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Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious Vapers

Is the Nevoks FEELIN A1 the Perfect Pod Mod?

Nevoks is a company that, before a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of. When my boss reached out to me and informed me my late March review would be the pod mod by Nevoks called FEELIN A1, I had no idea what to expect.

Here we are today, and to be completely honest with you, if someone asked me to design a POD MOD that I would actually use; I would design the FEELIN A1.

I am dead serious. I’ve never used a slim pod mod (or any pod mod) that performed as well as this one. I mean, really, whoever designed the FEELIN A1 must be the same type of Vaper that I am.

Let me explain…

The Nevoks FEELIN A1 pod mod offers a DL (Direct Lung) pod with a capacity of 3mL, and a mesh 0.4-ohm resistance. The body of the mod has a fairly large adjustable airflow window and can easily support a freebase nicotine e-liquid.

And that’s the set up I used for this pod mod review, save for an hour with the 0.6-ohm pod which is designed for MTL (mouth to lung) vaping with a thinner, nicotine-salt e-liquid. Not my particular way of vaping, though there are thousands that do.

Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious VapersMy Freebase E-Liquid Choice for FEELIN A1

My every day, all day, e-juice is made by Beard, called The One, and I have two favorite flavors I trade off and on during the day. Their Blueberry and their Strawberry flavors provide an all-day vape that never, and I mean NEVER, loses its flavor. You’ll not ever experience Vaper’s Tongue, and at just $11 or $12 for 100mL, you can’t go wrong.

The One is the e-liquid I used with the 0.4-ohm pod and the flavor was exactly the same as it is in my SMOK TFV18 sub-ohm tank with it’s 80-120W 0.22-ohm coil.

Granted, the massive clouds I get with the TFV18 can’t be matched with the pod/coil of the FEELIN A1, but the vapor clouds are thicker and as satisfying than any other pod/coil combination I’ve ever used. I enjoyed vaping with the Nevoks FEELIN A1 more than I ever expected.

Before I get deeper into the review, here is a list of the main features of this excellent pod mod…

Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious VapersNevoks Feelin A1 features:

– 30w Max Power Output
– Innovative Leak Proof Design
– Accurate Airflow Control
– Visible E-juice Window
– 3 Levels Wattage Adjustment
– Long Lasting 1000mAh Built-in Battery

– Side fill port on the individual pods

How I Use the Nevoks FEELIN A1

Chances are when I’m vaping the FEELIN A1 I’m outputting close to the maximum power of 30W. Its built-in USB-C rechargeable battery is a large 1000mAh, giving me more than 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Another thing to note is that unlike most inexpensive pod mods, the FEELIN A1 uses a Fire Button on the battery instead of “pull activated”. I don’t know about you, but whenever I use a device that is pull activated (just putting the mouthpiece between your lips and inhale), it feels unnatural.

With a fire button I feel more in control. I press the button, the battery power heats the coil, the coil vaporizers the e-liquid. The natural way to vape since 2010.

Controls Like I’ve Ever Seen in a Light-Weight Pod Mod

Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious VapersUnlike most, if not all, pod mods made and sold today, the FEELIN A1 gives a lot of control to the user. In addition to the Fire Button being used to heat the coil and vape away, the user can manually adjust the power setting using the same button.

Clicking the Fire Button 3 times puts the mod into a 3.6V 30W mod when the 0.4-ohm coil, and 22W when using the 3.6V 06-ohm coil.

Clicking 3 times again brings the battery down to 3.4V and 29W with the 0.4-ohm coil, 19W with the 0.4-ohm.

Finally, another 3 clicks take the battery down to 3.2V, 25W for the 0.4-ohm and 17W for the 0.6-ohm coil.

As I mentioned above, using a 70/30 VG/PG freebase e-liquid my optimal vape was the full 3.6V, 30W setting using the 0.4-ohm coil pod.

Other Features of Note for the FEELIN A1

Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious VapersWhen you look at how slim the pod mod is you’ll be amazed at how Nevoks was able to build in a 1000mAh battery, but it goes to show just how advanced the vaping technologies are Nevoks vape gear.

The Airflow control is on the back of the battery portion of the pod mod, and it is effective for both the 0.4- and 0.6-ohm coils. And because it’s important to know when your pod is getting low on e-juice, the FEELIN A1 has a window large enough to detect your juice level with just a glance.

The Nevoks Pods and Coil Options

Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious VapersLooking at the image below, it’s very easy to see that Nevoks put together a family of pods for every type of Vaper. For me, it will always be the 0.4-ohm resistance which will fire the battery at 25-30W for the optimal vape.

The 0.4-ohm coil, as well as the 0.6-ohm resistance pod are Direct Lung (DL) coils, though the 0.6-ohm is labeled as an RDL (reduced direct lung). Both offer side-filling for freebase e-liquid. The 0.6-ohm requires 17-22W for optional vaping.

Moving up in the resistance range Nevoks offers the 0.8-ohm (still sub-ohm), is the last pod with side-filling characteristics. It requires only 13-16W watts to drive this coil, offering tremendous battery life for a sub-ohm coil.

Three more pods are available for the Nevoks FEELIN A1 include one more sub-ohm and two plus-ohm coil pods. I was not able to test these coils, but judging by the ones I did use, I have no doubt they perform fantastically.

First up is the remaining sub-ohm, a 0.8-ohm coil with a 13-16W range, top-filling 2mL pod. An MTL pod with diminished capacity, some may find this pod the right one for them.

Moving into the plus-ohm the territory the 1.2-ohm 8-11W power range brings back a 3mL capacity and side-filling features. Most definitely a MTL vape, and a 1.2-ohm 8-11W top-filling pod with just 2mL capacity.

As you can see, Nevoks has planned out a full range of opportunities for just about every Vaper and their vaping needs.

Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious VapersSo, what comes in the box when you buy your FEELIN A1?

1x Feelin Al Device (1000mAh)

1x Nevoks Al Pod 0.4 (3ml)

1x Nevoks Al Pod 0.6 (3ml)

1x Type-C Cable

1x User Manual

Size – 21*13.4*120 mm

Weight – 45g

Output Power – 10-30W

Battery Capacity – 1000mAh

Device Material: Aluminum Alloy

The Nevoks FEELIN A1 is offered in several colors:

  • Grey
  • Red (my review unit)
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Black.

For this review I also received a leather holster for the FEELIN A1 mod and a nice lanyard that attaches to it. Both a high-quality material, and as a first for me; I’ve been wearing mine around my neck since I began the review. Lastly in the accessories department, a nice metal tin with cutouts for the battery and two pods. Nevoks has gone out of their way to create a deluxe experience for this excellent pod mod.

Nevoks FEELIN A1 - The Perfect Pod Mod for Serious VapersMy Conclusion

I have used several dozen different pod mods over the past couple of years. Going back a decade and more I was a big fan of Ego batteries and Glasomizers. In between, the big chunk of time of my vape life I’ve been a fan of 220-300W box mods, large Sub-Ohm tanks with the minimal resistance, biggest wattage requirement. I love massive flavor and massive clouds. I am not the ideal candidate for a pod mod. So, take it from me, giving the Nevoks FEELIN A1 a high score means a lot more than a longstanding pod mod user giving it a high score.

The FEELIN A1 provides every type of Vaper a solid vape experience. Obviously for me the 0.4-ohm coil pod set up is my favorite because it offers me true flavor fidelity and more vapor clouds then my old ego battery and Glasomizers.

For design, power, features, specs, options, and accessories, the..

Nevoks FEELIN A1 is a solid A+

A must buy – (right here on Nevoks website)

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