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Nessus and the Art of Cannabinoid Vaporizer Manufacturing

[ez-toc] Several years back Spinfuel, at the height of “freedom to vape” in the United States and even Australia, Spinfuel decided to partner with a Chinese manufacturer design our own powerful box mod.

We worked out the specs we wanted, the overall look and color (an elegant and deep red rubberized paint job with color LED screen), and eventually got it to prototype stage.  If we had known about Nessus in 2016,  I have no doubt we would have been able to get our box mod past the prototype stage, on the market, and into our readers hands. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Cannabinoid Vaporizers and Nessus

Nessus is the company in which hundreds of vape brands go to in order to get their product designed, manufactured, packaged, and even promoted. There aren’t many companies like Nessus, and brands that want to offer customers a superior performance for their cannabinoid products, Nessus is the one they go to.

Nessus is Commitment

Nessus is a manufacturer committed to its customers (well known brands) with a deep respect for consistency, quality, the latest technology, and the most modern safety features. These are the values that shape Nessus. And the more we learned about Nessus, the more we truly believe in their mission.

Nessus believes, and rightly so, that technology is the best path towards creating long-lasting, trustworthy client/customer relationships. By adopting a highly automated production system that maximizes stability, safety, features, and quality, Nessus can stay far ahead of industry standards while others fall behind, or even bow out of the industry. Brands that have turned to Nessus stay with Nessus.

Nessus and the Art of Cannabinoid Vaporizer Manufacturing

CBD, Cannabis and Delta THC Vaporizes

The explosive market for CBD, Cannabis and Delta THC products is where Nessus wants to focus on these days. And their ability to work with clients to design, build, package and distribute just about any type of vape device, in any number,  is truly astounding.

The Cannabinoid Vaporizer Client in 2023 and Beyond

When the time comes for Spinfuel to seriously consider entering the hardware side of the industry again, I have no doubt that Nessus will be our first, and probably only, choice to help us build our dream vaporizer. While this year is one of the best years of the growth of cannabinoid products and vaporizers, improvements are continuously getting better and better. In the years to come, Nessus will continue to produce the best vaporizers to meet the increasing demand.

Product Customization

Nessus is all about delivering to you the vaporizer you dreamed about getting into the hands of your customers, whether in appearance or technology. Nessus will help you come up with the best product possible for the price point you want to offer. On top of that, you and Nessus will work together every step of the way, right down to packaging and promotion your new vaporizer,

Nessus and the Art of Cannabinoid Vaporizer ManufacturingMaking the Dream Real

Nessus uses the best in-market raw materials and the most advanced technologies that work seamlessly with a huge number of cannabinoid materials. And a device built by Nessus will bring out the characteristics of the various cannabinoid strains to truly shine for the best customer experience.

R&D at Nessus

While you or I can sit down and sketch out a gorgeous vaporizer with  pen and paper without knowing anything about how they work, what they cost, or the hundreds of steps and decisions that go into building one,  it’s hardly the way to go if your serious about creating a real product. That’s when it pays to have a reputable manufacturer at the helm.

 Nessus does know all about the hurdles that you’ll face during the design, prototype, and testing stages. They’ll guide you toward the right decisions, if and when to compromise to build it as close to your dream machine while keeping it affordable to build, and affordable to sell to your customer base.

With Cannabinoid Vaporizes, Heating is at the Heart of it all.

Nessus and the Art of Cannabinoid Vaporizer Manufacturing

Heating technology is a key to the success of just about every cannabinoid vaporizer. Nessus owns industry-leading ceramic heating technologies that can make all their products stand out and grab the attention of resellers that will ultimately wind up selling  your vaporizer with your name on it.  In other words, Nessus knows more about building your dream machine then you ever will, and giving them your trust will ultimately mean the difference between a successful product and one that sits on reseller shelves gathering dust.

The Bottom Line

We wanted to write about Nessus because the market for cannabinoid vaporizers is blowing up worldwide. And in so doing, it’s part of our responsibility to make sure the best manufacturers gain exposure outside the industry trade shows.

A large part of our readership is, and always have been, industry leaders, online resellers and brick n mortar vape shops in the US and UK (and even Australia), as well as loyal Vapers that never gave up the fight to maintain our right to vape (whether it be e-liquid, CBD oils, and Cannabis cartridges).

Nessus is the top manufacturer in China, for cannabinoid vaporizers. Knowing that perhaps the next great vaporizer might be languishing  in a sketchbook of one readers, learning that Nessus could very well be the best choice for bringing that sketch to life, we’re almost duty-bound to get the word out there.

The more we’re learning about all the medical research that continues to show how beneficial cannabinoid products can be for so many people, from stress to pain and trauma, to getting a good night’s sleep, the market will continue to grow every year. As demand for good cannabinoid products increases, the more the public will demand better and better cannabinoid vaporizers to use them.

Julia Hartley-Barnes and John Manzione

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