it’s an e-liquid mixer) is a top-notch professional tool. It easy to set up and use. The idea is simple. Yet, after so many years of creating DIY eliquids by thousands of people, no other company has created a liquid mixer and placed it into the hands of DIY E-Liquid Creators… until now.

The NFF01 is, at its core, a plate where one would place a container with the e-juice being mixed. You would then place one of the small metal “capsules” in the liquid and the magnets inside the plate causes the capsule to spin.

Professionals in the lab, including professional eliquid brands and chemists the world over, have been using machines like this for decades. But now, this tool is available to anyone, so professional results rests in all our hands.

My Two Main Reasons for Loving My Nitecore NFF01

I’m not going to try and be something I’m not, and the truth is I haven’t mixed a bottle of eliquid in more than 2 years. With 60mL bottles now the norm, with HighVG and low nicotine all the rage, and with the price of vape juice coming down, I’ve seen no reason to mix my own. However, for those that do, God bless you! The money saved is no small thing.

Anyway, I found two awesome ways to put my Nitecore NFF01 to work for me, and now that I have, I would miss it if it were gone, and I would be everything I could to replace it as fast as possible.

As the Great Steeping Machine

Every bottle of e-liquid you and I buy can always get better with a little, or a lot, of “steeping”. Steeping in the vape industry means “aging” and “time for the ingredients to marry”. Too often even the finest vape juice companies do not have the time, or the storage facilities, to mix, bottle, and ‘age’ their product. Vape juice is always better with a little aging at home. But what if you can capture the peak flavors almost immediately, without having to run through the steps of Steeping Eliquid? (see our Guide to Steeping)

The idea of speeding up the steep process is to take steps to open the bottle, shake it, leave the cap off a while to allow a fresh exchange of air, and so on. With the Nitecore NFF01, it’s much faster, much more precise, and it brings out the best in the eliquid with little effort.

Here’s How I Put My NFF01 to Work for Steeping

Nitecore NFF01 Magnetic E-Juice Mixer Review - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThe NFF01 comes with 3 individual stirring capsules. This metal capsules sit at the bottom of a glass, or a bottle, and when placed on magnetic deck of the NFF01, the capsules spin from 70 to 1200 revolutions a minute. This creates an intense exchange of oxygen (air really) with the vape juice molecules, and within minutes the NFF01 has saturated the premade e-liquid with more air than 3 weeks of sitting in a cool, dark, closet with the cap left off.

The vortex the vape juice creates while the capsule is spinning does more to marry, or blend, the ingredients than a month of manual shaking of the bottle. It is this merging of the ingredients that intensifies the flavors, distributing the nicotine into each atom of the VG/PG/Flavoring ingredients. The result is a vast improvement in both flavor and vapor production. All these ingredients, after being spun around inside the bottle, are as close to becoming a single ingredient, and it’s all done within 15 minutes.

Since picking up my Nitecore NFF01 I’ve improved even the best vape juice to come my way. Plus, the office staff is always hitting me up to use the NFF01 whenever they open a new bottle of juice. Trust me, it is the BEST way to Steep your e-liquid.

The Nitecore NFF01 as a Doctoring Device

In addition to using the NFF01 as the best Steeping tool, it is also a magnificent tool for tweaking vape juice that needs a little help. Some of the ways I’ve used the NFF01 to tweak my ‘vape juice’ are;

  1. Blending Two or More Flavors

  2. Adding a bit more flavor

  3. Increasing or Decreasing the VG (thickness)

Most of my time spent doctoring my premade, purchased vape juice is the blending of certain flavors. My favorite brands include KILO, it’s White, Black, and Milk series, as well as several from The Plume Room, Vape Dudes, and Naked 100. While some flavors mix better than others, here are my top five blends

Recent E-Liquids That Blend Well

KILO White Cookies and Milk + KILO Black Birthday Cake

Naked 100 Go Nanos + KILO Milk Neapolitan

The Plume Room Chai Tea + Vape Dudes Chai Latte

Naked 100 Unicorn + KILO White Cinnamon Roll

Naked 100 Very Berry + Vape Dudes Belgium Blue

Sometimes I will want to create something totally new, and sometimes I just want to enhance certain flavor components. The doctoring of vape juice is limitless, and the perfect way to get the ultimate blend is to use the NFF01.

One of my all-time favorite flavor components is Chai Tea. I vape The Plume Room’s version and Vape Dudes version a lot. I’ve also ordered a few Chai Tea flavorings from DIY online shops. Once and a while I will want a stronger Chai presence, so I’ll add a few drops of pure flavoring to either of the premade vape juices, turn on the NFF01 for a couple of minutes, and at the end I have a new Chai Tea vape experience with a bigger Chai Tea punch.

As for VG, or Vegetable Glycerin, the thicker the vape juice the better. While I love the Plume Room’s flavors, not all of them have been bumped up to High VG. The easiest solution is to buy a bottle of pure VG (no nicotine solution) and add about 20% (max) pure VG and blend it in the NFF01. The result is a higher VG Plume Room vape juice that tastes the same, yet produces larger clouds.

In Conclusion

Using the NFF01 is straightforward; When the machine is on press the top button at the left of the screen. This allows access to the RPM settings. Adjust the RPM with the rotating button and press it to lock in the selected setting.

You can program the mixer to run at certain times every day for up to 14 days. For DIY this is important, for my uses, it never takes more than an hour at most to accomplish my goals of steeping, blending, or tweaking.

The Nitecore NFF01 is a great tool for DIY vape juice creators, but there are other Vapers out there in the community that the NFF01 can serve very well indeed. The NFF01 is very well made, it will last a very long time, and it is affordable, flexible, and will add huge amounts of pleasure to anyone’s vaping experience. I love it.

As I said in the beginning, below are the official specs and features. Look them over, then think about all the ways you can improve your eliquids with a simple tool like the Nitecore NFF01.

Julia Hartley-Barnes

  • Works with up to 1000ml liquid.Nitecore NFF01 Magnetic E-Juice Mixer Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
  • Adjustable rpm (rounds per minute) from 70 to 1200.
  • Adjustable heat from 35 to 70 degrees.
  • Can be programmed for up to 14 days in advance.
  • Size: L: 161mm, W: 144.7mm, H: 53mm.


  • Materials: Heat resistant plastic and stainless steel.
  • Works with up to 1000ml liquid.
  • Works best with 30 – 200ml.
  • Large and clear screen.
  • Adjustable rpm (rounds per minute) from 70 to 1200.
  • Adjustable heat from 35 to 70 degrees.
  • Engine effect: 3W.
  • Can be programmed to start and stop at a certain time for up to 14 days.
  • On/off button on the side.
  • Turning/adjustment nob/button to the right side of the screen.
    • The top button is between 24 and 08.00.
    • The middle button is between 08.00 and 16.00.
    • The bottom button is between 16.00 and 24.00.
    • Adjust with the turning button and jump between the different setting by pressing the turning button.
  • Size: L: 161mm, W: 144.7mm, H: 53mm.

Basic Operation and Tips

The metal pills can be set to rotate between 70 – 1200 rpm. and the built-in heating element will go between 35 – 70 degrees. The temperature is another factor you should consider when mixing, and this mixer does the work for you.
The Nitecore NFF01 is almost “magical”, and you have tried it while mixing your first new batch you’ll wonder why this has been done before.

You’ll need to get familiar with the menu and settings, and they are shown on the nice large screen that makes the task super easy.

The basics you need to know:

  • The On/Off button on the side of the machine.
  • The large button to the right of the screen is both a button and an adjustment wheel.
  • The three buttons to the left of the screen are settings-buttons, which allows the user to choose which settings to adjust; heat, RPM’s, time settings, and more).

Once the mixer is turned on the user must press the top left button to choose the RPM setting. Adjust by turning the large button and press it when the preferred setting is reached. Then the user sets the temperature, which is adjusted by turning the same large button.  Users can also use different timer-settings too.
The Nitecore NFF01 does require a bit of practice to get used to it, but If you’re wanting to, or already are, mixing e-juice, you’ll will want, and love, the Nitecore NFF01.

In The Box:
1 x Nitecore NFF01 Liquid mixer.
3 x Metal stirring-pills.
1 x Power unit.