May 27, 2022
The Plume Room eLiquid Review

The Plume Room eLiquid Review

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Plume Room Review

It’s been a year, maybe more, since we last visited The Plume Room, and boy how things have changed. (Read Interview Here) The Plume Room is more successful than ever, and their move to Minnesota has served to re-energize their artistry as well as to allow for a big overhaul of their state-of-the-art facility, and they are now able to produce enough juice to satisfy demand. While they still have a 4 to 5 day window from the moment you place your order to the moment it ships, their loyal customers certainly don’t mind. However, because customers do have to wait longer for The Plume Room juice to arrive, is it accurate to say that TPR is a ‘boutique’ vendor, as many people have said?

Boutique Vendor?

In our minds a boutique vendor is one that producers their eLiquid in small quantities, using the most expensive ingredients they can find, and producing each bottle by hand, one by one by one. They also have that unique attitude, a certain snobbery that comes from an inflated ego. They also charge big prices for small bottles, as though people will perceive they are getting a better product because they are paying more for it.

Yes, The Plume Room use only top shelf ingredients, they mix each bottle by hand, as the orders come in, they use the best materials for bottling, labeling, and packaging, but they are also the opposite of snobs, they are active in the community and their customer service is top notch.  Their customers are loyal because they know ‘The Plume Room’s’ dedication for making the best juice possible is unwavering.

Premium Pricing?

We have no doubt that The Plume Room could charge more for their juice than they do. There are ‘lesser’ vendors that charge more than The Plume Room does, and with all the TLC The Plume Room puts into each and every bottle we’re willing to bet that most of the customers would happily pay more. But Andrea and her team refuse to play that game, no matter how impressive their juice is, no matter how much ‘mystique’ surrounds their brand.  A 10ML bottle of The Plume Room juice is just $6.99, and the huge 60ML bottle is just $33.


When The Plume Room develops an eLiquid flavor their focus is what will produce the very best juice. While they are working on a line of juice that is “PG-Free”, their juice today is made with both PG and VG. However, they do not offer a straight up 50:50, 80:20, 70:30, and so on, the ratios are completely dependent on what makes the best juice, what recipe creates a juice that Andrea and her team are willing to stamp their approval on.  As you will see below, ratios differ depending on the particular eLiquid. While they may offer a different ratio of PG/VG they have designated their “recommended” ratios where necessary.  It is our custom to review the ‘House Blend’, or ‘recommended’ blend.

The nicotine choices are 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. The also offer a nicotine-free option for Vapers looking to vape without nicotine. Customers can choose between Cobalt Glass and PET Dripper bottles, all of which are sealed to prevent tampering and to keep fresh. Our bottles arrived in sealed vacuum bags, though not vacuum-sealed. In the past, when we order 60ML bottles of our favorite flavors they did arrive in vacuum-sealed bags, which keep the juice so fresh we’ll willing to bet we could keep them sealed for 50 years and the juice would be as fresh as the day it was made.

We are reviewing ten flavors today, a good cross section of the flavor signature from The Plume Room.


  • Banana Pudding – 40:60 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Creamy Chai Latte – 50:50 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Candied Cavendish – 15:85 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Creamy Mint – 40:60 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Vanilla Caramel Frappuccino – 30:70 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Black Cherry Cream Soda – 50:50 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Smooth & Mild Tobacco – 30:70 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Lemon Chiffon Pie – 50:50 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Peanut Butter Crème Pie – 50:50 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine
  • Banana Mint Milkshake – 40:60 PG/VG – 18mg nicotine

Shipping Times – At the time of this review the official shipping times were 4-6+ Business Days. Although nothing is mass-produced at The Plume Room there are many occasions when the ship time is much shorter.


Hardware – Batteries/Atomizers voltage/wattage/ohms

An assortment of batteries, clearomizers, cartomizers, and tanks were used throughout the review process. Some effort was made to vape various flavors using different coils, atomizers, etc., rated at different ohms and used at different voltages and wattage. They are noted in the individual’s remarks below, where necessary. Because the PG/VG ratios were varied there really isn’t anything that stood out about voltage or ohms performance as a whole, each performed on an individual basis.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Remarks

Below are excerpts from notes and conversations about the various eLiquids. The Plume Room earned several Spinfuel Choice Awards and that was to be expected since the team members are regular customers of The Plume Room, having added several flavors to their personal collections over the past year or so. In some ways the Choice Awards simply make their remarks ‘official’. Please remember that each person’s impression about a particular eLiquid can differ from your own. That said… vapor production and throat hits are characteristics with less wiggle room then whether or not a flavor was enjoyed by one team member or another. It is also noted, where possible, when The Plume Room accurately describes a flavor.

The Plume Room Interview and Review by Spinfuel eMagazine November 2013Black Cherry Cream Soda – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

TPR’s version of Black Cherry Cream Soda has a slightly tart inhale and mildly creamy finish with bursts of sweet, black cherry flavor. Hand-crafted in small batches, Black Cherry Cream Soda is a true gourmet eLiquid — rich, sweet and delicious. – The Plume Room

Tom: This new flavor is absolutely amazing! Black Cherry Cream Soda was Spinfuel Choice Awards 2012 – 2016the first one I started vaping when the review began, and I stayed with it until I had vaped every drop. I couldn’t get enough of it.

The true flavor of both Black Cherry and Cream Soda was there in abundance. If you’ve ever ordered this flavor from Sonic or other restaurant the flavor will be instantly familiar to you. I found vaping with 2.5-3.0ohm with higher voltages, 4.4-4.7v produced the best flavor and vapor using a DCSmok carto-tank, equipped with a single coil SMOK cartomizer.

Julia: A delicious black cherry and cream soda flavor that really is out of this world. Very accurate flavors, good vapor production and an excellent throat hit. Best performance for me was with my ZMAX Mini and the iClear 30S. I usually shy away from dual-coils, but the new 30s produces a much better experience. Best flavor was had at 3.4v, best throat hit was a little higher, at 3.7v, but it took the flavor down some. Dual coils will burn your juice at a much lower voltage but at least the 30s did it in a smoother fashion. If the sound of black cherry cream soda piques your interest, you’ll love this one.  5 Stars

Jason: What I loved about Black Cherry Cream Soda was the sweet and rich black cherry flavor blending so well with a sweet cream soda. Even though this is a sweet vape it still made for a most-of-the-day vape, much longer than I thought it would be. Black Cherry Cream Soda is also a vapor powerhouse with a very good throat hit as well. Everything seemed to work with this one, a great recipe with some great flavors, Black Cherry Cream Soda is definitely an award winner. 5 Stars

Keira: Black Cherries are by far the dominant flavor in this mix, and it makes for a terrifically sweet vape. Backed with a real cream soda flavor, the combination is just so delicious. Lots of vapor and a really good throat hit, Black Cherry Cream Soda is wonderful. Best vape? Using my Ovale eLips-C with a 1.8ohm atomizer at 3.7v – 5 Stars

Banana Mint Milkshake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “This artisan juice has the mouth-watering qualities of two of our best sellers: the sweet banana of Banana Pudding and the throat hit, coolness & mouth-feel of Creamy Mint. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Caution: Highly addictive! -” – Plume Room

Tom: I remember sitting with Jason on the day we began to vape these Plume Room eLiquids and I saw this one, Banana Mint Milkshake, and said, oh, that one sounds really good. But I really didn’t know why, until I finally vaped some of it. Before reading the description several days later I told Jason that it tasted exactly like Banana Pudding with a touch of mint to it. I enjoyed it, even more than I enjoyed the banana pudding. Turns out I was right; this is their banana pudding and Creamy Mint eLiquids. What an inspiration!

When you take a drag of Banana Mint Milkshake you get this nice minty flavor immediately. Then, on the exhale you get this really powerful banana pudding flavor. Man, it is excellent. Not an every day vape for me, but a terrific after dinner or evening vape. Lots of vapor, a somewhat mild throat hit, Banana Mint Milkshake will bring a smile to your face.

Banana Mint Milkshake can burn easily, it did for me anyway, best vaped with a 2.5-3.0ohm atomizer at 4.1-4.3v. Though I did get excellent results with a 3.0ohm and a Johnson Creek Vea (Rev 3 Cartomizers). 5 Stars

Julia: It’s difficult not to like Banana Mint Milkshake. This is banana pudding with a mint flavor thrown in. I guess if you really didn’t like mint you could make an excuse and say it’s not for you, but otherwise this blend of banana pudding and creamy mint is genius. I never would have thought to mix the two together.

As for how I found my sweet spot for vaping this one, I started out at the same voltage I used with the Banana Pudding, which was a standard 3ohm cartomizer in a Texas Tuff Tank at 4.2v on my ZMAX. That was perfectly fine for this one as well, but the mint gave me a little leeway, I had the choice of making the vapor a little warmer but increasing the voltage to 4.4-4.5v, still got plenty of flavor there as well as an incredible amount of vapor. I suppose it depends on whether you want warm mint flavor or cool mint.  Either way it’s still a 5 Star juice!

Jason: While I really enjoyed the banana pudding, though I did not award it 5 stars. This one comes really close because the same banana pudding flavor when mixed with their creamy mint eJuice combines to create an eLiquid that not only tastes great, it’s kind of fun to vape. This one is packed with flavor and puts out plenty of vapor. I totally enjoyed vaping it, and it just may go on my rotation as an after dinner vape.  5 Stars

Keira: Anyone on this team that doesn’t award Banana Mint Milkshake is talking out of their butt. No, seriously though, how can this not be a winner of the Spinfuel Choice Award? All the great flavor of banana pudding with a touch of creamy mint, how do you not love it? Vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, crème, mint, and bananas… all the ingredients of an excellent sweet vape. I will add this one to my rotation, like now. 5 Stars

BANANA PUDDINGBanana Pudding – “A gentle banana beautifully layered with cream, a touch of vanilla & undertones of pie crust. Silky smooth, well rounded & JUST sweet enough! – The Plume Room

Tom: I remember John vaping this and he loved it so much he couldn’t shut up about it for days. He still loves it, and he stills buys it on a regular basis. I like it, it tastes exactly, and I mean exactly, like banana pudding, but the thing is I’m not crazy about banana pudding. Now, if someone would make this without the banana in it, they way I make my special desert of vanilla wafers and vanilla pudding, no bananas, it would probably be the best desert vape in the world. I will say this; if you like banana pudding you have to like this one, they taste the same. Combined with a lot of vapor and a decent throat hit, it becomes a great desert vape. Best vape? Simple 2.5ohm coil head in a clearomizer hitting at 3.7-4.0v – 4.5 Stars

Julia: Haha, yes John does love his banana pudding! I admit, when I visit John somehow I always get at least 1ML of this stuff to vape while I’m there. I don’t know, I see it among the bottles and I reach for it. It does taste exactly like banana pudding, and it produces a ton of vapor with basic vape gear (2.5ohm atty at 3.8v), so I think I like it a lot more than I like to admit. If you like banana pudding and you think you might like a vapor form of it, you have to try it. The Plume Room has it down perfectly. 5 Stars

Jason: I don’t think any Vaper could hate this flavor because banana is so popular in eLiquids and vanilla is right up there with banana. What makes this banana pudding is not the banana and vanilla it’s the uncanny taste of vanilla wafers that does it. You might like it or you might love it, but no one is going to hate it. Me? I like it. Best vaped non-frills, simple 2.2-2.5ohm at 3.7-4.0v – 4 Stars

Keira: I’ve been vaping banana pudding from the Plume Room for months now, and it seems to be a flavor I reach for whenever I want something sweet with banana. We don’t have any at home, but we do get it when we visit Florida, and a friend of ours here in Boston buys it all the time so I have access to it. I like it a lot, and I’m beginning to wonder why we don’t have our own bottle. 4.75 Stars

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